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  • Bell 204

    Bell 204B

    List of Operators of Bell 204B

    From Organisation with model 204B

    australia McDermott Aviation

    Construction Numbers on database of 204B


    Construction Numbers

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    2010 1963 US N588PH : PHI ? , to CF-BHY
    CA C-FBHY : Midwest Helicopters; pictured (pic1) at Winnipeg, MB
    Midwest Helicopters, canc May85
    CA C-FBHY : Maple Leaf Helicopters at Richmond,BC, May/Dec 1985
    Okanagan 1986-Nov90
    US N588P : Dec90-Apr92, to Canada
    CA C-GEAW : Venture Helicopters (M.K.C.) at Calgary, AB Apr92-Jan99
    Heli-North / Heli-Nord Aviation at Garson,ON Jan/Jun 19+
    Resource Helicopters at Richmond, BC Jun99-Jul02
    Eagle Copters Oct/Dec 2007
    CL CC-CLI : Chile, reser CC-CAF, to OB-1835-P
    PE OB-1835-P : Peru, rtn to C-GEAW
    Servicio Aereo de los Andes, noted 2012
    CA C-FGAI : Eagle Copters Oct/Nov 2014
    AU VH-EJL : Eagle Copter Leasing Pty Ltd at Coffs Harbour,NSW from +
    Leased by Eagle Copters Ltd Canada, operated by Forest +
    pictured (pic2) at Narrabri Airport as Helitak 343
    2020 1964 CF-RSR : reserial to C-FRSR
    CA C-FRSR : Heli Voyageur Ltee at Val DOr, QB, canc May82
    Great Slave Helicopters 1989-May90
    CA C-FRSR : Airborne Helicopters at Saskatoon, Saskatchewan Apr01-M+
    Resource Helicopters Ltd at Langley, BC May02-Ju1l3
    pictured (pic1) at Langley, BC
    Eagle Copters Feb/Aug 2014
    AU VH-EQF : South West Helicopters Pty Ltd at Cootamundra, NSW from+
    2024 1965 US N1189W : ERA, noted 1978
    CA C-GEAV : Midwest Helicopters at Winnipeg, Manitoba, canc Jun86
    CA C-GEAV : Highland Helicopters Nov90-May99
    CA C-FHQT : Heliqwest Aviation at St Albert, AB May00-Feb05
    CA C-FHQT : Lakelse Air at Terrace, BC Feb05-Jul17
    AU VH-VRC : Skyhook Helicopters Pty Ltd at Salamander Bay, NSW from+
    pictured at HMAS Albatross as Helitak 297
    2050 AU VH-UTW : Australia; Malaysia 9M-ATC ntu; to PK-OBA
    ID PK-OBA : Airfast, to N204NW
    US N204NW : Northwest from Sep10
    2053 1967 US N120LA : ex N7904S, to C-GYHU
    CA C-GYHU : Yellowhead Helicopters Ltd Jan90-Aug08
    AT OE-XBT : Heli Austria GmbH; w/o 23jul10 crashed transporting co+
    2054 MY 9M-ATD :
    2056 1967 CF-AGA : Canada, test serial N7937S
    SE SE-HGA : Norrlandsflyg at Gällivare 1982-1988
    SE SE-HGA : Osterman 1988-?
    US N204FB : USA 1989-1990
    CA C-GRHW : Remote Helicopters Ltd at Slave Lake, AB Dec92-Apr13
    AU VH-OCD : MachJet Pty Ltd / McDermott Aviation from Aug13
    2058 1967 ID PK-VBR : Indonesia, test serial N7933S
    CA C-GVFN : Vancouver Island Helicopters at Sidney, BC Feb87-Sep98
    US N204AP : USA, to C-GVFN
    US N204SB : Idaho Helicopters Sep89-Aug98
    CA C-FRET : Advantage Helicopters Ltd at Sherwood Park, AB Aug98-Au+
    Rilpa Enterprises Ltd at Calgary, AB from Feb01
    2060 1967 CA C-FAHO : Associated Helicopters Co Ltd at Edmonton, AB, canc Mar+
    Delta Helicopters from 1987
    2067 1967 CA C-GSHK : Heli Lift dd 2003. w/o 24sep06 crash and fire near Sask+
    2070 1967 US N7879S : ERA, noted 1978; w/o 08aug85
    CA C-GEAI : Highland Helicopters Nov90-Apr99
    CA C-GEAI : Heli-Lift Intl at Yorkton, Saskatchewan Apr99-Mar00
    CA C-GFWI : Airborne Helicopters at Nanaimo, BC Mar00-Mar01
    Fireweed Helicopters at Whitehorse, Yukon from Mar01
    2196 1966 CA C-GVVI : Vancouver Island Helicopters, ex N1304X, canc Jul86
    CA C-GVVI : Appeared in orange and white livery in the the 1984 fil+
    Eagle Copters, canc Apr87
    Eagle Copters Mar/May 2008
    CA C-GVVI : GSH Jun87-Nov07
    PE OB-1891-P : Servicios Aereos Los Andes; w/o 21may11 at Alejandro V+
    PE OB-1891-P : the belly of a yellow striped 206 had this number in Ja+
    2197 1966 US N1305X : Air America; 10,000 flight hours in South Vietnam; Ap+
    US N1305X : Omni Aircraft Sales at Washington, DC, canc Apr77
    GL OY-HCA : Air Greenland Denmark 1977-1982
    CA C-GVEL : Turbowest Helicopters at Calgary, AB Aug83-Sep89
    Yellowhead helicopters 1989-2001
    CA C-GVEL : Great Slave helicopters Nov01-Jul07
    CA C-GVEL : Eagle Copters Jul/Aug 2007
    PE OB-1866-P : Servicios Aereos Los Andes; w/o 13dec07 at Oil explorat+
    2199 1965 US N1307X : Bell 1965
    GL OY-HCB : Grønlandsfly "Sujugdleq" (den første) Denmark 1977-1+
    CA C-GVEG : IMS Ltd at Calgary, AB 1982-Mar83
    Turbowest Helicopters Ltd at Calgary, AB Feb87-Jan89
    Yellowhead Helicopters Ltd at Valemount, BC Jan89-Aug06+
    AT OE-XRK : Kitz Air; w/o 22jun17 hard landing at Alpbach, Tyrol
    14 C/N.