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    NEWS | Astronautics Corp State of Wisconsin

    AFI 4700 RoadRunner for Ventura County Firehawk

    Astronautics provides its AFI 4700 RoadRunner Electronic Flight Instruments (EFIs) to United Rotorcraft for installation on two HH-60L Black Hawk recently acquired by the Ventura County Fire Department (VCFD) and converted into Firehawks
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    AFI 4700 RoadRunner for Ventura County Firehawk

    Astronautics, March 17, 2019 - Milwaukee, WI – Astronautics Corporation of America is providing its AFI 4700 RoadRunner Electronic Flight Instruments (EFIs) to United Rotorcraft as cost-effective, drop-in replacements on two FIREHAWK helicopters operated by the Ventura County Fire Department (VCFD).

    The RoadRunner EFIs—two per aircraft—are part of an upgraded avionics package and instrument panel that United Rotorcraft is outfitting for the surplus U.S. Army HH-60L aircraft being repurposed into the new FIREHAWK configuration for the VCFD. The aerial fleet will serve the fire crews and residents of Ventura County, California.

    The RoadRunner EFI interfaces seamlessly with modern digital navigation, enabling the FIREHAWKS to fly firefighting and other missions with enhanced safety and reliability.

    “Enabling our customers to achieve mission success is what we do at Astronautics,” said Astronautics Director of Business Development Robert Koelling. “The RoadRunner EFI provides United Rotorcraft, and ultimately the VCFD, an easy path to upgrade with enhanced capability now and into the future.”

    The RoadRunner EFI provides operator readability in all lighting conditions, reduced operating and maintenance costs, and minimal downtime for installation. The EFI install takes less than two hours, and the unit is field upgradeable with new software functionality tailored to meet customer needs and mission requirements. Internal Helicopter Terrain Awareness and Warning and Synthetic Vision Systems will be available options in 2019, providing operators with additional safety features.

    Astronautics originally provided its electromechanical vertical and horizontal situation indicators for the U.S. Army HH-60Ls in the late 1990s.

    The HH-60L is a variant of the UH-60 Black Hawk. Astronautics manufactured over 10,000 primary flight instruments for the Black Hawk from the mid-1970s through the 1990s, including attitude director, horizontal, and vertical situation indicators, and command situation processors.

    Astronautics’ RoadRunner EFI and its capabilities was featured during the HAI HELI-EXPO on stand C2028, and on the StandardAero stand B1429, as part of its SafeCraft system.

    About Astronautics Corporation of America: Astronautics Corporation of America, headquartered in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is a global leader in the design, development, and manufacture of avionics equipment and systems for the commercial and military aerospace industry. Key product areas include electronic primary flight and engine displays, connected aircraft and cyber solutions, electronic flight bags, and certified servers for airborne applications. Services include avionics system integration and custom software for critical applications. Since its founding in 1959, Astronautics has been providing trusted, reliable, and tailored engineering solutions to help clients achieve mission success. Astronautics is the parent company of Kearfott Corporation, headquartered in New Jersey.

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