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EI-APP 1967 206a
EI-ASW 1968 206a
EI-AVI sa316b
EI-BAM 1974 212 Irish Helicopters
EI-BCA 1963 uh-12e
EI-BFH 1978 212 Irish Helicopters
EI-BHO 1979 s61n.mk2 Irish Helicopters
EI-BIJ ab206b Irish Helicopters
EI-BIY 1965 ab47g-3b
EI-BJR 206a
EI-BJV 1978 ab206b-3
EI-BKG 1966 sioux
EI-BKT 1978 ab206b Irish Helicopters
EI-BLG 1981 ab206b-3
EI-BLY 1977 S-61N Irish Helicopters
EI-BNI 412
EI-BOR 1980 222 Westair Aviation
EI-BRE 1977 212 Irish Helicopters
EI-BXQ 206a
EI-BYR 1989 206l-3
EI-CFE 1991 beta
EI-CHV 1978 A109a
EI-CWH 2001 a109e
EI-CXS 1978 S-61N CHC Ireland ,Garda Cósta na hÉireann
EI-CZN 1974 s61n.mk2 Garda Cósta na hÉireann ,CHC Ireland
EI-DDA r-44
EI-DDB 2002 EC120B
EI-DJO 2002 aw109e
EI-DMT 1990 A109c
EI-DUF sa365n1
EI-DUN aw109e
EI-DZI 2005 raven
EI-DZN 1982 222
EI-EDK as350b2
EI-EXC r-44
EI-FAC 1987 as350b1 Irish Helicopters
EI-FGL 2007 EC120B
EI-FMP 2015 aw169 LCI Aviation
EI-GCE s61n.mk2 Garda Cósta na hÉireann ,CHC Ireland
EI-GCR 2015 aw189
EI-GHT 1984 206b-3
EI-GPT beta II
EI-HAZ 2006 raven
EI-HHH 2003 aw109e
EI-ICA 2006 s-92a CHC Ireland ,Garda Cósta na hÉireann
EI-ICD 2006 s-92a CHC Ireland ,Garda Cósta na hÉireann
EI-ICG 2011 s-92a Garda Cósta na hÉireann ,CHC Ireland
EI-ICR 2007 s-92a CHC Ireland ,Garda Cósta na hÉireann
EI-ICS 2014 s-92a CHC Ireland
EI-ICU 2006 s-92a CHC Ireland ,Garda Cósta na hÉireann
EI-IHL as350b1 Irish Helicopters
EI-ILS 2008 ec135t2+ Irish Helicopters ,Commissioners of Irish Lights
EI-IRV 1983 as350b
EI-JAL 2004 raven II
EI-JFC 2006 aw109s
EI-JON 2005 aw109e
EI-JOR raven II Irish Helicopters
EI-KEL 2009 ec135t2+
EI-KEO 2005 aw109s
EI-LAL aw109e
EI-LIM aw139 Westair Aviation
EI-LIT 105cbs Irish Helicopters
EI-LMK aw109s
EI-MAG 1996 beta II
EI-MEJ 2004 206b-3 Gaelic Helicopters
EI-MEL 1995 A109c
EI-MER 206b-3 Gaelic Helicopters
EI-MES 1977 s61n.mk2 Garda Cósta na hÉireann ,CHC Ireland
EI-MIP 1984 sa365n CHC Ireland
EI-MLN 2001 aw109e
EI-MLY 2008 aw139
EI-MSG 2007 aw109e
EI-MYO 2001 as350ba
EI-NTH 2005 aw109e
EI-PEL 2000 a109e
EI-PMI 1981 ab206b-3
EI-RCG 1978 S-61N Garda Cósta na hÉireann ,CHC Ireland
EI-RMC 1969 206a
EI-SAI sa330j Starlite Aviation Ireland
EI-SAO 2014 h215 Starlite Aviation Ireland
EI-SAR 1962 S-61N Garda Cósta na hÉireann ,CHC Ireland
EI-SMD 2008 raven
EI-SQG 2000 a109e
EI-STR 407
EI-TAR 1980 222 Westair Aviation
EI-TIP 2000 430
EI-TOM 407
EI-TOY 2009 raven
EI-TWO 2001 aw109e
EI-WAV 1997 430 Westair Aviation
EI-WOW 2006 ec130b4
EI-WRC 1980 222 Westair Aviation
EI-ZZZ 222

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