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    List of Organisations

    AEM Corp
    Becker Avionics
    CMC Electronics
    Collins Aerospace
    DAC International
    Flight Data Systems
    Genesys Aerosystems
    Maxcraft Avionics
    Rockwell Collins
    SKYTRAC Systems
    Thommen Aircraft Equipment
    Alpine Helicopters Alpine Aerotech
    State of Arizona Universal Avionics
    State of California CNC Technologies
    State of Florida Avalex
    State of Florida L3Harris Technologies
    State of Florida Vislink
    State of Massachusetts Outerlink Global Solutions
    State of New Mexico Aspen Avionics
    State of New York Astronics
    State of Texas FreeFlight Systems
    State of Vermont GPMS
    State of Washington Esterline Avionics
    State of Washington Luma Technologies
    State of Wisconsin Astronautics Corp


    Radar Altimeter Indicator Installation in MD902, 22-Mar-23 : #MD902 German company SPAES completed installation of a radar altimeter indicator in a MD902 helicopter

    Outerlink High-Capacity Wi-Fi for AW139 Helicopter, 07-Mar-23 : Heli-Expo 2023 Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Co (Mass Mutual) teamed with Sterling Helicopter and Outerlink to STC the Air IP™ Wi-Fi system for the AW139. To add more aircraft models soon

    GPMS Foresight MX HUMS for Airbus Models, 07-Mar-23 : Heli-Expo 2023 GPMS continues Foresight MX HUMS (Health and Usage Monitoring System) expansion across airbus helicopters including the AS350B2 and EC145 models

    Sentry Cockpit Recorder for Black Hawk, 07-Mar-23 : Heli-Expo 2023 Arista Aviation selects Flight Data Systems’ SENTRY Combination of Cockpit Voice Recorder and Flight Data Recorder (CVFDR) for data capture and storage onboard military and commercial Black Hawk helicopters

    TSO Certification for Aperture Visual Data Management, 05-Mar-23 : Heli-Expo 2023 Universal Avionics (UA) obtained Technical Standard Order (TSO) certification of Visual Data Management System Aperture™

    04-Mar-23 - Avidyne Helix Flight Deck for Legacy Helicopters Heli-Expo 2023
    03-Mar-23 - Astronautics AeroSync Max for AW139 Helicopter Heli-Expo 2023
    01-Mar-23 - AeroBrigham Acquires MyGoFlight SkyDisplay HUDs #HUD
    21-Feb-23 - Nova Systems Selected Smith Myers for UKSAR2G #UKSAR2G
    07-Feb-23 - Foresight MX HUMS for UH-60A Black Hawk #BlackHawk
    06-Jan-23 - Garmin GI 275 for Airbus A350 Helicopters #GI275
    22-Nov-22 - Artemis Mobile Phone Detection System for UAE SAR Fleet #SmithMyers
    16-Jul-22 - MD500E Slimline Glass Cockpit
    10-Jul-22 - Garmin GI 275 for R22 and R44 #GI275
    17-Jun-22 - EASA Approval for Garmin GFC 600H on AS350 #Garmin
    14-Jun-22 - Safran SkyNaute Navigation System for H160M #H160M
    04-Apr-22 - Perigon Computer for Defiant X #Perigon
    29-Mar-22 - AS9100 certification for Aspen Avionics #AS9100
    27-Mar-22 - Installation of Direct Call Unit in Airbus H125 #PCB
    18-Mar-22 - Guatemala Air Force Upgrades Bell 212 #ADAHRS
    14-Mar-22 - Genesys Aerosystems at Heli-Expo 2022 Heli-Expo 2022
    07-Mar-22 - EASA STCs for Night Vision in Bell 212/412 #NightVision
    03-Mar-22 - StableLight is First 4-Axis Autopilot for AS350 #autopilot
    03-Mar-22 - Night Vision Compatible Lighting System for S-92 #NVIS
    01-Mar-22 - Canada Certification for GPMS HUMS in Airbus H125 #Canada
    16-Feb-22 - Badger Pro+ Glass Cockpit Upgrade for Huey II #SingaporeAirshow
    15-Dec-21 - Health Monitoring System for Mi-8/17/171 #HUMS
    13-Dec-21 - New Cockpit for the Airbus H130
    06-Dec-21 - BAE FireNet Transceiver Tested in Helicopter #FireNet
    21-Nov-21 - Bell 505 with Garmin G1000 NXi Avionics #G1000NXi
    01-Nov-21 - STARS Ambulance H145D3 New Connectivity #connectivity
