Sikorsky S-70 H-60

S-70 Firehawk


Sikorsky S-70 Firehawk

Firefighting variant equipped with a 1,000-gallon tank to carry water and fire suppressant. The Oregon Army National Guard was the launching customer. From 2017 is based on the S-70i built by PZL

List of Operators of Sikorsky S-70 Firehawk

From Organisation with model S-70 Firehawk
usa Brainerd Helicopters Inc
usa State of California

Construction Numbers on database of S-70 Firehawk


Construction Numbers

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70-171 1979 US 79-23353 : uh-60a US Army
US N13FH : Brainerd Helicopters Inc at Leesburg, FL Nov14-Deb16, c+
BHI One Llc at Leesburg, FL from Dec16
26apr18 pictured at Marathon Airport, FL
70-583 1983 US N3124B : s-70c Sikorsky S-70A-5 conv to S-70C-0,
UK G-RRTM : Rolls-Royce PLC Jan86-Oct95; 11sep88 pictured at Farnb+
US N60FH : USA, to N70C
US N70C : Brainerd Helicopters at Leesburg, FL from Dec95
70-1029 1986 BN V8-MHB : s-70c Brunei; reser V8-HBV; to N50070
US N2FH : Brainerd Helicopters 2001; S-70C Firehawk
70-2453 2001 US N160LA : LACoFD County Of Los Angeles Fire Dept /16
27mar04 pictured with LACoFD rescuing an injured hiker +
30jun12 LACoFD./16, at Hansen Dam Park
70-2479 2001 US N190LA : LACoFD County Of Los Angeles Fire Dept /19
70-2846 2004 US N15LA : LACoFD County Of Los Angeles Fire Dept /15
70-4024 2017 PL SP-YVK : s-70i PZL Mielec msn 0043 Oct17
US N743SX : Sikorsky Sep17-Jan18
US N822LA : LACoFD County Of Los Angeles Fire Dep from Jan18;27mar1+
70-4025 2017 PL SP-YVL : s-70i PZL Mielec msn 0044 Oct17
US ? : LACoFD County Of Los Angeles Fire Dep 2018
8 C/N.

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