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Excel Air Service offers helicopter chartering in Tokyo and Yokohama


Airbus New Orders from Japan at Singapore Air Show 2018, 07-Feb-18 : Singapore Airshow 2018 Airbus announced new orders from Japan during the Singapore air show. Excel Air Services ordered a Helionix-equipped H135 and the Hokkaido government an AS365N3+

Model Types

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  Sikorsky S-761993

List of Aircraft

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MH2000 1003 1999JA002M : Excel Air Service Sep99-Oct03
A109E Power 11026 1998JA109E : Excel Air Service Aug/Oct 2004
EC135T2+ 0788 2009JA10MC : L’hélicoptère par Hermès; Mori Building City Air Services Au ...
: Excel Air Service from Apr17
AS350B3 Ecureuil 3467 JA350D : Japan private Jan02-Aug15
: Iris Airways Aug15-Sep16
: Excel Air Service from Oct16; w/o 07jun18 onEast China Sea, 10 nm ...
AS355N Ecureuil 2 9608 JA355E : Excel Air Services from Mar02
BK117B-1 1072 JA6651 : Japan Jan91-Mar00
: Excel Air Service Mar00-Dec01, B2 type
S-76A 760374 JA6691 : Honda Airlines Mar92-Jun96
: Excel Air Service Aug02-Mar14, S-76A+ type
S-76C 760418 JA6719 : Kyushu Electric Power Co Ltd Feb94-Jun01
: Excel Air Service Jun01-May13
AS350B1 Ecureuil 2155 1988JA9793 : Excel Air Service Apr07
S-76A 760192 JA9953 : Excel Air Service May93-Mar04
SA365N1 Dauphin 2 6324 JA9956 : Excel Air Service Jun02-Nov05
S-76A 760302 JA9982 : SECOM Mar90-Mar93
: Excel Air Service from Mar93

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