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  • canada Kenting Aviation

    Kenting Aviation was established in 1947 as an aerial mapping and survey company using retired WWII bombers and transports converted to the work. Later helicopters were added for survey and general support duties. Ceased operations in 1962 when merged into Kenn Borek Air, Ltd.

    Model Types

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    Bell 206A
    Sikorsky CH-126 Choctaw
    Sikorsky HSS-1 / SH-34G Seabat
    Westland Whirlwind SRS.2

    List of Aircraft

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    206A 123 1968C-FAJR : rereg Kenting Aviation Ltd as C-FAJR, 11Jul83
    CH-126 Choctaw 0245 1956C-FNHJ : rereg as C-FNHJ, unk;
    206A 123 1968CF-AJR : Bell 206A cn123, ff:?; del Kenting Aviation, Ltd, Canada as CF-AJ ...
    CH-126 Choctaw 0202 1955CF-FZM : sold Kenting Aircraft as CF-FZM, Jun73; sold Klondike Helicopter, ...
    Whirlwind SRS.2 wa192 1957CF-KAD : del Kenting, Canada as CF-KAD, 1957; fate unk.
    Whirlwind SRS.2 wa193 1957CF-KAE : del Kenting, Canada as CF-KAE, 1957; fate unk.
    HSS-1 / SH-34G Seabat 0658 1957CF-KGO : xfer Kenting Aircraft, Canada as CF-KGO, May73;
    CH-126 Choctaw 0245 1956CF-NHJ : sold Kenting Aircraft as S-58E, CF-NHJ, Jun75;

    6 Construction Numbers in this organisation found