    05-Oct-21 - Geisinger Life Flight EC145 with GTN 650/750 Xi #Garmin
    16-Sep-21 - Health Monitoring System Installer in Tennessee #HealthMonitoring
    11-Sep-21 - Thales FlytX Cockpit for Guimbal Cabri #FlytX
    02-Sep-21 - AEM Acquires Eagle Audio #Audio
    21-Aug-21 - Day/Night Visual Flight Rules for UH-1H Huey #Huey
    14-Aug-21 - UH-60V Northrop Grumman Glass Cockpit #NorthropGrumman
    28-Jul-21 - J301A-001 Audio Controller for Bell Helicopters #AudioController
    23-Jul-21 - Russia Developing Safe Landing Approach System #MAKS2021
    05-Jul-21 - Jupiter Avionics 10 Year Anniversary #AEADallas
    05-Jul-21 - Helionix Avionics Logs 500,000 Flight Hours #Helionix
    29-Jun-21 - FACE Group Certificates for Collins Avionics #FACE
    24-Jun-21 - Voice and Flight Data Recorder for H145 #H145
    17-Jun-21 - SkyTrac Avionics Optional for Airbus Helicopters #Avionics
    13-Jun-21 - Improved Control System for Ka-62 #Ka62
    19-May-21 - IRIS Data Monitoring for Ecocopter #DataMonitoring
    12-May-21 - Glass Cockpit Upgrade for Guatemalan Bell 212 #Bell212
    03-May-21 - Garmin Transponders for Bell Helicopters #ADSB
    27-Apr-21 - GPMS Foresight HUMS for Bell 429 #Bell429
    10-Apr-21 - Glass Cockpit for Bell 212 by Alpine Aerotech #Bell212
    26-Mar-21 - GPMS Foresight HUMS for Bell 212/412 #HUMS
    19-Mar-21 - Night Vision for Commercial Black Hawk #NightVision
    15-Feb-21 - GPMS Foresight MX Health Monitor for TVA #HealthMonitor
    13-Feb-21 - Master Caution Panel for Enstrom 480B #Enstrom480B
    04-Feb-21 - First Bell 505 NXi to Europe #Bell505NXI
    29-Jan-21 - Altimeter to Mitigate 5G Interference #interference
    28-Jan-21 - Phone Location for H145 SAR Helicopter #PhoneLocation
    18-Jan-21 - Bo105 Helicopter Cockpit Upgrade #Bo105
    14-Jan-21 - Truth Data QuantiFLY for Bell 407GXi and 429 #monitoring
    26-Dec-20 - Self-Protection Suite for Spanish NH90 #Indra
    18-Dec-20 - Wireless Intercom System for AW139 #Polycon
    01-Dec-20 - 4-Axis Autopilot for AS350/H125 #autopilot
    27-Nov-20 - Texas DPS New H125 Helicopter #Texas
    03-Nov-20 - Spidertracks Insights for Maverick Helicopters #insights
    27-Oct-20 - PAC45A Audio System for Black Hawk Upgrade #AudioSystem
    23-Oct-20 - Avionics Upgrade for UH-60A Black Hawk #Genesys
    15-Sep-20 - Ultra Small Embedded Computer for eVTOL Taxi #SmallComputer
    14-Sep-20 - Canadian Avionics for New Border Protection H125s #AudioSystem
    11-Sep-20 - Radar Altimeter for AS350 #altimeter
    10-Sep-20 - GPMS Foresight HUMS for AS350B3 #HUMS
    05-Sep-20 - Kapture Cockpit and Flight Data Recorder #Kapture
    03-Sep-20 - Garmin Glass Cockpit for the MD520N #garmin
    27-Jul-20 - Part 25 and Part 29 ADS-B in Brazil #ADSB
    23-Jul-20 - Internet, Video, and Voice for Helicopters #VSAT
    23-Jul-20 - RoadRunner EFI Upgrade for Bell 212 and 412 #roadrunner
    17-Jul-20 - EASA Certification for Honeywell EGPWS in AW139 #oilandgas
    14-Jul-20 - Flight Deck VL-60 for Commercial Black Hawk #BlackHawk
    08-Jul-20 - Ground Helipad Assisted Takeoff #autopilot
    06-Jul-20 - Leonardo Osprey AESA Radar #Osprey
    06-Jul-20 - Garmin Multi-function Display for Helicopters #GI275
    01-Jul-20 - 500th AN/APG-78 Fire Control Radar #Longbow
    18-Jun-20 - Data Recorder with Altimeter Interface for R44 #R44
    02-Jun-20 - Garmin OnePak for New Bell Helicopters #Garmin
    01-Jun-20 - Garmin GFC 600H for Airbus H125 #Garmin
    30-May-20 - Flight Testing for Genesys Cockpit on Black Hawk #GlassCockpit
    21-May-20 - Helmet-Mounted Display for Safe Landings #SafeLanding
    16-May-20 - NVG Upgrade for the Helicopter Institute
    03-May-20 - 7-inch Portable Aviation GPS aera 760 #Aera760
    01-May-20 - Crash-Hardened Recoverable Data Module RDM-300 #FlightRecorder
