japan Hirata Gakuen

Provides helicopter services ( Charter, Training, Maintenance ) from Kobe Hyogo , Yao Osaka and Nanki-shirahama. Also provides HEMS aircraft to Doctor- Heli. As of December 2017, Hiratagakuen has achieved 100,000 flights and was recognised by the Japanese Society for Aeromedical Services and the Emergency Medical Network for Helicopter and Hospital (HEM-Net) for its significant contribution to the EMS missions.


Hiratagakuen Gets Second H145 for Doctor-Heli, 31-Aug-18 : #DoctorHeli Hiaratagakuen from Kansai, Japan received its second H145/EC145T2/BK117D2 to be used as air ambulance for the Doctor-Heli national program

First BK117D2 in Japan Delivered to Hiratagakuen, 19-Dec-17 : Airbus Japan (AHJ) delivered the first H145/EC145T2/BK117D2 to Hiratagakuen in EMS configuration to be used by Doctor-Heli

First Medical H135 in Japan Goes to Hirata Gakuen, 13-Jan-17 : The first H135 / EC135P3 to be deployed for emergency medical services (EMS) in Japan was delivered to Hiratagakuen. Will start service in the Nara Prefecture next February

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Model Types

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  AH H145 / EC145T22017
  AH ec1352015
  EC EC1352000
  Robinson R221999

List of Aircraft

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EC135T2 0443 2005JA135E : Hirata Gakuen from Jul06
R22 Beta II 2976 JA300H : Hirata Gakuen from Oct99
R22 Beta II 2977 JA302H : Hirata Gakuen from Oct99
R22 Beta II 2978 JA305H : Hirata Gakuen from Oct99
AS350B3e Ecureuil 7488 JA500H : Hirata Gakuen from Dec12
: w/o 14mar17 during training at Kobe Airport
EC135P1 0126 JA800H : Hirata Gakuen Mar00-Nov15
EC135T1 0124 2000JA804H : Hirata Gakuen Mar00-Nov15
EC135P2+ 0528 JA806H : Hirata Gakuen from Mar07
EC135P2+ 0543 JA809H : Hirata Gakuen from Apr07
EC135P2+ 0616 2007JA813H : Hirata Gakuen from Jan08
EC135P2+ 0814 JA815H : Hirata Gakuen from Jul09
EC135P2+ 0828 JA818H : Hirata Gakuen from Sep09
EC135P2+ 0872 JA822H : Hirata Gakuen from May10
EC135P2+ 0941 2010JA824H : Hirata Gakuen from Dec10
EC135P2+ 1049 JA827H : Hirata Gakuen from Mar13, test serial D-HCBG
EC135P2+ 1116 JA831H : Hirata Gakuen from Oct13
EC135P2+ 1180 2015JA833H : Hirata Gakuen from May15
EC135P2+ 1187 JA836H : Hirata Gakuen from Aug15
H135 / EC135P3 1238 2016JA840H : Hirata Gakuen from Jan17
H135 / EC135P3 1262 2017JA842H : Hirata Gakuen School Corp from Oct17
H145 / EC145T2 20148 2017JA903H : Hiratagakuen from Dec17, for Doctor Heli
H145 / EC145T2 20209 2018JA905H : Hiratagakuen from Aug18, for Doctor Heli; to be confirmed
AS350B Ecureuil 2367 JA9898 : Nozaki Industries Sep/Dec 1990
: Hirata Gakuen Nov92-Oct12

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