Heli-Expo 2019

Heli-Expo 2019


HAI Heli-Expo 2019, Atlanta Georgia, March 5-7

  • Heli-Expo 2019
  • Heli-Expo 2019

Leonardo Results at Heli-Expo 2019

Leonardo Results at Heli-Expo 2019

12-Mar-19 - New orders for AW119Ke, AW139 and AW169 during Heli-Expo 2019 in Atlanta. Leonardo had a 40% civil helicopter market share in 2018. #HeliExpo2019
Sikorsky Unveils S-92A+ and S-92B

Sikorsky Unveils S-92A+ and S-92B

07-Mar-19 - The new S-92B (and old aircraft upgraded as S-92A+) has been enhanced for offshore and SAR operations with new engines, gearboxes, enlarged cabin windows, MATRIX technology and Rig Approach 2.0 #S92B
MD969 Combat Aircraft at Heli-Expo 2019

MD969 Combat Aircraft at Heli-Expo 2019

05-Mar-19 - MD Helicopters unveiled the MD 969 combat helicopter at Heli-Expo 2019. The 8-seat weaponized variant of the MD902 Explorer with a full avionics suite #MD969
Five-Bladed Rotor H145 at Heli-Expo 2019

Five-Bladed Rotor H145 at Heli-Expo 2019

04-Mar-19 - Airbus unveiled a new H145 with a five-bladed rotor to the multi-mission H145, increasing the useful load of the helicopter by 150 kg #H145
Airbus at Heli-Expo 2019

Airbus at Heli-Expo 2019

26-Feb-19 - Airbus Helicopters will showcase its mission-ready product and services line at Heli-Expo 2019, Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, March 5-7 #HeliExpo2019
Kopter New Helicopter Facility in Louisiana

Kopter New Helicopter Facility in Louisiana

06-Mar-19 - Kopter leasing a 84,700 sq.ft. facility located at Lafayette Regional Airport (KLFT) in Louisiana, USA. Creation of 120 jobs by 2025 for production of around 100 SH09 helicopters per year #manufacturing
Metro Aviation at Heli-Expo 2019

Metro Aviation at Heli-Expo 2019

04-Mar-19 - Metro Aviation will have the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta EC145e and Wake Forest Baptist Health EC135P2+ on display at Heli-Expo 2019 in Atlanta, Georgia, March 4-7 #HeliExpo2019
Kopter SH09 at Heli-Expo 2019

Kopter SH09 at Heli-Expo 2019

19-Feb-19 - Kopter will exhibit its SH09 helicopter in a 7-seat passenger transport configuration developed by Metro Aviation and unveil an innovative flight training solution at Heli-Expo 2019 in Atlanta, USA, March 4-7 #HeliExpo2019
Maximum Pilot View Kit Available from Factory

Maximum Pilot View Kit Available from Factory

07-Apr-19 - GVH helped Swiss Rotor Solutions to get certification to offer the Maximum Pilot View Kit (MPVK) bubble window as a factory fit and retrofit option for the AS350/H125 #BubbleWindow
KTS Earns Two Rolls-Royce M250 Awards