    26-Mar-20 - FAA Part 27 Approval for Appareo transponders #ADSB
    13-Mar-20 - Garmin G5000H Glass Cockpit for KAI Surion #GlassCockpit
    06-Mar-20 - Lido Surface Data NEXTView EASA Certification #terrain
    29-Feb-20 - Relocation of ADF and RAD ALT Antennas on Bk117 #antenna
    29-Feb-20 - Blue Hawaiian Launch Customer for Spider X Heli-Expo 2020
    20-Feb-20 - Garmin GTN 650Xi / 750Xi for Helicopters #GarminXI
    18-Feb-20 - Cobham Titan Digital Audio #Titan
    13-Feb-20 - Garmin GFC 600H for AS350 #GFC600H
    12-Feb-20 - Badger Pro Flight System for Bell 412EPX #Bell412EPX
    05-Feb-20 - HeliSAS Autopilot Option for Bell 505 #autopilot
    04-Feb-20 - Thales FlytX Avionics Suite for Russian VRT500 #FlytX
    03-Feb-20 - UA SkyVis Selected for BPol H215 Heli-Expo 2020
    01-Feb-20 - Fly by Sight Flight Deck Heli-Expo 2020
    31-Jan-20 - AW189 Completed GBAS Approaches #GBAS
    31-Jan-20 - SkyTrac HUMS for Brazilian OMNI AW139 Heli-Expo 2020
    30-Jan-20 - Gass Cockpit for MD500E and MD520N Heli-Expo 2020
    30-Jan-20 - Garmin GTN750H Navigator for AS365 Heli-Expo 2020
    29-Jan-20 - UA Glass Cockpit Upgrade for MD900/902 Heli-Expo 2020
    29-Jan-20 - Digital Heading Indicator for AS350/H125 Heli-Expo 2020
    29-Jan-20 - UA SkyVis Selected for AW169 Ambulance Heli-Expo 2020
    29-Jan-20 - Canadian S-61 and Bell 212 Avionics Upgrades Heli-Expo 2020
    28-Jan-20 - Leon County’ New Bell 505 with Becker Radios Heli-Expo 2020
    27-Jan-20 - Cockpit LED Panel for Commercial Black Hawk Heli-Expo 2020
    27-Jan-20 - Astronautics at Heli-Expo 2020 Heli-Expo 2020
    26-Jan-20 - New Line of Digital Radios by Genesys Aerosystems Heli-Expo 2020
    24-Jan-20 - Travis AW169 with PNG Wireless Intercom Heli-Expo 2020
    23-Jan-20 - Dual Control Head for PAC45 Radio Heli-Expo 2020
    18-Jan-20 - EFIS IDU-680 Display with Audio Management #AudioManagment
    15-Jan-20 - Genesys Aerosystems Equipped TH-73A #Cockpit
    20-Dec-19 - Bell 412 Digital Cockpit Upgrade with IDU-680
    20-Dec-19 - Thommen Multi Function Displays for AW129 #Displays
    10-Dec-19 - AS350 Autopilot by StandardAero and Thales #autopilot
    08-Dec-19 - MD530G Block II Adding Elbit Weapons System #Block2
    27-Nov-19 - FAA Approval for FDS ED-112A Flight Data Recorder #Certificate
    18-Nov-19 - AH-64E Fire Control Radar Testing Successful #C4ISR
    04-Nov-19 - ADS-B for LA County Firefighting Helicopters #ADSB
    02-Nov-19 - Bell 212 Day/Night VFR Kit Upgrade Kit #Bell212
    01-Nov-19 - Night Vision Upgrade for Bell 505 #NightVistion
    25-Sep-19 - Sikorsky Tactical Mission Kit Tested on the HH-60W #MissionKit
    15-Sep-19 - Becker ADS-B for Bundespolizei Super Pumas #sCloaking
    06-Sep-19 - Brazilian Certification for A109/A119 EFI Upgrade #certification
    05-Sep-19 - Garmin G1000H NXi IFR Certification for Bell 407GXi #Certification
    22-Aug-19 - Airbus Network for the Sky
    21-Aug-19 - Garmin to Certify GFC 600H on the Bell 505 #Garmin
    12-Aug-19 - German Sea Lion Radio Equipment #SeaLion
    07-Aug-19 - Genesys Aerosystems Equipped TH-119 IFR Certification #IFR
    31-Jul-19 - Genesys Aerosystems EFIS Military Certification #MilStd
    24-Jul-19 - Honeywell Acquired TruTrak Flight Systems #TruTrak
    22-Jul-19 - EASA Certification for Roadrunner EFI in AW109/119 #certification
    18-Jul-19 - BendixKing and Airwork to Certify Cockpit Upgrades #GeneralAviation
    15-Jul-19 - New Generation Digital Intercom System AMU6500 APSCON 2019
    12-Jul-19 - Arista Now Approved Distributor of Astronautics #avionics
    03-Jul-19 - Mission Computers for UH-1Y, AH-1Z and UH-60V #computers
    18-Jun-19 - Ansat Concept at Paris Air Show Paris Air Show 2019
    15-Jun-19 - FAA Certification for Roadrunner EFI in AW109/119 #certification
