Sikorsky S-61 H-3



The S-61N made its first flight on 7 August 1962. Otherwise identical in length and performance to the S-61L, this version is optimized for overwater operations, by retaining the SH-3s side floats. Both the S-61L and S-61N were subsequently updated to Mk II standard with more powerful CT58-110 engines, vibration damping and other detail refinements.

Model News

Two S-61N for OMNI Taxi Aereo, 07-Oct-15 : Heli-One selected by OMNI Taxi Aereo to provide maintenance repair and overhaul (MRO) services on two Sikorsky S-61N helicopters for onshore oil and gas transport in Brazil.

List of Operators of Sikorsky S-61N

From Organisation with model S-61N
pakistan Pakistan International Airlines - PIA
    3 1963/66
united kingdom British Airways Helicopters
    S-61 H-3 1964/86
united kingdom British European Airways
    S-61 H-3 5 1964/86
greenland Air Greenland
    S-61 H-3 12 1965/   
united kingdom British International Helicopters
    S-61 H-3 17 1965/   
netherlands KLM helikopters
    S-61 H-3 1969/98
united kingdom Bristow
    S-61 H-3 1972/15
canada Canadian Coast Guard
usa Carson Helicopters
    S-61 H-3 1973/   
argentina Fuerza Aerea Argentina
    S-61 H-3 2 1974/90
brunei darussalam Brunei Shell Petroleum
    S-61 H-3 1974/07
norway Helikopter Service
    S-61 H-3 1974/   
argentina Helicopteros Marinos
    S-61 H-3 2 1980/85
united kingdom British Caledonian Helicopter
    S-61 H-3 1980/88
usa Croman Corp
    S-61 H-3 1980/   
ireland Garda Cósta na hÉireann
    S-61 H-3 6 1981/13
canada Cougar Helicopters
    S-61 H-3 1987/   
canada VIH Helicopters Ltd
    S-61 H-3 3 1991/   
thailand Thai Aviation Service
    S-61 H-3 1993/   
united kingdom Brintel Helicopters
    S-61 H-3 1993/00
canada hayes forest services
    3 1996/   
brazil Aeroleo Taxi Aereo
    S-61 H-3 1997/   
ireland Aer Chór na hÉireann
    S-61 H-3 1 2003/   
spain INAER
    S-61 H-3 2003/   
usa US Department of State
    S-61 H-3 2010/   

canada Helicopter Transport Services Canada
    S-61 H-3
canada Okanagan Helicopters
    S-61 H-3
canada Canadian Helicopters Ltd
    S-61 H-3
canada Coulson Aircrane
    S-61 H-3
south africa Court Helicopters
    S-61 H-3
spain Salvamento Maritimo
    S-61 H-3
usa State of California
    S-61 H-3
usa CHI Aviation
    S-61 H-3
usa EP Aviation
    S-61 H-3
usa AAR Corp
    S-61 H-3
Construction Numbers on database of S-61N


Construction Numbers

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61-143 1962 US N4585 : Sikorsky S-61N del Mitsubishi as M61-001 JA9506, rtnd +
JP JA9506 : Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in kit form reassembled as+
US N94565 : Mitsubishi S-61 M61-001
UK G-AYOM : BEA Helicopters from 30dec70, details whilst in the uk +
UK G-AYOM : BAH from 26jan73; 17may77 Only recorded accident: under+
BAH noted in service at Aberdeen 11Jul78
UK G-AYOM : British Caledonian Helicopters from 13jun84 (loan), rtn+
UK G-AYOM : BAH again from 31jul85
UK G-AYOM : BIH from Aug85-Jan93
UK G-AYOM : Brintel Helicopters Jan93-Mar98
