japan JMU Isogo, Yokohama

Yokohama, Honshu

7.9162 Sumitomo Oppama, Honshu
11.6170 Yokosuka Naval Base, Honshu
12.2 25 Tsurumi Shipayrd (NKK), Honshu
17.8155 Sumitomo Uraga, Honshu
18.1293RJTA Atsugi Kaigun-hikōjō, Honshu
22.3 36RJTT Haneda, Honshu

1853 to present

35 23 33 secs N - 139 38 1 secs E

Former Ishikawajima Harima

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1958Support Shipbrazil Sirius (survey) class
1959Destroyer Murasame 1958 class
1964Frigate Isuzu class
1967Destroyer Takatsuki class
1971Frigate Chikugo class
1974Helicopter Carrier Haruna class
1975Landing Ship/Platform Dock Miura class
1979Coast Guards Soya class
1980Helicopter Carrier Shirane class
1984Destroyer Hatsuyuki class
1988Destroyer Asagiri class
1989Coast Guards Nojima class
1992Coast Guards Shikishima class
1996Destroyer Murasame class
1998Guided-Missile Destroyer Kongo class
2009Helicopter Carrier Hyuga class
2015Helicopter Carrier Izumo class

1957-jul-30BR H21 Sirius Sirius (survey) class
1958-jul-31JP DDA 108 JDS Yudachi Murasame 1958 class
1963-jun-21JP DE 213 JDS Kitakami Isuzu class
1966-jan-7JP DD 164 JDS Takatsuki Takatsuki class
1968-mar-15JP DD 166 JDS Mochizuki Takatsuki class
1970-sep-16JP DE 216 JDS Ayase Chikugo class
1973-aug-13JP DDH 142 JDS Hiei Haruna class
1974-aug-13JP LST 4151 JDS Miura Miura class
1975-sep-4JP LST 4152 JDS Ojika Miura class
1976-may-12JP LST 4153 JDS Satsuma Miura class
1978-sep-18JP DDH 143 JDS Shirane Shirane class
1979JP PLH 02 JCGS Tsugaru Soya class
1979-sep-20JP DDH 144 JDS Kurama Shirane class
1982-jun-21JP DD 125 JDS Sawayuki Hatsuyuki class
1983-sep-19JP DD 127 JDS Isoyuki Hatsuyuki class
1984-oct-25JP DD 130 JDS Matsuyuki Hatsuyuki class
1986-sep-19JP DD 151 JDS Asagiri Asagiri class
1987-sep-9JP DD 154 JDS Amagiri Asagiri class
1989-may-30JP PL 01 JCGS OKI Nojima class
1989-nov-9JP DD 158 JDS Umigiri Asagiri class
1991-jun-27JP PLH 31 Shikishima Shikishima class
1994-aug-23JP DD 101 JDS Murasame Murasame class
1995-oct-16JP DD 102 JDS Harusame Murasame class
1996-aug-27JP DDG 176 JDS Chōkai Kongo class
1997-aug-19JP DD 103 JDS Yudachi Murasame class
1997-aug-21JP DD 104 JDS Kirisame Murasame class
1998-sep-9JP DD 105 JDS Inazuma Murasame class
1998-sep-24JP DD 106 JDS Samidare Murasame class
1999-jun-24JP DD 107 JDS Ikazuchi Murasame class
2000-sep-25JP DD 108 JDS Akebono Murasame class
2000-oct-16JP DD 109 JDS Ariake Murasame class
2007-aug-23JP DDH 181 JS Hyūga Hyuga class
2009-aug-21JP DDH 182 JS Ise Hyuga class
2013-aug-6JP DDH-183 JDS Izumo Izumo class

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