    14-Jun-19 - Thales’ FlytX Cockpit for H160M Guépard Paris Air Show 2019
    06-Jun-19 - Night Vision Lighting for Philippines’ Bell 412 #NightVision
    04-Jun-19 - Compact Fly-By-Wire System For Urban Air Vehicles #UrbanAirMobilty
    31-May-19 - Austrian Air Force Upgrades AB212 Helicopter #AB212
    28-May-19 - Garmin Radar Altimeter for AS350 #RadarAltimeter
    28-May-19 - Elbit Systems’ BrightNite Operational in Puma #BrightNite
    09-May-19 - Universal Avionics at EBACE 2019 #EBACE19
    17-Apr-19 - PDAS 360-Degree Pilot Visual System on V-280 #PDAS
    16-Apr-19 - Collins Aerospace in Development of Future Vertical Lift #JointMultiRole
    11-Apr-19 - UA InSight Touchscreen Control with FAA STC #touchscreen
    29-Mar-19 - TETRA Radio System with NVIS for EC135
    28-Mar-19 - Alidaunia Pioneers Medical AW169 Real-Time Monitoring #HUMS
    27-Mar-19 - IRIS Flight Data Monitoring for Phoenix Heli-Flight #IRIS
    23-Mar-19 - HeliSAS Stability Augmentation System on Bell 505 #autopilot
    17-Mar-19 - Astronautics wACS Ground Tests on H145 Heli-Expo 2019
    17-Mar-19 - AFI 4700 RoadRunner for Ventura County Firehawk Heli-Expo 2019
    17-Mar-19 - RoadRunner Avionics on AW109 Heli-Expo 2019
    08-Mar-19 - Safran Health Monitoring Service for DRF’ H145 Heli-Expo 2019
    06-Mar-19 - Osprey Mission Management System Heli-Expo 2019
    06-Mar-19 - InSight Display System with Heli ClearVision Heli-Expo 2019
    05-Mar-19 - Safety-Driven Light Helicopter Autopilot System Heli-Expo 2019
    05-Mar-19 - Swiss Cougar Modernization Heli-Expo 2019
    05-Mar-19 - Autopilot for Commercial UH-60 Black Hawk Heli-Expo 2019
    04-Mar-19 - Bell 212 Glass Cockpit Upgrade Certification Heli-Expo 2019
    04-Mar-19 - Garmin G500H TXi on EC130 at Heli-Expo 2019 Heli-Expo 2019
    02-Mar-19 - Real-Time Connectivity for Gulf Helicopters AW139/189 #DataMonitoring
    01-Mar-19 - Night Vision Compatible Lighting System for Bell 505 #NightVision
    01-Mar-19 - Health Usage Monitoring System (HUMS) for Bell 407 #HUMS
    21-Feb-19 - Astronics Max-Viz 2300 Enhanced Vision System #EnhancedVistion
    21-Feb-19 - IDU-450 Avionics Suite for EC145e #Customization
    20-Feb-19 - Real-Time Data Transfer for STARS Ambulance H145 #DataTransfer
    17-Feb-19 - HeliSure Cockpit Display System #HeliSure
    14-Feb-19 - Smart Mission Display for Helicopters #avionics
    06-Feb-19 - Installation of Spidertracks in helicopter Bk117 #spidertracks
    04-Feb-19 - Electro-Optical System Safran EuroFlir 410 #EuroFlir
    29-Jan-19 - Part 29 ADS-B AML-STC Solution #Part29
    25-Jan-19 - ADS-B Out Mandate for Aerial Firefighting #firefighting
    21-Jan-19 - Flight Crew HTAWS Alerts Strategy by CAA #safety
    15-Jan-19 - Night Vision Provider Aero Dynamix 25th Anniversary #Anniversary
    20-Dec-18 - Avidyne Touchscreen GPS for Robinsons #touchscreen
    18-Dec-18 - Thales Autopilot for Austrian ÖAMTC EC135 #OAMTC
    05-Dec-18 - Redstreak Mobile Phone Rescue System #Redstreak
    04-Dec-18 - Universal Avionics InSight Touchscreen Control #TouchScreen
    12-Nov-18 - First UK NPAS EC135 Upgraded with Night Vision #NightVision
    03-Nov-18 - Airborne Mission Suite for Broward County H125 #avionics
    23-Oct-18 - Max-Viz Enhanced Vision System for S-76D #EnhancedVision
    16-Oct-18 - Universal Avionics Flight Deck Upgrade for AS365 Helitech 2018
    16-Oct-18 - Heli-One Completes Flight Deck Upgrade for S-76 Helitech 2018
    07-Oct-18 - Installation of SLANT Console in EC135 #EC135
    02-Oct-18 - Real-Time HUMS for CHC AW139 Helicopters #HUMS
    02-Oct-18 - Bell and Garmin Teaming for On-Demand Mobility #OnDemandMobility
    10-Sep-18 - Trakka Systems for Washoe County Sheriff #WashoeCounty
