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PA100 PUREair First Flight on AS350

The PA100 PUREair System Successfully Completes First Flight on AS350 Helicopter

DART Aerospace, February 20, 2014 - Hawkesbury, Ontario, Canada – DART Aerospace today announced that the next generation engine protection system for the AS350 and EC130 family of helicopters has been successfully installed and flight-tested in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

The PA100 PUREair System, co-developed by Pall Aerospace and DART Aerospace, is a totally redesigned, reengineered, and retested engine air protection system that takes the capabilities of its EAPS predecessors to the next level.

Featuring Pall’s latest PUREair technology, the new system is self-cleaning and virtually maintenance-free, unlike other filtration systems qualified for this aircraft. The PA100 PUREair system will provide the highest level of helicopter engine protection while offering a 2% gain in engine power over conventional inlet barrier filter.

The new system will be launched and showcased at Heli-Expo 2014, February 25-27 in Anaheim, CA. Heli-Expo is the world's largest exhibition dedicated to the international helicopter community.

During the four-hour evaluation that included over 20 take-offs and landings, the aircraft was taken up to 21,000 ft. and the PUREair system exceeded performance expectations in all areas of flight. Now that this milestone has been achieved, Pall and DART will seek Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) approval, which will allow AS350 and EC130 operators to install this equipment on their helicopters.

“There are a lot of great features in this new design,” said Mike O’Reilly, President of DART Aerospace. “The flight trial exceeded our expectations. The PUREair had less impact on engine performance compared to conventional inlet barrier filter and the new FOD screen also made no perceivable difference to the air flow. We also want to thank Great Slave Helicopters for their continuous support during the flight test program.”

“This technology brings real advancements in helicopter engine protection,” said Todd Barrett, Vice President of Marketing at Pall. “Not only will operators realize improvements in flight safety, reliability and mission availability, but this new system offers improved aircraft performance while reducing overall operating costs.”

This next generation system utilizes the latest advances in Pall Aerospace Technology, including 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) optimized system design and innovative nano-material technologies. The PUREair vortex tube works in all weather conditions, including ice, snow, heavy rain, and salt spray, and the system will be certified for inadvertent entry into icing conditions.

After securing Canada STC approval, DART and Pall will seek FAA and EASA STC approvals as well.

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About Pall Corporation: Pall Corporation is a filtration, separation and purification leader providing solutions to meet the critical fluid management needs of customers across the broad spectrum of life sciences and industry. Pall works with customers to advance health, safety and environmentally responsible technologies. The company’s engineered products enable process and product innovation and minimize emissions and waste. Pall Corporation is an S&P 500 company serving customers worldwide.

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