UK G-AYOM : Bond Helicopters Mar/Jun 1998
IE EI-SAR : CHC Ireland from Jun98
IE EI-SAR : Irish Coast Guard 1998-2013, op by CHC
May12 still with Coast Guard rescue and based in Waterf+
10dec13 13:00hs will stand to complete its last SAR wat+
IE EI-SAR : Jan14 being dismanteled with EI-GCE at Weston, Dublin
07may14 seen at Seaforth Docks Liverpool, ready for shi+
61-159 1962 US N652X : Sikorsky S-61N, c/n 61-159, ff?; reg Sikorsky as N652X +
PK AP-AOA : Sikorsky S-61N, c/n 61-159, ff?; reg Sikorsky as N652X +
61-164 AU VH-UHK : Helicopter Utilities Pty 1970, ex N94569; 1972 to Airfa+
CA C-GOKZ : Okanagan Helicopters; ex VH-UHK
61-216 1963 US N653X : Sikorsky S-61N 1963, to AP-AOB
PK AP-AOB : Pakistan International Airlines 1963-1968
UK G-AWFX : BEA Apr68-1986
UK G-AWFX : noted at Aberdeen EGPD 11jul78
UK G-AWFX : 10apr71 pictured (pic1) at Shell Base Lowestoft
UK G-AWFX : BIH 1986-May88, to Canada as unk
US N7011M : Fire King Carson Helicopters Jun06-Aug10, conv Carson Fire King
US N7011M : State Dept from Aug10
US N216WW : US State Dep from Sep10
12jul16 GSA Auction picture (pic2) on sale 91QSCI161821+
61-222 1964 US N307Y : Sikorsky S-61N-3; New York Airways, Sikorsky serial N30+
US N307Y : SFO Airlines 196?-1971; San Francisco Oakland Airlines
UK G-BEIC : BIH Dec76-Jan93
UK G-BEIC : Brintel leasing Jan93-May94; Brintel Helicopters May94-+
UK G-BEIC : CHC Scotia Aug00-Nov01
CA C-GROV : CHC Nov01-Jan02
VE YV-1033C : Venezuela, Feb02-Aug03
CA C-GROV : CHC Sep/Dec 2003, again Feb04-Jan06
CA C-GBSF : Executive Transport Airways Ltd Jan06-Jun08; Helijet in+
CA C-GBSF : Coulson Apr10-May12
US N804AR : s-61t EP Aviation 29may12 (or N840AR?), conv to S-61T ?
2013 Afghanistan
61-223 1963 US N317Y : Sikorsky S-61N, c/n 61-223 ff?; del Sikorsky as N317Y u+
JP JA9507 : del Mitsubishi Heavy Industries in kit form 1963; reass+
US N317Y : SFO Airlines 08Apr74; reg canx, 23Nov76; San Francisco +
UK G-BEID : sold UK as G-BEID, 24Nov76; engine fire warning, a/c di+
61-224 1964 US N4606G : Sikorsky S-61N-3, c/n 61-224 ff?; reg Sikorsky as N4606+
61-225 1964 PK AP-AOC : Sikorsky S-61N, c/n 61-225, ff?; del Pakistan Internati+
61-242 1964 AU VH-BRI : Ansett Transport Ltd reg Sep64; 1968 to Ansett Airlines+
AU VH-BHO : Barrack Aviation Nov86; 1988 to VH-FCV canc, to Carson +
US N116AZ : Carson from Apr88; 2003/04 with Helicopters Victoria as+
US N116AZ : EP Aviation from Apr10
61-257 1964 US N92866 : Sikorsky S-61N-3; Sikorsky reg 30Jun64; New York Airway+
NL PH-NZA : KLM Helikopters, noted 1975; 15feb88 pictured at Schiph+
PH-NZA : 1990s United Nations /190 at Bosnia lsd from KLM
US N562EH : ERA canc Jun11
CA C-FIRX : Coulson from Jun11; 2012 as /347
17dec13 at Melbourne (Essendon), Australia for fire fig+
28feb14 currently flying out of YLTV on fire fighting d+
27jul14 parked at Currently parked at Rocky Mountain Me+
16mar15 dumping water on a small fire on Little Mt Bogo+
61-258 1965 US N10044 : Sikorsky S-61N-7, c/n 61-258, ff?; reg Sikorsky as N100+
GL OY-HAE : del Greenlandair as OY-HAE, unk; w/o unk.