    30-Aug-18 - US Navy Upgrades Aircraft for RNP-RNAV #navigation
    29-Aug-18 - Aids In UK Power Grid Inspections #energy
    22-Aug-18 - Appareo Vision 1000 for Enstrom 480B #FlightData
    20-Aug-18 - Saab Self-protection Systems for India’ Dhruv #protection
    30-Jul-18 - New ADS-B Sensor For USAF Pave Hawk Fleet #avionics
    30-Jul-18 - High Resolution Camera for Dare MedFlight H145 #accessories
    19-Jul-18 - Rockwell Collins Recognized by Airbus FIA 2018
    18-Jul-18 - Honeywell Support for Weststar AW139 Fleet #maintenance
    18-Jul-18 - AH-64E Fire Control Radar Systems FIA 2018
    17-Jul-18 - Airgreen AB139/AW139 with Night Vision Lighting #NightVision
    12-Jul-18 - New Type Certificate for MD530F Glass Cockpit APSCON 2018
    09-Jul-18 - Upgraded Marion County Bell 407 at APSCON APSCON 2018
    05-Jul-18 - Emergency Locator Transmitter for AS350/355 #ELT
    25-Jun-18 - Costa do Sol S-76 Selects SkyTrac Monitoring #monitoring
    14-Jun-18 - Honeywell HSD-400 Transceiver #avionics
    11-Jun-18 - Australian Army CH-47F Support Contract #avionics
    29-May-18 - Honeywell and IAI Partners in Navigation Systems #avionics
    24-May-18 - Garmin G3000H Flight Deck #cockpit
    25-Apr-18 - Rohde & Schwarz Radios for H-47 Chinook
    09-Apr-18 - Satcom System Aspire 400
    04-Apr-18 - New Avionics for Brazilian Army Fennec and Panther FIDAE 2018
    04-Apr-18 - Universal Avionics GPS/RNAV for Black Hawk FIDAE 2018
    28-Mar-18 - Safran Equipment for the New 51 Lakotas
    27-Mar-18 - FreeFlight Systems Partners Avidyne for ADS-B Solution
    23-Mar-18 - Thommen Air Data Computer Enhancements
    21-Mar-18 - Genesys Aerosystems Delivers 1,000 HeliSAS
    20-Mar-18 - RUAG Gets EASA Approval for Night Vision Systems
    14-Mar-18 - Heliconia AW139 Service Centre for Honeywell
    02-Mar-18 - Helionix Fleet Surpass 100,000 Flight Hours Heli-Expo 2018
    01-Mar-18 - US Coast Guard MH-65E Avionics Upgrade Heli-Expo 2018
    01-Mar-18 - Ontario Police Department Airborne Mission Suite
    28-Feb-18 - Hughes Aerospace and AMGH Partners for IFR Heli-Expo 2018
    28-Feb-18 - UH-60 Avionics Modernization Heli-Expo 2018
    27-Feb-18 - Fifth Upgraded AB212 Delivered to Spanish Navy Heli-Expo 2018
    26-Feb-18 - Heliwise HUMS for AW139 Heli-Expo 2018
    26-Feb-18 - S-76B Universal Avionics Upgrade Heli-Expo 2018
    26-Feb-18 - German Federal Police New Mission Equipment
    22-Feb-18 - ESG Upgrades Rheinland-Pfalz Polizei EC135
    22-Feb-18 - Honeywell Aspire and SkyConnect From PAG Heli-Expo 2018
    22-Feb-18 - Honeywell HAPP Protection for Bristow AW139
    22-Feb-18 - Garmin Unveils G1000H NXi Flight Deck Heli-Expo 2018
    21-Feb-18 - Garmin G500H TXi Displays for R44 and R66 Heli-Expo 2018
    19-Feb-18 - RDDS Display SENSE at Heli Expo 2018 Heli-Expo 2018
    13-Feb-18 - PAG Named BendixKing Repair Partner
    06-Feb-18 - “Best On-Target Quality Performance” for Safran
    26-Jan-18 - Eagle Australasia Upgrade Installation of Bell 212
    11-Dec-17 - HeliOffshore and Honeywell Demonstrate HTAWS
    20-Nov-17 - Leonardo AESA Osprey Radar for Norway #Osprey
    14-Nov-17 - ASU Delivered NVG Capable AS350 to HNZ Topflight
    02-Nov-17 - New Mission Computer Fielded with UH-1Y and AH-1Z
    01-Nov-17 - Eagle Copters Upgrades 5 Bell 212 for NVG
    30-Oct-17 - L3 Awarded Contract for US Army AH-64E MUMT-X
    25-Oct-17 - Honeywell’s High-Bandwidth Wi-Fi for Helicopters
    04-Oct-17 - AMRG Received H130 with NVG Upgrade
    03-Oct-17 - Heli-One Doppler Replacement for AS332L/L1 Helitech 2017
    27-Sep-17 - CHC Tested New HUMS and EFB for AW139
    11-Sep-17 - Realtime Monitoring for TAS S-76D and S-92 Fleet
    06-Sep-17 - Bristow S-92 NVG Operations in Gulf of Mexico
    24-Aug-17 - EASA Approves Heli-Union Super Puma LPV
