Heli-Expo 2019

US GWCC     5 mar 2019

HAI Heli-Expo 2019, Atlanta Georgia, March 5-7
Heli-Expo 2019

  • Heli-Expo 2019
  • Heli-Expo 2019

Leonardo Results at Heli-Expo 2019, 12-Mar-19 : #HeliExpo2019 New orders for AW119Ke, AW139 and AW169 during Heli-Expo 2019 in Atlanta. Leonardo had a 40% civil helicopter market share in 2018.

Airbus at Heli-Expo 2019, 26-Feb-19 : #HeliExpo2019 Airbus Helicopters will showcase its mission-ready product and services line at Heli-Expo 2019, Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, March 5-7

Five-Bladed Rotor H145 at Heli-Expo 2019, 04-Mar-19 : #H145 Airbus unveiled a new H145 with a five-bladed rotor to the multi-mission H145, increasing the useful load of the helicopter by 150 kg

MD969 Combat Aircraft at Heli-Expo 2019, 05-Mar-19 : #MD969 MD Helicopters unveiled the MD 969 combat helicopter at Heli-Expo 2019. The 8-seat weaponized variant of the MD902 Explorer with a full avionics suite

Sikorsky Unveils S-92A+ and S-92B, 07-Mar-19 : #S92B The new S-92B (and old aircraft upgraded as S-92A+) has been enhanced for offshore and SAR operations with new engines, gearboxes, enlarged cabin windows, MATRIX technology and Rig Approach 2.0

Kopter SH09 at Heli-Expo 2019, 19-Feb-19 : #HeliExpo2019 Kopter will exhibit its SH09 helicopter in a 7-seat passenger transport configuration developed by Metro Aviation and unveil an innovative flight training solution at Heli-Expo 2019 in Atlanta, USA, March 4-7

Metro Aviation at Heli-Expo 2019, 04-Mar-19 : #HeliExpo2019 Metro Aviation will have the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta EC145e and Wake Forest Baptist Health EC135P2+ on display at Heli-Expo 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia, March 4-7

Kopter New Helicopter Facility in Louisiana, 06-Mar-19 : #manufacturing Kopter leasing a 84,700 sq.ft. facility located at Lafayette Regional Airport (KLFT) in Louisiana, USA. Creation of 120 jobs by 2025 for production of around 100 SH09 helicopters per year

Autoflug Joins Sikorsky for German SHT Program, 06-Mar-18 : #seats Autoflug joining Sikorsky Team to offer the CH-53K for the German Heavy Lify Helicopter (STH) competition

Coulson and Unical in Firefighting Joint Venture, 04-Mar-19 : #firefighting Coulson and Unical Air in joint venture partnership to offer CH-47 Chinook and UH-60 Black Hawk services for aerial firefighting and other markets worldwide