w/o 13may67 at Godthab, Greenland
61-267 1965 US N10045 : Sikorsky S-61N-7, c/n 61-267, ff?; reg Sikorsky as N100+
GL OY-HAF : Greenlandair from 1965
21jul10 pictured at Ilulissat Airport
61-268 1965 US N10046 : Sikorsky S-61N-7, c/n 61-268, ff?; reg Sikorsky as N100+
GL OY-HAG : Greenlandair from 1965
04mar15 Still on duty in Greenland (Air Greenland) 50 y+
18apr15 Nuuk, Greenland
01aug17 at Kangerlussuaq, Greenland
61-269 1965 UK G-ATBJ : BHI 12Mar65-Jan93
04jun72 pictured at North Denes airfield (NDA) Great Ya+
UK G-ATBJ : Brintel Jan93-Sep00
UK G-ATBJ : 26aug98 heavy landing at Aberdeen, after one of the tai+
UK G-ATBJ : CHC Scotia Sep00-May02
UK G-ATBJ : BIH from May02; Dec04 at Penzance Heliport
Jul16 in the Falkland Islands with Brintel. Working und+
unk. Crash landed at Marchwood docks, Southampton; Far+
61-297 1966 US N10057 : Sikorsky S-61N-24, c/n 61-297, ff?; reg Sikorsky as N10+
CA C-FOKP : Okanagan
TH HS-HTP : TAS Jun93-Mar97
US N612AZ : Carson from Jun07
US N612AZ : w/o 05aug08 serving US Forest Service was destroyed whe+
61-298 1966 CA CF-CGF : Dept of Transport, Canada as CF-CGF, 01May66; w/o unk.
61-299 ES EC-FJJ : Helicsa; 08jul06 crashed into the sea near Tenerife, Ca+
61-361 1966 NO LN-ORH : Helikopter Service, to EC-115
ES EC-FMZ : SASEMAR, pictured (pic1)
US N408FS : s-61t Carson Apr/Jun 2010, N611HU ntu; conv to S-61T Triton
US N408FS : EP Aviation from Jun10
Oct13 at FOB Shank, Afghanistan
18may16 picture (pic2) at FOB Dahlke, Afghanistan
61-364 1967 BN VR-UDU : Sikorsky S-61N-13, c/n 61-364, ff?; del Brunei Shell Pe+
BN V8-UDU : BSP rereg V8-UDU, unk.
US N262F : VIH Cougar 2007-2011
BR PR-HRR : HRT Taxi Aereo 2012
61-365 1968 GL OY-HAH : Greenlandair 27mar68-2000, Sikorsky test serial N10045 +
CA C-GBSF : Coulson Aircrane Dec00-Feb01
US N564EH : from Mar01
US N365AW : State Dept from Sep11
61-424 1968 US N6956R : Sikorsky S-61N, c/n 61-424, ff?; reg Sikorsky as N6956R+
IT I-EVMA : Sikorsky S-61N, c/n 61-424, ff?; reg Sikorsky as N6956R+
EC N91158 : Aeromaster
61-465 1969 NL PH-NZC : Sikorsky S-61N-18, c/n 61-465, ff?; reg Sikorsky as 928+
10may74 ditched in the North Sea (NL)
US N87580 : Carson from 2006
61-466 1969 US N82772 : Carson; 09Jul73 damaged at sea; canc 28aug74; to Argent+
AR H-71 : FAA d/d sep74. ex N82772. wfu 1980. sold as LV-OCL then+
AR LV-OCL : HM ex FAA; 1982 Falklands/Malvinas War as SAR; 1986 pic+
ZA ZS-HRU : Court d/d 03feb87: ex LV-OCL; w/o 17sep92 off Cape Town
Wrecked while landing on a ship during adverse weather.+
61-467 1969 US N6967R : Sikorsky Apr/May 1969, to I-EVME
IT I-EVME : Ischia - Elivie (Napoli-Capri-Sorrento shuttle), to VR-+
VR-BDU : Brunei, to G-AZNE
