Fuji 204

Derived from Bell 204

Derivatives & Versions

UH-1B 1962

List of Operators of Fuji 204

From Organisation with model 204
japan Japan Ground Self-Defense Force
    4 1962/75
japan Japan Ground Self-Defense Force
    UH-1B 86 1962/75

japan Keisatsu-chō
Construction Numbers on database of 204 or its versions


Construction Numbers

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C/NBuilt asYearHistory
CH01 JP 41501 : Fuji 204B c/n CH01, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41501 unk; wfu u+
CH02 JP JA9018 : Fuji 204B c/n CH02, ff:?; del Fuji Airlines as JA9018 u+
CH03 JP 41502 : Fuji 204B c/n CH03, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41502 unk; prese+
CH04 JP 41503 : Fuji 204B c/n CH04, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41503 unk; wfu u+
CH05 JP 41504 : Fuji 204B c/n CH05, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41504 unk; wfu u+
CH10 JP JA9021 : Fuji-Bell 204B, c/n CH10, ff?; reg Japan as JA9021 unk;+
CH11 JP JA9022 : Fuji-Bell 204B, c/n CH11, ff?; reg Japan as JA9022 unk;+
CH12 JP JA9023 : Tokyo Metropolitan Police Keishichō Mar68-May84
CH13 JP JA9026 : Fuji-Bell 204B, c/n CH13, ff?; reg Japan as JA9026 unk;+
CH14 JP JA9028 : Fuji-Bell 204B, c/n CH14, ff?; reg Japan as JA9028 unk;+
CH15 JP JA9029 : Fuji-Bell 204B, c/n CH15, ff?; reg Japan as JA9029 unk;+
CH16 JP JA9033 : Fuji-Bell 204B, c/n CH16, ff?; reg Japan as JA9033 unk;+
CH17 JP JA9036 : Fuji-Bell 204B, c/n CH17, ff?; reg Japan as JA9036 unk;+
CH18 JP JA9038 : Fuji-Bell 204B, c/n CH18, ff?; reg Japan as JA9038 unk;+
CH19 JP JA9043 : Fuji-Bell 204B, c/n CH19, ff?; reg Japan as JA9043 unk;+
CH20 JP JA9055 : Fuji-Bell 204B, c/n CH20, ff?; reg Japan as JA9055 unk;+
CH21 JP JA9051 : Tokyo Metropolitan Police Keishichō Sep70-Apr94
CH22 JP JA9076 : Fuji-Bell 204B, c/n CH22, ff?; reg Japan as JA9076 unk;+
CH23 JP JA9077 : Fuji-Bell 204B, c/n CH23, ff?; reg Japan as JA9077 unk;+
CH24 JP JA9078 : Fuji-Bell 204B, c/n CH24, ff?; reg Japan as JA9078 unk;+
CH25 JP JA9079 : Fuji-Bell 204B, c/n CH25, ff?; reg Japan as JA9079 unk;+
CH26 JP JA9068 : Hokkaido police Nov71-Mar72
Tokyo Metropolitan Police Keishichō Mar72-Nov93
CH27 JP JA9082 : Fuji-Bell 204B, c/n CH27, ff?; reg Japan as JA9082 unk;+
CH28 JP JA9086 : Fuji-Bell 204B, c/n CH28, ff?; reg Japan as JA9086 unk;+
CH29 JP JA9095 : Hokkaido police Mar73-Jun94
CH30 JP JA9085 : Fuji-Bell 204B, c/n CH30, ff?; reg Japan as JA9085 unk;+
private : sold to Nicaragua as YN-CFH; sold to Guatemala as TG-E+
CH31 JP JA9112 : Fuji-Bell 204B, c/n CH31, ff?; reg Japan as JA9112 unk;+
CH32 JP JA9111 : Fukuoka Police Department Jan74-Apr96
CH33 JP JA9125 : Fuji-Bell 204B, c/n CH33, ff?; reg Japan as JA9125 unk;+
CH34 JP JA9142 : Hiroshima Prefectural Police Dec75-Jan96
CH35 JP JA9126 : Fuji-Bell 204B, c/n CH35, ff?; reg Japan as JA9126 unk;+
CH36 JP JA9145 : Fuji-Bell 204B-2
Shin Nihon Helicopter Co Ltd 1993; w/o 27mar00 Katashin+
CH37 JP JA9148 : Fuji-Bell 204B-2, c/n CH37, ff?; reg Japan as JA9148 un+
CH38 JP JA9155 : Fuji-Bell 204B-2, c/n CH38, ff?; reg Japan as JA9155 un+
CH39 JP JA9163 : Fuji-Bell 204B-2, c/n CH39, ff?; reg Japan as JA9163 un+
: Dismantled airframe at Gympie airfield, Queensland Aust+
CH40 JP JA9165 : Fuji-Bell 204B-2
NAKA Nihon Air Service Company 1993-2000
CH41 JP JA9172 : Fuji-Bell 204B-2, c/n CH41, ff?; reg Japan as JA9172 un+
CH45 JP JA9177 : Fuji-Bell 204B-2, c/n CH45, ff?; reg Japan as JA9177 un+
Akagi Helicopter from Aug03
CH46 JP JA9203 : Fuji-Bell 204B-2, c/n CH46, ff?; reg Japan as JA9203 un+
CH47 JP JA9213 : Fuji-Bell 204B-2, c/n CH47, ff?; reg Japan as JA9213 un+
, registration on side of a panel at Calgary, Canada
CH48 JP JA9221 : Fuji-Bell 204B-2, c/n CH48, ff?; reg Japan as JA9221 un+
CH49 JP JA9230 : Fuji-Bell 204B-2, c/n CH49, ff?; reg Japan as JA9230 un+
CH50 JP JA9247 : Fuji-Bell 204B-2, c/n CH50, ff?; reg Japan as JA9247 un+
CH51 JP JA9257 : Fuji-Bell 204B-2, c/n CH51, ff?; reg Japan as JA9257 un+
CH52 JP JA9264 : Fuji-Bell 204B-2, c/n CH52, ff?; reg Japan as JA9264 un+
CH53 JP JA9314 : Fuji-Bell 204B-2, c/n CH53, ff?; reg Japan as JA9314 un+
CH54 JP JA9383 : Fuji-Bell 204B-2, c/n CH54, ff?; reg Japan as JA9383 un+
NAS; Bell (Fuji) 204B-2
CH55 JP JA9374 : Fuji-Bell 204B-2, c/n CH55, ff?; reg Japan as JA9374 un+
Akagi Helicopter from Oct01
CH56 JP JA9439 : Fuji-Bell 204B-2, c/n CH56, ff?; reg Japan as JA9439 un+
Shin Nihon Helicopter; Bell (Fuji) 204B-2
CH57 JP JA9478 : NNK from May92
JP JA9478 : this helicopter was, much to our surprise, noted alive+
CH58 JP JA6026 : Fuji-Bell 204B-2, c/n CH58, ff?; reg Japan as JA6026 un+
CH59 JP JA6027 : Fuji-Bell 204B-2
Nishi Nippon Airliners Mar91-May13
MH06 UH-1B JP 41505 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH06, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41505 unk; +
MH07 UH-1B JP 41506 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH07, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41506 unk; +
MH08 UH-1B JP 41507 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH08, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41507 unk; +
MH09 UH-1B JP 41508 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH09, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41508 unk; +
MH10 UH-1B JP 41509 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH10, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41509 unk; +
MH11 UH-1B JP 41510 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH11, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41510 unk; +
MH12 UH-1B JP 41511 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH12, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41511 unk; +
MH13 UH-1B JP 41512 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH13, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41512 unk; +
