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    Ireland News

    15-Jun-20 - Nova Capital Adds EMS Helicopters #leasing
    07-May-20 - LCI $100M Co-Investment in Helicopters Leasing #leasing
    04-Apr-20 - Irish ICRR Grounding Air Ambulance due Lack of Support #coronavirus
    30-Jan-20 - LCI Leasing Has New Financial Partnerships #leasing
    29-Jan-20 - Heli-Union Extends AW139 and EC225 Fleet #oilandgas
    27-Jan-20 - StandardAero Acquires TRS Ireland #components
    18-Oct-19 - LCI Launches New Form of Leasing #leasing
    17-Jul-19 - LCI Gets $135M Financing for New Helicopters #leasing
    08-Jul-19 - LCI Gets $75M Financing for New Helicopters #leasing
    03-Jul-19 - Milestone Leasing Has Seventy-Nine S-92A #leasing
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