UK G-AZNE : Bristow from Feb72; w/o 04apr73 ditch near Glomar Oil R+
suffered a hard landing on the drill ship Glomar north +
I was on that chopper, and I s---t myself and Iam still+
61-468 1969 BN VR-RBS : Brunei Shell Petroleum as VR-UDX, reser V8-UDX, Sikorsk+
US N6968R : Carson 27sep95, to C-FZLU
CA C-FHHM : Hayes Helicopter Services Ltd Mar01-Jul10
KR HL9490 : South Korea, Air Palace Hotel, ex C-FHHM
61-469 1969 GL OY-HAI : Sikorsky S-61N-20, cn 61-469. ff:?; reg Sikorsky as N69+
named Akigssek ( Grouse ); circa 1970 pictured at Nuuk,+
61-472 1969 CA C-FDWC : Okanagan 12mar70 as CF-DWC, reser C-FDWC, Sikorsky seri+
VE YV-323C : Venezuela, to N302Y
US N302Y : Carson Helicopters Inc from Jul06
61-487 1971 GL OY-HAN : Sikorsky S-61N-31, cn 61-487. ff:?; reg Sikorsky as N40+
Did not ditch. It had engine failure during hover fligh+
11sep87 was the actual crashdate. I was on the RDAF cre+
61-488 1971 UK G-AZCF : BAH Jul71-Mar82
BN VR-UDQ : 08jun81 flown from Gatwick to Brunei to join the Shell +
US N263F : Apr07-Jan11; Pacific Helicopters Hawaii, noted 2003; VI+
US N263F : Erickson Air-Crane, canc Jan11
BR PR-HRS : HRT Participações em Petróleo SA
BR PR-HRS : Aeroleo ?; HRT O G Exploracao e Producao de Petroleo Lt+
BR PR-HRS : Air Amazonia Servicios Aeronauticos Ltda, op by Costa +
CA C-FRMH : 22jun16 at Victoria Intl airport, Canada; probabaly VIH+
61-489 1971 NL PH-NZD : Sikorsky S-61N-33, c/n 61-489, ff?; del KLM Noordzee He+
61-490 1971 ZA ZS-HDK : Court Helicopters from 27Dec71; lsd UK as G-BFPF; lsd M+
UK G-BFPF : 14feb81 pictured (top) at Shell UK Leman Delta Platform+
UK G-BFPF : Caledonian Helicopters Jul81-Jan89
ZA ZS-HDK : Court from Feb89
US N61NW : Northwest Helicopters at Olympia, WA Aug96-Mar97
CA C-FHHD : Hayes Helicopter Services Ltd Apr97-Feb09
US N906CH : Construction Helicopters Inc at Howell, MI from Feb09
20jun15 at Peachtee Dekalb airport, Atlanta, GA
61-491 1972 US N6227 : Sikorsky S-61N-63
GL OY-HAO : Greenland Air Jul72-1983
US N3984C : to N223RA
US N223RA : to N613RM
US N613RM : CIT group/Equipment Financing at New York Apr/Sep 1994
CA C-FTIG : VIH Logging Ltd Sep94-Aug04
CA C-FTIG : Cougar Helicopters Aug04-Dec09
CA C-FTIG : VIH Helicopters Ltd Dec09-Jun10
CA C-FTIG : Cougar Helicopters Inc Jun/Oct 2010
CA C-FTIG : VIH Helicopters Oct10-Aug11
BR PR-HRU : HRT Netherlands, lsd Evergreen HRT Exp E Producao de Pe+
- : Feb/Mar 2015, sold Sikorsky S61N 1972. IFR, Commuter Co+
CA C-FIZA : Helicopteres Helicarrier Inc at Québec, QC from May15
04jul16 spotted at Slave Lake Alberta Airport
26jul17 at Iqaluit, Nunavut
61-492 1972 ??? owner ??? : in 1978 toward G-BFZC
UK G-BFZC : Management Aviation from 1978 to 1983 ex ??? toward C-F+