MH14 UH-1B JP 41513 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH14, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41513 unk; +
MH15 UH-1B JP 41514 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH15, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41514 unk; +
MH16 UH-1B JP 41515 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH16, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41515 unk; +
MH17 UH-1B JP 41516 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH17, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41516 unk; +
MH18 UH-1B JP 41517 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH18, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41517 unk; +
MH19 UH-1B JP 41518 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH19, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41518 unk; +
MH20 UH-1B JP 41519 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH20, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41519 unk; +
MH21 UH-1B JP 41520 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH21, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41520 unk; +
MH22 UH-1B JP 41521 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH22, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41521 unk; +
MH23 UH-1B JP 41522 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH23, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41522 unk; +
MH24 UH-1B JP 41523 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH24, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41523 unk; +
MH25 UH-1B JP 41524 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH25, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41524 unk; +
MH26 UH-1B JP 41525 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH26, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41525 unk; +
MH27 UH-1B JP 41526 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH27, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41526 unk; +
MH28 UH-1B JP 41527 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH28, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41527 unk; +
MH29 UH-1B JP 41528 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH29, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41528 unk; +
MH30 UH-1B JP 41529 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH30, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41529 unk; +
MH31 UH-1B JP 41530 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH31, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41530 unk; +
MH32 UH-1B JP 41531 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH32, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41531 unk; +
MH33 UH-1B JP 41532 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH33, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41532 unk; +
MH34 UH-1B JP 41533 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH34, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41533 unk; +
MH35 UH-1B JP 41534 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH35, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41534 unk; +
MH36 UH-1B JP 41535 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH36, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41535 unk; +
MH37 UH-1B JP 41536 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH37, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41536 unk; +
MH38 UH-1B JP 41537 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH38, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41537 unk; +
MH39 UH-1B JP 41538 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH39, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41538 unk; +
MH40 UH-1B JP 41539 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH40, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41539 unk; +
MH41 UH-1B JP 41540 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH41, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41540 unk; +
MH42 UH-1B JP 41541 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH42, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41541 unk; +
MH43 UH-1B JP 41542 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH43, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41542 unk; +
MH44 UH-1B JP 41543 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH44, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41543 unk; +
MH45 UH-1B JP 41544 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH45, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41544 unk; +
MH46 UH-1B JP 41545 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH46, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41545 unk; +
MH47 UH-1B JP 41546 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH47, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41546 unk; +
MH48 UH-1B JP 41547 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH48, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41547 unk; +
MH49 UH-1B JP 41548 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH49, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41548 unk; +
MH50 UH-1B JP 41549 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH50, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41549 unk; +
MH51 UH-1B JP 41550 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH51, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41550 unk; +
MH52 UH-1B JP 41551 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH52, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41551 unk; +
MH53 UH-1B JP 41552 : Fuji-Bell 204B c/n MH53, ff:?; del JGSDF as 41552 unk; +

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