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Victoria, British Columbia

Satellite and aerial maps of Yarrows Ltd with nearby locations

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0.2254 CFB Esquimalt, British Columbia
3.3227 Royal Roads, British Columbia
3.4105CBZ7 CCG Base Victoria, British Columbia
3.5114CBF7 Victoria Harbour heliport, British Columbia
3.6115 Victoria Machinery Depot, British Columbia
24.7359CYYJ Victoria International Airport, British Columbia

1893 to 1994

48° 25' 52.00'' N - 123° 25' 53.99'' W

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List of ships built at Yarrows Ltd

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1942-dec-19CA FFE 306 HMCS Swansea Prestonian class
1943-jun-23CA FFE 315 HMCS New Glasgow Prestonian class
1943-jul-3CA FFE 304 HMCS New Waterford Prestonian class
1943-nov-6CA FFE 303 HMCS Beacon Hill Prestonian class
1944-feb-10CA FFE 301 HMCS Antigonish Prestonian class
1961-aug-17CA AGOR 171 HMCS Endeavour Endeavour class

List of aircraft and events at Yarrows Ltd

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2011-jun HCM/FELEX - SeaspanCanadian Armed ForcesCity classFFH 335 HMCS Calgary
2011-aug HCM/FELEX - SeaspanCanadian Armed ForcesCity classFFH 338 HMCS Winnipeg
2013-may HCM/FELEX - SeaspanCanadian Armed ForcesCity classFFH 331 HMCS Vancouver

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