    24-Aug-17 - HUMS IRIS Certified for S-92 in Europe
    14-Aug-17 - Israel’ Orbit to Provide Satcom Terminals
    02-Aug-17 - CAL FIRE Chooses Tracplus and Flightcell
    19-Jul-17 - Electro Optical and Infrared System for H225M
    12-Jul-17 - Bell 206L Garmin Avionics Installation
    28-Jun-17 - Glass Cockpit Upgrade for MD600N
    21-Jun-17 - Safran to Supply Strix Sights for Tiger HAD Paris Air Show 2017
    20-Jun-17 - Gabbiano TS Ultra Light Multi Mode Radar Paris Air Show 2017
    20-Jun-17 - ACSS T3CAS Surveillance System for H160 Paris Air Show 2017
    19-Jun-17 - Esterline Avionics for Luftwaffe CH-53GS/GE Paris Air Show 2017
    15-Jun-17 - Truth Data Insights Monitoring System for Toll AW139s
    09-Jun-17 - Austria S-70A Avionics Upgrade
    08-May-17 - DAC International Renews with Esterline Avionics
    03-May-17 - UTair’s Mi-8 Automated Flight Tracking Upgrades
    27-Apr-17 - New Cockpit Data Recorder System for CH-146
    26-Apr-17 - Garmin G5000H Upgrade for UH-60A Black Hawk
    26-Apr-17 - Elbit Combined Vision System
    12-Mar-17 - Weather Radar Integration Solution for AS350
    08-Mar-17 - Helikorea AW169 with Automated Flight Following Heli-Expo 2017
    08-Mar-17 - Genesys EFIS for Metro Aviation EC145e Heli-Expo 2017
    08-Mar-17 - Able 100th Upgrade for Air Evac Lifeteam Heli-Expo 2017
    07-Mar-17 - Heli-One Becomes Universal Avionics Top Dealer Heli-Expo 2017
    07-Mar-17 - Upgraded AS332L Completes Hands-Free Hover Heli-Expo 2017
    07-Mar-17 - Russian Certification for Genesys Autopilots Heli-Expo 2017
    07-Mar-17 - Garmin G500H for R44 with New Enhancements Heli-Expo 2017
    07-Mar-17 - Curtiss-Wright DuraCOR 8043 Mission Computer Heli-Expo 2017
    07-Mar-17 - High Density Solid State Drive Module XMC-554 Heli-Expo 2017
    07-Mar-17 - STAT Medevac H135 and H145 Real Time Monitoring Heli-Expo 2017
    06-Mar-17 - MD902 Explorer with Standard Glass Cockpit Heli-Expo 2017
    03-Mar-17 - SkyTrac New Cockpit Camera Options Heli-Expo 2017
    02-Mar-17 - EuroTec Canada Upgrades York Police H120
    01-Mar-17 - iPad Mounts For Helicopter Pilots Heli-Expo 2017
    01-Mar-17 - Leonardo AESA Radar for Schiebel Camcopter S-100
    22-Feb-17 - Columbia Helicopters Chinooks Real Time Awareness
    21-Feb-17 - Lockheed Martin Awarded AH-1Z Target Sight System
    09-Feb-17 - Canada Approves S-76D Night Vision Lighting
    08-Feb-17 - Robinson R66 Fuel Flow Management
    24-Jan-17 - St Lucie County Sheriff’s OH-58 Upgrade
    18-Jan-17 - FAA approved Vector ADS-B Upgrade to Light Helicopters
    03-Jan-17 - CMA-6800 Display STC for the S-76B/C
    03-Jan-17 - Aero Dynamix Night Vision Lighting System for R44
    31-Dec-16 - UH-60A Black Hawk Digital Cockpit Modernization
    28-Dec-16 - National Flight Services with FreeFlight Systems
    14-Dec-16 - Vector with EASA STC Approval for ADS-B Upgrade
    13-Dec-16 - Sky Connect Tracker for Air Methods AMTC 2016
    17-Nov-16 - Garmin Pilot Adds New Tools to Apple Devices
    16-Nov-16 - EASA Certification for Helionix in the H135
    16-Nov-16 - FAA Approves All-In-One Garmin ADS-B Transponders
    09-Nov-16 - FAA STC for Genesys HeliSAS on EC120
    07-Nov-16 - Airwork NZ Gains STC for BK117 Glass Cockpit
    03-Nov-16 - Croatian Police EC135 New Electro Optical Systems
    24-Oct-16 - Rockwell Collins Receives First FACE Certificate
    18-Oct-16 - MQ-8C Fire Scout with Leonardo AESA Radar
    14-Oct-16 - AEM Celebrates Seven Years
    11-Oct-16 - S-61A-4 Nuri to Receive Flight Deck Upgrade
    11-Oct-16 - STC Approval for AS332L/L1 Upgrade Helitech 2016
    16-Sep-16 - AMRG NVG Upgrade from Aero Dynamix
    13-Sep-16 - Patria to Upgrade 2 Border Guard AB412
    05-Sep-16 - French Army New SIT-ALAT System