KTS Earns Two Rolls-Royce M250 Awards

24-Mar-19 - Keystone Turbine Services (KTS) received two Rolls-Royce M250 superior performance awards during Heli-Expo 2019. With nearly 30,000 built, the Model 250 is one of the highest-selling engines #engines
17-Mar-19 Astronautics wACS Ground Tests on H145 #avionics
17-Mar-19 AFI 4700 RoadRunner for Ventura County Firehawk #avionics
17-Mar-19 RoadRunner Avionics on AW109 #avionics
14-Mar-19 Heli-Union Launched HeliSynergy at Heli-Expo 2019 #HeliSynergy
11-Mar-19 PhilJets Ordered Three Bell 505 #charter
11-Mar-19 Bell 505 VIP Interior by SureFlight #completions
11-Mar-19 Babcock Australia Received Two AW139 from Aberdeen #oilandgas
10-Mar-19 Meridian Helicopters Delivered Bell 206L4 to SUU #SUU
10-Mar-19 Wake Forest Baptist Health Received Fourth EC135 #Baptist
09-Mar-19 Aero Loader Stretcher System for Ornge AW139 #Stretcher
09-Mar-19 Enstrom 280FX Upgrades #280FX
08-Mar-19 Safran Health Monitoring Service for DRF’ H145 #HealthMonitoring
08-Mar-19 Icelandic Coast Guard Engines with Safran Support #Engines
08-Mar-19 Aero Asahi Arriel Engines with Safran Support #Engines
08-Mar-19 Arriel 2H Certification for Avicopter AC312E #Arriel2H
08-Mar-19 Belgian NH90 Engines with Video Assistance Service #engines
08-Mar-19 Cassiopée Flight Data Analysis Software #Cassiopée
08-Mar-19 Airbus Obtained 43 Orders at Heli-Expo 2019
08-Mar-19 Canada’s First H160 Order is for a VVIP #VVIP
08-Mar-19 Six More Enstrom 480B for Thailand #trainer
08-Mar-19 Rainier Heli to Receive Another K-MAX #Aircrane
08-Mar-19 Hillsborough County Sheriff’s New H125 From Metro #Hillsborough
07-Mar-19 Eagle Copters Now Sikorsky Customer Support Center #CustomerSupport
07-Mar-19 S-70M Gets FAA Certification for Civilian Use #certification
07-Mar-19 Lobo Leasing First S-92 to Everett Aviation #oilandgas
07-Mar-19 CHC H175 First Helicopter with Digital Logcards #Paperless
07-Mar-19 Five Million Flight Hours for the EC135/H135 #H135
07-Mar-19 Sikorsky Honors CHC S-92 Crew for Rescue in Norway #LifeSaver
07-Mar-19 High Capacity Cargo Nets for Aeróleo AW139 #CargoNet
07-Mar-19 DART H130 Landing Gear #H130
07-Mar-19 H160 Completed Cold Weather Trials in Finland #ColdWeather
07-Mar-19 Pegaso from Mexico Orders Two H145 #H145
07-Mar-19 Schweizer First Sale Since Purchase from Sikorsky #Schweizer
07-Mar-19 Era and Ramco Celebrating 10 Years Relationship #Cloud
07-Mar-19 Eurotec Completed VIP Bell 407GXP #VIP
06-Mar-19 True Blue Power 5th Generation Lithium-ion Battery #battery
06-Mar-19 Norwegian Air Ambulance Launches 5-Bladed H145 EMS #ambulance
06-Mar-19 Swiss Rega is Launch Customer for New H145 Retrofit #REGA
06-Mar-19 Airbus Crash-Resistant Tank for Legacy AS350/EC130 #CrashResistant
06-Mar-19 Airbus North America 2018 Results #Balance
06-Mar-19 Metro Delivers First IFR Certified EC145e #certification
06-Mar-19 AMGH Orders 21 H135/H125 Helicopters #AMGH
06-Mar-19 China Orders H175 for Search and Rescue #H175
06-Mar-19 Weststar Tests HeliLink Virtual Support on AW Family #VirtualSupport
06-Mar-19 VVIP ACH160 for Swiss Lions Air #VVIP
06-Mar-19 Japan Coast Guard Orders Additional H225 #SuperPuma
06-Mar-19 PW206B3 Engine for Navy H135 Proposal #Trainer
06-Mar-19 S-76B VVIP Luxury Interior Upgrade #Design
06-Mar-19 25,000 Flight Hours for Heli-One and Omni Táxi Aéreo #milestone
06-Mar-19 First Year for Babcock H175 Operations in Timor #oilandgas
06-Mar-19 AW139 Skylight Window by DART #skylight
06-Mar-19 240 and 260 USG Firefighting Buckets #firefighting
06-Mar-19 AMS in Partnership with AUTOFLUG for AW169 #seats
06-Mar-19 Osprey Mission Management System #Management
06-Mar-19 EC145 Level D Qualified Simulator in Denver #EC145
06-Mar-19 InSight Display System with Heli ClearVision #ClearVision
06-Mar-19 Forest Helicopters Upgrades to H125
05-Mar-19 4,000 New Civil Helicopter for 2019-2023 #helicopters
05-Mar-19 Lead Acid Battery Upgrade for S-92 #battery
05-Mar-19 Safety-Driven Light Helicopter Autopilot System #autopilot
05-Mar-19 Leonardo at Heli-Expo 2019 #HeliExpo2019
05-Mar-19 Autopilot for Commercial UH-60 Black Hawk #BlackHawk
05-Mar-19 Filtration System for Bell 525 #filtration
05-Mar-19 Swiss Cougar Modernization #Cougar
05-Mar-19 New Helicopter Training Academy #FlightAcademy
05-Mar-19 Tennessee Valley Authority MD530F at Heli-Expo 2019 #HeliExpo2019
05-Mar-19 Arriel Engine Support for CHC Helicopters #Arriel
05-Mar-19 Rotortrade Helicopter Sales 2018 Results #sales2018
05-Mar-19 Engine Inlet Barrier Filter for the H225 #H225
05-Mar-19 NZ Advanced Flight Launch Customer for ACH145 #VVIP
05-Mar-19 Lifesaving AS350/EC130 Crash Resistant Fuel Tank #CrashResistant
05-Mar-19 Sloane Celebrates its 500th New Robinson #dealer
05-Mar-19 Airbus to Support National Police Air Service Fleet #NPAS
05-Mar-19 Mecaer VIP Bell 505 at Heli-Expo 2019 #Interior
05-Mar-19 MD Helicopters presents “Excellence Award” to PAG #ExcellenceAward
05-Mar-19 HQ Aviation Is RR300 Authorized Service Center #engines
04-Mar-19 Coulson and Unical in Firefighting Joint Venture #firefighting
04-Mar-19 Bell 212 Glass Cockpit Upgrade Certification #GlassCockpit
04-Mar-19 WinAir Software at Heli-Expo 2019 #software
04-Mar-19 Level D Simulator Training in Louisiana #FlightTraining
04-Mar-19 Broad Range of VA Approved Courses for Veterans #veteran
04-Mar-19 Advanced Energy Management for Helicopter Master Aviator #Energy
04-Mar-19 H160 Medical Interior by Metro Aviation #ambulance
04-Mar-19 Garmin G500H TXi on EC130 at Heli-Expo 2019 #avionics
04-Mar-19 AAR named ‘Best Aircraft Components Repair & Maintenance Company 2019’ #repair
04-Mar-19 Luxaviation Helicopters Charter Alliance #VIP
06-Mar-18 Autoflug Joins Sikorsky for German SHT Program #seats

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