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  • japan Airbus Helicopters Japan

    Part of Airbus Helicopters
    Kawasaki Heavy Industries representative


    Airbus Helicopters Japan

    Established January 2014 from former Eurocopter Japan


    Japan First Helicopter with Sustainable Aviation Fuel, 06-Jun-22 : #SAF Airbus and Nakanihon Air (NNK) performed Japan’s first ever helicopter flight powered with sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) . An AS332L1 / H215 Super Puma flew 30 minutes from Nagoya to Aichi Prefecture

    First-ever HCare Support Contract for H160, 08-Mar-22 : Heli-Expo 2022 Airbus signed first customer support HCare contract for the H160 helicopter. The first ever H160 was delivered from Airbus’ facility in Kobe, Japan in December 2021 to All Nippon Helicopter (ANH) for electronic news gathering

    H160 Approved in Japan, 18-May-21 : #H160 Japan Civil Aviation Bureau (JCAB) granted type certification to the Airbus H160 helicopter. All Nippon Helicopter (ANH) first aircraft first flew last January

    Japan Coast Guard Adds Two H225, 30-Mar-21 : #H225 The Japan Coast Guard expanding Super Puma fleet to 17 helicopters including 2 AS332L1 and 15 H225 (with 10 delivered)

    First Flight of All Nippon’s H160, 14-Jan-21 : #H160 Airbus performed first flight of All Nippon Helicopter (ANH) H160 at Marignane, France. ANH operates 6 AS365 and 5 EC135/H135 for news and TV stations across Japan. The H160 will replace one of its Dauphins

    Japan Nakanihon Orders H215 Super Puma, 09-Sep-20 : Nakanihon Air from Japan ordered an H215 / AS332L1e helicopter for utility and aerial work. The H215 is the latest Super Puma variant equipped with a full glass cockpit with a 4-axis autopilot

    13-Jul-20 - Airbus Celebrates 60 Years in Japan #Japan
    25-Jun-20 - Japan Police Orders Four More H135 and a H225 #police
    06-Apr-20 - Two More H225 for Japan Coast Guard #H225
    10-Jun-19 - Nakanihon Air Service Received First H135 #H135
    06-Mar-19 - Japan Coast Guard Orders Additional H225 Heli-Expo 2019
    29-Nov-18 - Airbus Expands MRO Capabilities in Kobe Japan #Kobe
    31-Aug-18 - Hiratagakuen Gets Second H145 for Doctor-Heli #DoctorHeli
    17-Jul-18 - Japan Coast Guard H225 Gets HCare Support FIA 2018
    07-Feb-18 - Airbus New Orders from Japan at Singapore Air Show 2018 Singapore Airshow 2018
    19-Dec-17 - First BK117D2 in Japan Delivered to Hiratagakuen
    23-Jun-17 - Akagi Helicopter Acquires H125 to Replace Lamas
    22-Jun-17 - Tokyo Metro Police Orders First H215 in Japan Paris Air Show 2017
    28-Feb-17 - Airbus Japan Flight Safety Tests Campaign
    20-Feb-17 - Japan Extends H225 Logistical Support
    13-Jan-17 - First Medical H135 in Japan Goes to Hirata Gakuen
    26-Dec-16 - Japan National Police Orders H135
    22-Dec-16 - Kumamoto Firefighters Orders AS365N3+
    31-Oct-16 - Nishi Nippon Airlines Takes Delivery of H125
    14-Oct-16 - HCare for JMSDF TH-135 Japan Aerospace 2016
    14-Oct-16 - Toho Air Service Takes Delivery of H125 Japan Aerospace 2016
    14-Oct-16 - Hiratagakuen Orders First Two BK117D-2 Japan Aerospace 2016
    13-Oct-16 - Fukuoka Fire Dept Orders AS365N3+ Japan Aerospace 2016
    18-Aug-16 - Tohoku Air Service First H135
    24-May-16 - Nakanihon Super Puma Major Inspection #SuperPuma
    14-Mar-16 - Japan Coast Guard Orders Sixth H225
    15-Dec-15 - Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force Final TH-135
    31-Mar-15 - Five More Dauphins For Japan Police and Firefighting
    05-Dec-14 - Three more TH-135 to Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force
    14-Apr-14 - Airbus Helicopters first helicopter FFS in Japan

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