CA C-FOKM : Okanagan Helicopters from 1983 to 1986 ex G-BFZC toward+
??? owner ??? : from 1986 to 2002 ex C-FOKM toward N265F
US N265F owner ??? : from 2002 to 2005 ex ??? toward C-FCLM
CA C-FCLM : Coulson from 2005 ex N265F wears code /348
61-493 1972 UK G-BAKA : Bristow from 1972 to Apr87
US N9119Z : canc Oct89
CO HK-3445X : Colombia, to ZS-HVJ
ZA ZS-HVJ : CHC Africa Oct89-Sep10
US N408GG : US State Dept Jul11-, also as N493WR
US N493WR : US State Dept from Jul11
61-702 1972 UK G-BAKB : Bristow Dec72-Apr87, to France
10feb73 pictured at North Denes airfield (NDA) Great Ya+
US N9118M : Erickson leasing 1990-1991
ZA ZS-HHN : Court, to be confirmed
CA C-FHFS : Hayes Heli-Log Services ; w/o 15jan01 at Porteau Cove, +
61-703 1972 UK G-BAKC : Bristow Dec72-Apr87, to France as unk
US N9119S : Croman ?-1997
CA C-FHCH : D.K. Heli-Cropper at Mt Lehman BC, Mar-Nov 1997
US N9119S : Croman canc Dec10
CA C-GJQE : Coulson 2011
US N9119S : s-61t Croman again Jun11-Apr15
US N9119S : Oct13 with EP Aviation in Afghanistan
US N807AR : EP Aviation from 08apr15
15jun15 at Kingsland, GA
61-704 1972 CA C-FDOH : Coast Guard Mar73-Feb11
Apr81 pictured leaving Vancouver International airport
US N439LS : Carson Mar/Jul 2011
US N704WK : State Dept from Sep11
Oct16 up for auction at
61-714 1973 UK G-BBHN : Bristow Dec73-Oct78, to Malaysia
MY 9M-AWN : Bristow Malaysia
US N160J : Washington Times Aviation Jul04-Nov05
KR HL9287 : South Korea, Tongil Air; w/o 27feb10, burnt out after +
61-715 1974 US N53094 : Sikorsky S-61N-44
NO LN-OSJ : Helikopter Services from 01Feb74; 1999 rebrand CHC Hel+
CA C-FLHA : Coulson Aircrane Sep/Nov 2006
US N614CK : Croman from Dec06
61-717 1974 BN VR-UDZ : Brunei Shell Petroleum from 25Apr74 as VR-UDZ; rereg V+
US N905AL : EP Aviation Mar10-Jan15
US N805AR : EP Aviation from Feb15
US N805AR : AAR Corp ( EP Aviation ); w/o 06sep16 crashed at Palm B+
61-743 1975 GL OY-HBJ : Sikorsky S-61N-49; Greeland Air d/d 30may75; 1984 to N2+
US N221RA : CIT group/Equipment Financing at New York Jun91-Jun92
CA C-FWYN : Coulson Aircrane; w/o 02apr93 crashed during logging op+
61-744 1975 GL OY-HBK : Sikorsky S-61N-49; Greeland Air d/d 23Jun75; 1984 to +
CA C-FSYH : Canadian Helicopters Ltd, canc Jan95
US N612RM : Carson, noted 1998-2006
US N612RM : Ep Aviation from Mar09
61-748 1976 US N4041S : Sikorsky S-61N-58, c/n 61-748, ff:? reg Sikorsky as N40+
AU VH-BRH : del ANSETT-ANA as VH-BRH, 26May76
US N17AZ : xfer US as N17AZ, unk
AU VH-BHJ : xfer Barrack Helicopters as VH-BHJ, unk
CA C-FMAB : xfer Canada as C-FMAB, unk
US N17AZ : xfer US as N17AZ, unk
CA C-FMAB : xfer Canada as C-FMAB, unk
US N17AZ : xfer First Security Bank, UT as N17AZ, 11Jun93.
