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List of Helicopter Operators

Military Forces
Canadian Armed Forces
Canadian Army (1945-1968)
Royal Canadian Air Force (1945-1968)
Royal Canadian Navy (1945-1968)

Security Forces
Canadian Coast Guard
Canadian Police

Government of Canada
Hydro One

AEM Corp
Aero Design
Aerotex Interiors
Airbus Helicopters Canada
Bell Helicopter Canada
Boost Systems
Canadian UAVs
DART Aerospace
Drone Delivery Canada
Eagle Copters
Eurocopter Canada
IMP Aerospace & Defence
Maxcraft Avionics
Meeker Aviation
Pratt and Whitney Canada
RAMM Aerospace
Rilpa Enterprises Ltd
Rotor Maxx Support
SEI Industries
Sznycer Helicopters
Transwest Helicopters
Vector Aerospace Canada
VIH Aerospace

AIC Global Holdings Inc
Allied Wings Limited
Alpine Helicopters
Ascent Helicopters
Blackcomb Helicopters
Campbell Helicopters
Canadian Air Crane
Canadian Helicopters Ltd
CC Helicopters
Chartright Air Inc
Coldstream Helicopters
Cougar Helicopters
Coulson Aircrane
Delta Helicopters
E & B Helicopters
Elbow River Helicopters
Fig Air
Finnair Helicopters
Forest Helicopters
Four Seasons Aviation
Fox Aviation
Frontier Helicopters
Gateway Helicopters Ltd
Great Lakes Helicopter
Great Slave Helicopters
Guardian Helicopters
hayes forest services
Helicopter Transport Services Canada
Helicopteres Helicarrier Inc
Helijet International
Helite Aviation
Hi-Wood Helicopters Ltd
Highland Helicopters
HNZ Group
Horizon Helicopters
Hy-Ridge Helicopters Ltd
Innukoptères Inc
Kenting Aviation
L R Helicopters
Lakelse Air
Lakeshore Helicopters
London Air Services
Maple Leaf Helicopters
Midwest Helicopters
Mustang Helicopters
National Helicopters Inc
Newfoundland Helicopters
Niagara Helicopters
Northern Escape Heli Skiing
Okanagan Helicopters
Peak Aviation Inc
Phoenix Heli-Flight
Quantum Helicopters Ltd
Questral Helicopters
Sealand Helicopters
Sequoia Helicopters
Sky Helicopters
Skyline Helicopters
Slave Lake Helicopters
Spartan Air Services Ltd
Summit Helicopters
Talon Helicopters
Tasman Helicopters
Trans North Helicopters
TransCanada Corporation
TRK Helicopters
Universal Helicopters
Valley Helicopters
VIH Helicopters Ltd
Viking Helicopters
Vortex Helicopters
Wardair Canada
Wildcat Helicopters
Wood Buffalo Helicopters
Yellowhead Helicopters

Canadian Ambulance Services

List of Manufacturers

Eagle Copters

List of Shipyards

Burrard Dry Dock
Canadian Shipbuilding + Engineering (PWDD)
Canadian Vickers
Davie Shipbuilding
Halifax Shipyards
Marine Industries Limited
Morton Engineering Dry Dock Co
Saint John Shipbuilding, St John
Victoria Machinery Depot
West Coast Shipbuilders
Yarrows Ltd

Aircraft Prefix


List of Airshows

HAC 2016

Helicopter Operations

2010 Fleet Review: 100th anniversary of Canadian Navy

Canada News

02-Apr-20 - No Charge Flights for Health Care Responders in BC #coronavirus
02-Apr-20 - Heli-One Statement on Coronavirus #coronavirus
01-Apr-20 - Ornge Expanding Services due to Coronavirus #coronavirus
22-Mar-20 - Subaru Bell 412EPX Cargo Capacity #weight
13-Mar-20 - External Cargo Systems for China #HumanExternalCargo
20-Feb-20 - Bell’s Electrically Distributed Anti-Torque #EDAT
12-Feb-20 - PWC Customer Support Plan for Bells #CustomerSupport
10-Feb-20 - STARS Gets Donation for New Helicopter #Edmonton
07-Feb-20 - V-22 SMART Ramp Trainer by Bluedrop #VirtualReality
05-Feb-20 - HeliSAS Autopilot Option for Bell 505 #autopilot
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