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  • japan Mitsubishi Nagasaki

    Nagasaki, Kyushu


    Satellite and aerial maps of Mitsubishi Nagasaki with nearby locations

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    25.9019RJFU Nagasaki, Kyushu
    27.4022 Omura Naval Air Base, Kyushu
    52.7347 Sasebo, Kyushu
    52.7348 Sasebo Naval Base, Kyushu
    86.4078 JGSDF 8th Division, Kyushu
    87.0078 JGSDF Camp Kita Kumamoto, Kyushu

    32° 41' 49'' N - 129° 49' 20'' E

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    List of ships built at Mitsubishi Nagasaki

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    1956Destroyer Harukaze class
    1958Destroyer Ayanami class
    1959Destroyer Murasame 1958 class
    1960Destroyer Akizuki class
    1961Frigate Isuzu class
    1965Guided-Missile Destroyer Amatsukaze class
    1968Destroyer Takatsuki class
    1973Helicopter Carrier Haruna class
    1976Guided-Missile Destroyer Tachikaze class
    1982Coast Guards Soya class
    1984Destroyer Hatsuyuki class
    1986Coast Guards Mizuho class
    1986Guided-Missile Destroyer Hatakaze class
    1990Destroyer Asagiri class
    1993Guided-Missile Destroyer Kongo class
    2003Destroyer Takanami class
    2007Guided-Missile Destroyer Atago class
    2012Destroyer Akizuki 2010 class

    1955-sep-20JP DD 101 JDS Harukaze Harukaze class
    1957-jun-1JP DDK 103 JDS Ayanami Ayanami class
    1958-jul-31JP DDA 107 JDS Murasame Murasame 1958 class
    1959-jun-26JP DD 161 JDS Akizuki Akizuki class
    1961-mar-7JP DE 212 JDS Mogami Isuzu class
    1963-oct-5JP DDG 163 JDS Amatsukaze Amatsukaze class
    1967-mar-25JP DD 165 JDS Kikuzuki Takatsuki class
    1969-mar-19JP DD 167 JDS Nagatsuki Takatsuki class
    1972-feb-1JP DDH 141 JDS Haruna Haruna class
    1974-dec-12JP DDG 168 JDS Tachikaze Tachikaze class
    1977-oct-15JP DDG 169 JDS Asakaze Tachikaze class
    1981-jun-4JP DDG 170 JDS Sawakaze Tachikaze class
    1982JP PLH 05 JCGS Zao Soya class
    1982-oct-19JP DD 124 JDS Mineyuki Hatsuyuki class
    1984-nov-9JP DDG 171 JDS Hatakaze Hatakaze class
    1985-jun-6JP PLH 21 JCGS Mizuho Mizuho class
    1986-jan-29JP DD 133 JDS Shimayuki Hatsuyuki class
    1987-jan-30JP DDG 172 JDS Shimakaze Hatakaze class
    1988-dec-25JP DD 157 JDS Sawagiri Asagiri class
    1991-sep-26JP DDG 173 JDS Kongō Kongo class
    1993-aug-19JP DDG 174 JDS Kirishima Kongo class
    1994-oct-5JP DDG 175 JDS Myōkō Kongo class
    2001-jul-26JP DD 110 JDS Takanami Takanami class
    2001-sep-20JP DD 111 JDS Onami Takanami class
    2002-aug-8JP DD 112 JDS Makinami Takanami class
    2003-aug-29JP DD 113 JDS Sazanami Takanami class
    2004-aug-26JP DD 114 JDS Suzunami Takanami class
    2005-aug-24JP DDG 177 JDS Atago Atago class
    2006-aug-30JP DDG 178 JS Ashigara Atago class
    2010-oct-13JP DD-115 JS Akizuki Akizuki 2010 class
    2011-sep-15JP DD-116 JS Teruzuki Akizuki 2010 class
    2012-aug-22JP DD-118 JS Fuyuzuki Akizuki 2010 class
    2012-oct-17JP DD-117 JS Suzutsuki Akizuki 2010 class

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