Agusta A109E Power

Derived from A109 Hirundo


  • Agusta A109E Power
  • Agusta A109E Power

The A.109E Power is an upgraded version, powered by two Turbomeca Arrius 2K1 or two Pratt & Whitney PW206C engines.

From 2001 was renamed as AW.109 following the merger of Agusta and Westland to form AgustaWestland

Model News

AgustaWestland Signs US Coast Guard Contract Extension, 01-Feb-03 : AgustaWestland signed a contract for a continuation of its U.S. Coast Guard HITRON (Helicopter Interdiction Tactical Squadron) program. Eight A109, as MH-68A, used since 2000 from Jacksonville, Florida

USCG MH-68 / A109 Fleet Yields Fast Pay-Off, 22-Mar-02 : The U.S. Coast Guard's first patrols using tough new tactics employing armed MH-68s, a dedicated version of the twin-engine Agusta A109 Power helicopter, scored a perfect three busts in three attempts against drug-laden speedboats bound for U.S. shores. The U.S. Coast Guard’s three interdictions netted a combined total of more than 13,000 pounds of cocaine along with several arrests.

Derivatives & Versions

MH-68A Stingray 2000
AW AW109 2001 From 2001 the Agusta A109 was developed and marketed by AgustaWestland

List of Operators of Agusta A109E Power

From Organisation with model A109E Power
united kingdom Castle Air Charters
greece EKAB
    6 2000/03
italy Carabinieri
    3 2000/   
usa US Coast Guard
    MH-68A Stingray 8 2000/08
usa AgustaWestland Philadelphia
    MH-68A Stingray 8 2000/01
greece Polemiki Aeroporia
    3 2003/   
poland Polish Lotnicze Pogotowie Ratunkowe
    1 2005/09
united kingdom Royal Air Force
    2 2009/??

usa TriState CareFlight
Construction Numbers on database of A109E Power or its versions


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