    27-Jul-16 - McDermott Installs AKV ETM1000 on Bell 214 Fleet
    12-Jul-16 - Garmin G500H for R44 Raven II and Cadet FIA 2016
    12-Jul-16 - Sensor Infirno First Flight on Black Hawk
    07-Jul-16 - Ukrainian Helicopters Mi-8MTV-1 at FIA 2016 FIA 2016
    05-Jul-16 - AW189 DAQMAG2A Rugged Display Computer
    29-Jun-16 - Sky Connect Tracker III Certified for AW109/119
    21-Jun-16 - Alpine Aerotech Now Authorized Garmin Dealer
    20-Jun-16 - Universal Avionics Upgrade for Sultan of Johor S-76B
    13-Jun-16 - Modular Mission Computer Parvus DuraCOR 80-42
    27-May-16 - Honeywell Signs with Australia and Thailand Operators
    24-May-16 - AS332L1 Displays Installations Expected Mid-2016
    23-May-16 - Radar Altimeter in MD 369/500N/600N
    17-May-16 - Heli-One to Upgrade Malaysia Sultan of Johor S-76B
    16-May-16 - EASA STC for VIH Master Caution Panel in Bell 212/412
    03-May-16 - Flat-Panel Surveillance Radar for Norway AW101
    26-Apr-16 - RA-4500 Radar Altimeter for the AW119
    25-Apr-16 - Sultan of Johor S-76B to be Refurbished in Canada
    21-Apr-16 - New Thermal Imaging Solutions for Firefighters
    20-Apr-16 - Glass Cockpit Upgrade for Malaysia S-61A-4 Nuri
    13-Apr-16 - Sazma Aviation S-76 With SkyTrac Monitoring
    11-Apr-16 - Garmin GTN 650/750 Touchscreen for Helicopter
    30-Mar-16 - Brazilian FT Sistemas FT-200FH Umanned Helicopter FIDAE 2016
    29-Mar-16 - Second Upgraded AB212 Delivered to Spanish Navy FIDAE 2016
    28-Mar-16 - Rockwell Collins CAAS for India CH-47F Chinook
    03-Mar-16 - Aircraft Tracking Spidertracks Selected by 3 Companies
    03-Mar-16 - First Flight of MD902 with InSight Integrated Flight Deck Heli-Expo 2016
    02-Mar-16 - Phoenix Heli Flight with JA94-001 Dual Audio Controller Heli-Expo 2016
    02-Mar-16 - AW109 Trekker Flies with Genesys Glass Cockpit Heli-Expo 2016
    02-Mar-16 - JAX Sheriff Helicopters New Radios
    01-Mar-16 - Super Puma with New Universal Avionics Solution Heli-Expo 2016
    01-Mar-16 - MD902 Explorer with InSight Integrated Flight Deck Heli-Expo 2016
    01-Mar-16 - PAC Updates Avionics Equipment on Bell 429 Heli-Expo 2016
    01-Mar-16 - Multi-Function Displays for German CH-53GS/GE
    29-Feb-16 - Tampa Police Picks Becker Digital Audio System Heli-Expo 2016
    27-Feb-16 - Becker Avionics Celebrating Sixty Years Heli-Expo 2016
    25-Feb-16 - Garmin Avionics Suite Selected by Air Evac Lifeteam Heli-Expo 2016
    25-Feb-16 - Safety-Enhanced Autopilot for the Robinson R22 Heli-Expo 2016
    01-Dec-15 - Video System for the Rio de Janeiro Police EC145
    30-Nov-15 - Garmin Navigator for the S-76 by Maxcraft Avionics
    19-Nov-15 - Rockwell Collins expands India operations
    16-Nov-15 - UK CAA Approval for White Phosphor Goggles on MD902
    13-Nov-15 - Rockwell Collins at NBAA 2015 NBAA 2015
    12-Nov-15 - Honeywell High-Speed Broadband System for AW139
    27-Oct-15 - Garmin Obstacle Database Adds Canada
    15-Oct-15 - AMRG Equips Fleet with Jupiter Audio Controllers AMTC 2015
    12-Oct-15 - Rockwell Collins Real Time Video for US Army
    06-Oct-15 - EASA Certifies AgustaWestland Navigation Database Helitech 2015
    05-Oct-15 - Heli-One Offers Super Puma New Avionics Helitech 2015
    05-Oct-15 - Rockwell Collins at Helitech 2015 Helitech 2015
    14-Sep-15 - Rockwell Collins Avionics for USAF HH-60W
    08-Sep-15 - Rockwell Collins Selected for Avicopter AC312E/C China Helicopter Exposition 2015
    01-Sep-15 - Curtiss-Wright Air Data Computer for USCG MH-65
    28-Aug-15 - R44 and R66 Autopilot and Aspen Flight Display
    18-Aug-15 - EASA Certification for EC130T2 HeliSAS Autopilot
    06-Aug-15 - New Rockwell Collins DF-500 Direction Finder
    03-Aug-15 - Erickson Enhanced S-64 Aircrane Modifications