04-Mar-19 - Bell 212 Glass Cockpit Upgrade Certification #GlassCockpit
04-Mar-19 - WinAir Software at Heli-Expo 2019 #software
04-Mar-19 - Level D Simulator Training in Louisiana #FlightTraining
04-Mar-19 - Broad Range of VA Approved Courses for Veterans #veteran
04-Mar-19 - Advanced Energy Management for Helicopter Master Aviator #Energy
04-Mar-19 - H160 Medical Interior by Metro Aviation #ambulance
04-Mar-19 - Garmin G500H TXi on EC130 at Heli-Expo 2019 #avionics
04-Mar-19 - AAR named ‘Best Aircraft Components Repair & Maintenance Company 2019’ #repair
04-Mar-19 - Luxaviation Helicopters Charter Alliance #VIP
05-Mar-19 - 4,000 New Civil Helicopter for 2019-2023 #helicopters
05-Mar-19 - Lead Acid Battery Upgrade for S-92 #battery
05-Mar-19 - Safety-Driven Light Helicopter Autopilot System #autopilot
05-Mar-19 - Leonardo at Heli-Expo 2019 #HeliExpo2019
05-Mar-19 - Autopilot for Commercial UH-60 Black Hawk #BlackHawk
05-Mar-19 - Filtration System for Bell 525 #filtration
05-Mar-19 - Swiss Cougar Modernization #Cougar
05-Mar-19 - New Helicopter Training Academy #FlightAcademy
05-Mar-19 - Tennessee Valley Authority MD530F at Heli-Expo 2019 #HeliExpo2019
05-Mar-19 - Arriel Engine Support for CHC Helicopters #Arriel
05-Mar-19 - Rotortrade Helicopter Sales 2018 Results #sales2018
05-Mar-19 - Engine Inlet Barrier Filter for the H225 #H225
05-Mar-19 - NZ Advanced Flight Launch Customer for ACH145 #VVIP
05-Mar-19 - Lifesaving AS350/EC130 Crash Resistant Fuel Tank #CrashResistant
05-Mar-19 - Sloane Celebrates its 500th New Robinson #dealer
05-Mar-19 - Airbus to Support National Police Air Service Fleet #NPAS
06-Mar-19 - True Blue Power 5th Generation Lithium-ion Battery #battery
06-Mar-19 - Norwegian Air Ambulance Launches 5-Bladed H145 EMS #ambulance
06-Mar-19 - Swiss Rega is Launch Customer for New H145 Retrofit #REGA
06-Mar-19 - Airbus Crash-Resistant Tank for Legacy AS350/EC130 #CrashResistant
06-Mar-19 - Airbus North America 2018 Results #Balance
06-Mar-19 - Metro Delivers First IFR Certified EC145e #certification
06-Mar-19 - AMGH Orders 21 H135/H125 Helicopters #AMGH
06-Mar-19 - China Orders H175 for Search and Rescue #H175
06-Mar-19 - Weststar Tests HeliLink Virtual Support on AW Family #VirtualSupport
06-Mar-19 - VVIP ACH160 for Swiss Lions Air #VVIP
06-Mar-19 - Japan Coast Guard Orders Additional H225 #SuperPuma
06-Mar-19 - PW206B3 Engine for Navy H135 Proposal #Trainer
06-Mar-19 - S-76B VVIP Luxury Interior Upgrade #Design
06-Mar-19 - 25,000 Flight Hours for Heli-One and Omni Táxi Aéreo #milestone
06-Mar-19 - First Year for Babcock H175 Operations in Timor #oilandgas
07-Mar-19 - Eagle Copters Now Sikorsky Customer Support Center #CustomerSupport
07-Mar-19 - S-70M Gets FAA Certification for Civilian Use #certification
07-Mar-19 - Lobo Leasing First S-92 to Everett Aviation #oilandgas
07-Mar-19 - CHC H175 First Helicopter with Digital Logcards #Paperless
07-Mar-19 - Five Million Flight Hours for the EC135/H135 #H135
07-Mar-19 - Sikorsky Honors CHC S-92 Crew for Rescue in Norway #LifeSaver
06-Mar-19 - AW139 Skylight Window by DART #skylight
07-Mar-19 - High Capacity Cargo Nets for Aeróleo AW139 #CargoNet
06-Mar-19 - 240 and 260 USG Firefighting Buckets #firefighting
07-Mar-19 - DART H130 Landing Gear #H130
07-Mar-19 - H160 Completed Cold Weather Trials in Finland #ColdWeather
07-Mar-19 - Pegaso from Mexico Orders Two H145 #H145
08-Mar-19 - Safran Health Monitoring Service for DRF’ H145 #HealthMonitoring
08-Mar-19 - Icelandic Coast Guard Engines with Safran Support #Engines
08-Mar-19 - Aero Asahi Arriel Engines with Safran Support #Engines
08-Mar-19 - Arriel 2H Certification for Avicopter AC312E #Arriel2H
08-Mar-19 - Belgian NH90 Engines with Video Assistance Service #engines
08-Mar-19 - Cassiopée Flight Data Analysis Software #Cassiopée
08-Mar-19 - Airbus Obtained 43 Orders at Heli-Expo 2019
06-Mar-19 - AMS in Partnership with AUTOFLUG for AW169 #seats
07-Mar-19 - Schweizer First Sale Since Purchase from Sikorsky #Schweizer
08-Mar-19 - Canada’s First H160 Order is for a VVIP #VVIP
07-Mar-19 - Era and Ramco Celebrating 10 Years Relationship #Cloud
09-Mar-19 - Aero Loader Stretcher System for Ornge AW139 #Stretcher
08-Mar-19 - Six More Enstrom 480B for Thailand #trainer
09-Mar-19 - Enstrom 280FX Upgrades #280FX
08-Mar-19 - Rainier Heli to Receive Another K-MAX #Aircrane
07-Mar-19 - Eurotec Completed VIP Bell 407GXP #VIP
08-Mar-19 - Hillsborough County Sheriff’s New H125 From Metro #Hillsborough
06-Mar-19 - Osprey Mission Management System #Management
10-Mar-19 - Meridian Helicopters Delivered Bell 206L4 to SUU #SUU
10-Mar-19 - Wake Forest Baptist Health Received Fourth EC135 #Baptist
11-Mar-19 - PhilJets Ordered Three Bell 505 #charter
11-Mar-19 - Bell 505 VIP Interior by SureFlight #completions
06-Mar-19 - EC145 Level D Qualified Simulator in Denver #EC145
11-Mar-19 - Babcock Australia Received Two AW139 from Aberdeen #oilandgas
05-Mar-19 - Mecaer VIP Bell 505 at Heli-Expo 2019 #Interior
17-Mar-19 - Astronautics wACS Ground Tests on H145 #avionics
17-Mar-19 - AFI 4700 RoadRunner for Ventura County Firehawk #avionics
17-Mar-19 - RoadRunner Avionics on AW109 #avionics
06-Mar-19 - InSight Display System with Heli ClearVision #ClearVision
24-Mar-19 - KTS Earns Two Rolls-Royce M250 Awards #engines
05-Mar-19 - MD Helicopters presents “Excellence Award” to PAG #ExcellenceAward
05-Mar-19 - HQ Aviation Is RR300 Authorized Service Center #engines
07-Apr-19 - Maximum Pilot View Kit Available from Factory #BubbleWindow
06-Mar-19 - Forest Helicopters Upgrades to H125
14-Mar-19 - Heli-Union Launched HeliSynergy at Heli-Expo 2019 #HeliSynergy

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