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04-Nov-18 - Marines AH-1Z and UH-1Y Training in Okinawa
12-Oct-18 - Bell Partnered Yamato for Delivery Drone #OnDemand
31-Aug-18 - Hiratagakuen Gets Second H145 for Doctor-Heli #DoctorHeli
17-Jul-18 - Japan Coast Guard H225 Gets HCare Support #support
16-Jul-18 - Bell 412EPX Certification for Japan UH-X #aircraft
29-Jun-18 - Navy COD CMV-22B Osprey Production Starts #contract
24-May-18 - DART First Bell 505’ Floats Goes to Japan Coast Guard #accessories
25-Apr-18 - Japan Coast Guard Additional H225
02-Apr-18 - Nakanihon Air Service Bell 429
07-Feb-18 - First Bell 505 in Japan Goes to SECO International
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