    29-Jul-15 - UK RAF Puma Electronic Warfare to be Updated
    22-Jul-15 - Rockwell Collins with NAVAIR PMA 209
    20-Jul-15 - Hughes HD Video from an Helicopter
    15-Jul-15 - Nassau County Police Selects Helinet Technologies ALEA 2015
    07-Jul-15 - McMurdo Group ELT for the AVIC AC312
    02-Jul-15 - Genesys Flight Instrument System for AW109 Trekker
    24-Jun-15 - Garmin GTX 33H Remote Transponder for S-76C
    22-Jun-15 - Garmin Expands Chart Coverage within Canada
    16-Jun-15 - Airbus Pro Line Fusion Cockpit Upgrade Paris Air Show 2015
    15-Jun-15 - L-3 TACAN+ Selected for HAL LUH Paris Air Show 2015
    11-Jun-15 - Elbit Systems Introduces BrightNite Paris Air Show 2015
    11-Jun-15 - Honeywell Enhance Navigation Capabilities of AW101
    10-Jun-15 - Eagle Copters Digital Audio System For H145
    02-Jun-15 - Aero Dynamix 200th AS350 NVG cockpit
    02-Jun-15 - CHC Norway S-92 First With SBAS-FMS
    19-May-15 - Universal Avionics ADS-B Out and Link 2000+
    11-May-15 - NEMSPA unveils Enroute Decision Point Protocol
    06-May-15 - IRIS Safety Tool for Oil and Gas Helicopter Operators
    27-Apr-15 - HeliSAS Gets FAA STC Approval for EC130T2
    03-Mar-15 - HeliAir / ASU Gets EC135 EASA STC Heli-Expo 2015
    03-Mar-15 - Esterline CMC Electronics Avionics for X4/H160 Heli-Expo 2015
    02-Mar-15 - Lockheed Martin Focus On Improving Pilot Vision Heli-Expo 2015
    01-Mar-15 - Aspen Glass Cockpits for MD 369/530F/530FF/520N Heli-Expo 2015
    26-Feb-15 - Pro Line Fusion Avionics for Commercial Helicopters
    26-Feb-15 - Garmin Introduces Helicopter-Specific ADS-B Solutions
    25-Feb-15 - Mid-Continent MD302 Standby Attitude Module (SAM)
    25-Feb-15 - Becker Radios for California Highway Patrol AS350B3
    12-Feb-15 - First Installation of GRA55/GI205 by Kings Avionics
    05-Feb-15 - Puerto Rico Police Bell 429 with Becker Avionics
    26-Jan-15 - Aero Dynamix Night Vision System for Bell 412EP
    16-Jan-15 - Robinson R66 with Garmin G500H and Autopilot
    13-Jan-15 - Guidance Aviation Fleet with G500H Glass Panel
    23-Dec-14 - Gulf Coast Avionics Panama Bell 412EP Upgrade
    14-Oct-14 - MD902 Explorer Next Generation Flight Deck Program Helitech 2014
    22-Sep-14 - Becker Digital Audio System for HALO-Flight Bell 429
    12-Aug-14 - North Flight Data Systems now in Canadian EC135s
    28-Jul-14 - Enstrom 480B certified with Garmin G1000H
    16-Jul-14 - New Bell 407GX Autopilot
    11-Jul-14 - Kings Avionics panel for MD520N
    24-Jun-14 - Bell to Distribute North Flight Data Systems
    20-May-14 - FMC-4000 Mission Computer Series
    25-Feb-14 - Honeywell Navigation System for EC145T2 Heli-Expo 2014
    24-Feb-14 - New Display Cursor Control for MD Explorer Heli-Expo 2014
    20-Feb-14 - PA100 PUREair First Flight on AS350
    13-Feb-14 - DART 5th generation AS350 332lb utility basket
    07-Feb-14 - Robinson Introduces Glass Avionics
    01-Feb-14 - Seaspray 5000E
    30-Jan-14 - Becker audio system for Air Zermatt Bell 429
    24-Sep-13 - Bell SLS to be equip with Garmin G1000H
    24-Sep-13 - Mission Planning System for Tiger and NH90
    01-Sep-13 - HIDAS-15
    23-Jun-13 - JMSDF TH-135 with Becker DVCS6100 radios
    17-Apr-13 - Sandel Avionics available for the EC135
    07-Mar-13 - Helionix, the Future of Avionics by Eurocopter
    05-Mar-13 - Garmin G1000H for the Enstrom 480B
    19-Feb-13 - Cobham Avionics for the S-61T
    21-Dec-12 - Kitchener Aero STC Garmin G-500H in Eurocopter EC120
    26-Jan-12 - Becker DVCS6100 intercom included in UH-72A MEP
    16-Jan-12 - DRS IAHHS for USAF Pave Hawks
    18-Dec-11 - Fully Integrated Thales Cockpit for Sikorsky S-76D
    10-Feb-11 - DVCS6100 audio systems for new Mercy Flight Bk117 and Bell 429
    29-Mar-01 - Harris to provide cockpit for italian EH.101