CA C-GBRF : Coulson Aircrane Ltd from Jun94; w/o 19apr97 during h+
61-749 1975 BN V8-BSP : Sikorsky S-61N-54, c/n 61-749, ff?; del Brunei Shell Pe+
US N410GH : EP Aviation Feb09
61-759 1977 NO LN-OQI : Sikorsky S-61N-61, c/n 61-759, ff:? del Offshore Oil as+
61-761 1977 US N611EH : S-61N-63 d/d ERA 16feb77
AU VH-IMQ : Okanagan Helicopters Australia, noted Apr80, ex VH-PTF
CA C-GPOH : Okanagan, noted Aug81
IE EI-BLY : Irish Helicopters 1986
1994 Apeared in the film War of the Buttons, filmed in +
UK G-BXSN : Bristow Feb98-Feb01
US N161AL : Air Logistics Mar01
BR PR-MDS : Brazil, Apr03-Jan05, to N761N
CA C-FHCH : VIH Helicopters Dec05-Sep06, ex N761N
CA C-FHCH : Cougar Sep06-Apr12
US N803AR : s-61t EP Aviation from 24apr12, conv S-61T?
61-764 1977 NO LN-OQM : Sikorsky S-61N-68 reg D-HOSA ntu; WIKING d/d 11Apr77
NO LN-OQM : Helikopter Service, noted Aug04
GL OY-HGZ : Air Greenland, noted Aug06
CA C-FUBW : CHC May08-Apr10
US N408WC : Ep Aviation from Jan11
61-775 1977 NL PH-NZL : KLM from 1978 to 1980 toward G-BHPA
UK G-BHPA : Management Aviation from 1980 to 1981 ex PH-NZL toward +
NL PH-NZL : KLM from 1981 to 1992 ex G-BHPA toward V8-SAV
BN V8-SAV : BSP from 1992 to 2007 ex PH-NZL toward N725JH
US N725JH owner ??? : from 2007 ex V8-SAV
US N725JH : EP Aviation Mar10
US N725JH : N725JH now operated by carson,think its also owned by t+
61-807 1978 NO LN-OQB : Helicopter Service, to G-BZSN
UK G-BZSN : CHC Scotia Apr/Sep 2001
IE EI-RCG : CHC Ireland from Sep01
IE EI-RCG : Irish Coast Guard 2001-2013
? : USA by 2015
61-810 1978 NO LN-ORR : Sikorsky S-61N-80, c/n 61-810, ff:? reg D-HOSB (ntu); d+
61-811 1976 CA C-GBVR : Sikorsky S-61N-79; Bow Valley 20Jun78
CA C-FIBN : Canadian Helicopters , canc May90
BR PT-HPV : Brazil, May82-Jun01
CA C-FIBN : Canadian Helicopters Nov00-Jan09
CA C-FIBN : Héli-Excel Inc at Sept-Iles, Quebec Feb/Dec 2009
CA C-FIBN : Helicopter Transport Services Canada Jan10-Sep11
CA C-FIBN : VIH Helicopters Sep11-Jun12
CA C-FIBN : Helicopter Transport Services Canada Jul12-Jan13
US N760HT : U S LeaseCo Inc at Wilmington, DE from Jan13
09nov13 at New Jersey
Helicopter Transport Service America; May15 at Aurora,+
61-815 1979 US N4228S : Sikorsky S-61N-82, c/n 61-815, ff?; del Carson Helicopt+
AU VH-PTE : reser VH-IMS, to C-GOLH
CA C-GOLH : jan81 pictured at Vancouver International airport after+
UK G-BIMV : Managment Aviation Ltd Feb81-Jan83
TH HS-HTA : TAS from 2001
TH HS-HTH : TAS Jan97-Jul00
CA C-GJQN : Canadian Helicopters from Jan11
61-816 1978 NO LN-OQU : Helikopter Service AS, Stavangar as S-61N LN-OQU. To G-+
UK G-CBKZ : CHC Scotia Apr/Oct 2002
IE EI-CXS : CHC Ireland from Oct02
IE 257 : Irish Air Corps, lsd from CHC
IE EI-CXS : Irish Coast Guard, op by CHC
? : USA by 2015
- : Mar16-Mar17, sold Sikorsky S61N 1978; SAR configured, +
61-818 1979 US N4240S : Sikorsky S-61N-83, c/n 61-818, ff?; del Carson Helicopt+
54 C/N.

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