canada Midwest Helicopters

Model Types

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Bell 204B
Bell 205A-1
Bell 206B-2 Jet Ranger
Bell 212

List of Aircraft

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204B 2010 1963C-FBHY : Midwest Helicopters; 24apr82 pictured at Winnipeg, MB
: Midwest Helicopters, canc May85
205A-1 30131 C-FMHA : Midwest Helicopters Ltd at Winnipeg, Manitoba Apr89-Aug97
206B-2 Jet Ranger 1028 1973C-GBHF : Midwest Helicopters at Winnipeg, Manitoba canc May83
204B 2024 1967C-GEAV : Midwest Helicopters at Winnipeg, Manitoba, canc Jun86
212 31212 1982C-GRVN : Midwest Helicopters, canc Aug83; Kenting Aircraft Ltd, canc May8 ...
212 31214 1982C-GRWX : Midwest Helicopters at Winnipeg, Manitoba canc Sep84

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