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    Ask anyone to picture a military helicopter, and chances are high they will visualize the Bell Helicopter Textron UH-1. That’s because it is the most successful military helicopter ever produced. It is the epitome of mission effectiveness, reliability and safety. Over 16,000 UH-1s have been produced, and have operated in challenging environments ranging from the rugged mountains of Bosnia, to the frozen vastness of Antarctica. Many of the first UH-1s delivered are still flying today, some airframes having logged over 30,000 hours. Militaries around the world continue to depend on this proven workhorse to execute combat assaults, evacuate wounded soldiers, transport senior staff, or complete any other helicopter mission you can imagine.

    204 News

    EASA Approves HTC Blades for Bell Huey, 30-Nov-20 : #blades California’ Helicopter Technology Company (HTC) granted European Union Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) supplemental type certificate (STC) for its upgraded blades for commercial models Bell Huey 204 ( UH-1B, TH-1F, UH-1F and UH-1P ) and Bell 205 ( UH-1H )

    Bell Huey Upgraded Blades for Canada, 05-Aug-20 : #Huey Helicopter Technology Company (HTC) received approval from Canada to offer upgraded metal main rotor blades for commercial Bell Huey 204 and 205 models

    HTC Metal Main Rotor Blades for Bell Helicopters, 18-Oct-16 : Helicopter Technology Company (HTC) offers metal main rotor blades for commercial Bell 204B, 205 and 205A-1, along with various UH-1 model restricted category helicopters

    Cargo Hook Kits for the Bell 204, 205, 212 and 412, 03-Dec-15 : Onboard Systems announced that its non-rotating cargo hook kits for the Bell 204, 205, 212 and 412 aircraft have been STC certified by the FAA.

    UH-1 Tailboom Motion Detection System, 12-May-15 : Tailboom fittings in UH-1 helicopters can be fractured after years of service, ACSR Inc introduces UH-1 Tailboom Motion Detection System.

    Derivatives & Versions

    TH-1E Iroquois
    TH-1F Iroquois
    TH-1L Iroquois
    UH-1E Iroquois UH-1B/C variant for the US Marine Corps with salt-water corrosion protection and extra avionics. 8 troops capacity. 192 units built between 196 ...
    UH-1F Iroquois UH-1B USAF variant with T58 engine
    UH-1L Iroquois
    UH-1M Iroquois Gunship More than 200 US Army UH-1C were converted to the UH-1M Gunship model before 1970 and were used in Vietnam before being replaced by the purpose b ...
    UH-1A Iroquois 1956
    UH-1B Iroquois 1960 Later built airframes of this type using a another engine type Lycoming turboshaft T53-L-11 with 1100hp.
    205 1961 The Bell Huey was the first mass-produced helicopter powered by a jet turbine. With its distinctive whomp-whomp sound that could be heard miles a ...
    Agusta AB204 1961 Agusta built the Bell 204 from 1961 up until 1972. Besides being used by all Italian military and civilian services it was also exported to sever ...
    Fuji 204 1962
    UH-1C Iroquois 1965
    HH-1K Iroquois 1970 US Navy Bell 204 search and rescue variant. Used by Seals