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NEWS | S-92 in KE Everett Aviation ltd

Lobo Leasing First S-92 to Everett Aviation

Everett signed contract with Lobo Leasing for one S-92A to support oil and gas and utility operations from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in East Africa

This helicopter is on display at Heli-Expo in Atlanta

Lobo Leasing First S-92 to Everett Aviation
Lockheed Martin, March 07, 2019 - ATLANTA - Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin company, today welcomed Everett Aviation as its newest S-92A™ helicopter customer at a ceremony at the 2019 Helicopter Association International Heli-Expo.

Everett signed a contract with Lobo Leasing Limited for a utility S-92A helicopter that will support oil and gas and utility operations.

The aircraft, which is on display at Sikorsky's booth #B2507 this week at HAI Heli-Expo, will immediately depart the exhibition to conduct oil and gas and utility operations support for the energy sector in East Africa.

It will initially be based at Everett's regionally-acclaimed headquarters facility in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Everett is the region's largest helicopter service provider, and the S-92A helicopter is the first Sikorsky aircraft in the company's fleet. The utility configured aircraft features a rapid change interior capable of handling cargo, carrying passengers or providing medical evacuation support.

"What a great day – we get the privilege of welcoming a new customer and entering a new market for the S-92," said Sikorsky President Dan Schultz. "We are extremely excited to add East Africa to our market portfolio, and we thank Lobo Leasing and Everett Aviation for the trust they've placed in our aircraft. We look forward to serving our customers in Africa."

"We're delighted to be introducing the S-92A to the Everett fleet," said Simon Everett, CEO of Everett. "Many regions across sub-Saharan Africa are seeing a tremendous boom in infrastructure and civil engineering projects, and our new S-92A is ideally suited to supporting those missions.

"This particular helicopter is equipped with a highly versatile utility interior, which can seat up to 19 passengers in standard configuration or mix passengers with stretchers or cargo in a combined configuration. We also see opportunities for the S-92A in the offshore role in our region, and we plan to offer that configuration to our clients soon.

"This S-92A will be the largest civilian helicopter of its type in our region, and we're very excited about adding this unique capability to our fleet. We'd like to acknowledge and thank Lobo Leasing and Sikorsky for their foresight and support in working with us on this project," said Everett.

"All of us at Lobo Leasing are very pleased to be partnering with Everett Aviation and Sikorsky in introducing the S-92A into the East-African market," said Lobo CEO Bill Wolf. "Together with Sikorsky, we have been working to develop opportunities for the S-92 in the on-shore utility market. We are excited to place one of our unique utility S-92As with such an experienced and respected operator as Everett, who will benefit from the unique capabilities of this superb helicopter in the African utility market."

Sikorsky has delivered more than 300 production S-92® helicopters since 2004. The industry standard for safety and reliability, the S-92 is the preferred aircraft of its size class for offshore oil worker transportation. In 2018, the fleet flew 175,000 hours, a record for the fleet, contributing to a total of nearly 1.5 million hours flown.

The S-92 helicopter continues entering new markets. In January, Sikorsky announced the S-92 helicopter had been selected by a major oil company to commence deepwater transportation operations to oil rigs off the shores of Mexico.

For more information visit Sikorsky Commercial Systems & Services.

About Everett Aviation: Established in 1996, Everett Aviation is East Africa's leading provider of safe and solution oriented fixed & rotary wing aviation services. Everett serves international clients from the energy sector and other government & commercial organizations with mission critical or specialist aviation needs.

Everett specialises in providing Offshore and Onshore crew transportation, Search & Rescue, Medevac, External Load, Aerial Survey and VIP transportation. With experience spanning the African continent & beyond, an agile fleet of well-equipped aircraft and an unrivalled headquarters facility in Tanzania, Everett Aviation provides innovative, flexible and value enhancing solutions to its client's aviation requirements.

Safety is Everett's first priority. Everett's has a mature Safety Management System that meets the requirements of the energy sector's OGP standards and is accredited to ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004 & ISO18001:2007

About Lobo Leasing: Lobo Leasing is a Dublin, Ireland based helicopter leasing company serving the global helicopter industry. Lobo Leasing is managed by a seasoned team of helicopter operations and finance professionals with extensive experience in the commercial helicopter industry. Lobo Leasing is focused on assisting helicopter operators throughout the world on acquiring aircraft through innovative leasing arrangements. The firm has offices in Dublin, London, Rio de Janeiro and San Francisco.

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S-92A 5Y-EXZ     ( Everett Aviation ltd )

Location : TZ Dar es Salaam

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