NEWS | H145 / EC145T2 in PG Pacific Helicopters

First H145 to Pacific Helicopters in Papua New Guinea

Marking a milestone for both Pacific Helicopters and Papua New Guinea aviation, the company has taken delivery of the first of three H145 / EC145T2 leased from Waypoint Leasing

First H145 to Pacific Helicopters in Papua New Guinea
Airbus Helicopters, January 28, 2016 - Goroka - Marking a milestone for both Pacific Helicopters and aviation operations in Papua New Guinea, the company has taken delivery of the first of three H145 helicopters from Airbus Helicopters.

The first H145, leased from international lessor, Waypoint Leasing, has arrived in the Eastern Highlands Provincial capital of Goroka, following final reassembly at Airbus Group Australia Pacific’s Sydney facility.

The remaining two H145s, purchased and owned by Pacific Helicopters, will be delivered later this year.

This H145 is the first new Airbus Helicopters aircraft to be operated in Papua New Guinea, with Pacific Helicopters setting a new industry standard in a country steeped in aviation history and offering an even brighter future. Operators are increasingly looking for high-performance, efficient rotorcraft with strong safety credentials and oil and gas operational compliance – key characteristics of the Airbus Helicopters family.

“As a result of the introduction of the H145, and the demonstration flights carried out in Port Moresby, Pacific Helicopters is confident that their prospects for future business opportunities within the PNG Minerals and Resources industry are very exciting.” said Malcolm Smith-Kela, Pacific Helicopters owner and CEO.

With their versatile configuration, the Pacific Helicopters H145s are able to perform a variety of tasks, including Defence Force Support, emergency medical services, law enforcement, Government Department duties, Oil & Gas, aerial work, and business and private passenger transport.

“The H145 is a powerful, comfortable, modern and versatile multi-purpose rotorcraft, already produced with a large range of options to perform a broad mission spectrum that is also ideal for the support of the Oil & Gas Industry here in PNG”, explained Ms. Nicole Demosky, Pacific Helicopters’ Marketing Manager. To further support Pacific Helicopters and their pilots, Airbus Group is providing H145 flight crew training and Power By the Hour support from the company’s Sydney base.

“The H145 is the latest variant of the popular high-performance, twin-engine range from Airbus Helicopters,” said Tony Fraser, Managing Director of Airbus Group Australia Pacific. “We are proud to grow our partnership with Pacific Helicopters and support them as they continue to expand their operations, particularly in the demanding flying environment of Papua New Guinea.”

About Pacific Helicopters: Pacific Helicopters began operations in Papua New Guinea in 1975. Since that time it has expanded operations and its fleet throughout the Pacific Region.

The company has a long history with Airbus Helicopters and is operating several aircraft in Papua New Guinea including AS350’s and BK117. Historically, Pacific Helicopters has also operated Airbus Helicopters’ Lama and Puma aircraft.

About Waypoint Leasing: Waypoint Leasing is a global helicopter leasing company that provides operating lease and financing solutions to helicopter operators worldwide. Headquartered in Limerick, Ireland, Waypoint Leasing differentiates itself with a senior management team that has direct helicopter operating and leasing experience in key helicopter markets around the world, having leased helicopters across Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and North and South America. Waypoint Leasing serves a wide range of sectors including oil and gas, emergency medical service, search and rescue, firefighting and governmental support.

About Airbus Group Australia Pacific: Airbus Group Australia Pacific is a part of Airbus Group, a global pioneer in aerospace and defence related services whose companies include Airbus, Airbus Helicopters and Airbus Defence and Space.

Wholly owned by Airbus Helicopters, Airbus Group Australia Pacific represents Airbus Group in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific and is the region’s largest helicopter manufacturer, employing more than 1700 people across 19 sites in Australia and New Zealand. With the largest market share in civilian and military helicopters, the company supports more than 500 Airbus Helicopters and is well recognised as a leading Through-Life-Support provider in military fixed wing and helicopter platforms.

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