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    Heli-Expo 2014

    US Anaheim Convention Center    

    HAI HELI-EXPO 2014 held February 25-27 at Anaheim, California.
    Heli-Expo 2014

    Heli-Expo 2014

    21-Feb-14 - AgustaWestland at Heli-Expo 2014
    21-Feb-14 - Bell Helicopter products at Heli-Expo 2014
    23-Feb-14 - FlightSafety S-92 simulator in Sao Paulo, Brazil
    24-Feb-14 - Russian Helicopters at Heli-Expo 2014
    24-Feb-14 - Airbus Helicopters at Heli-Expo 2014
    24-Feb-14 - Bristow AW189 with Microturbo APU     ( UK Bristow )
    24-Feb-14 - S-70i first graduates from Sikorsky Academy
    24-Feb-14 - UASC sees Interest in Super Puma Offshore Operations
    24-Feb-14 - New Display Cursor Control for MD Explorer
    24-Feb-14 - Northrop Grumman Inertial Navigation for AW609
    24-Feb-14 - Summit Helicopters Acquires CC Helicopters
    24-Feb-14 - LORD Active Vibration Control System for Bell 525
    25-Feb-14 - Sikorsky recognizes S-92 AAR service in Afghanistan     ( US AAR Corp )
    25-Feb-14 - Milestone Aviation Group signs for 8 more S-92     ( IE Milestone Aviation )
    25-Feb-14 - S-76D now in Sikorsky Service Program
    25-Feb-14 - Helinet Technologies upgrades LAPD downlinks
    25-Feb-14 - Tottori Prefecture orders AW139 for Firefighting     ( JP Fire and Disaster Management Agency )
    25-Feb-14 - AW189 Flight Simulator for Gulf Helicopters     ( QA Gulf Helicopters )
    25-Feb-14 - Yamagata Prefecture orders AW139 for Firefighting     ( JP Fire and Disaster Management Agency )
    25-Feb-14 - AW launches new Leonardo customer portal
    25-Feb-14 - NHV orders six additional EC175     ( BE NHV )
    25-Feb-14 - Honeywell Navigation System for EC145T2
    25-Feb-14 - AW609 to FAA Certification Flying Phase
    25-Feb-14 - Bell 525 at Heli-Expo 2014     ( US Bell Helicopter )
    25-Feb-14 - Bell Helicopter unveils the Bell 505 Jet Ranger X
    25-Feb-14 - CHI Aviation Purchases Two EC175s     ( US CHI Aviation )
    25-Feb-14 - Boston MedFlight gets second EC145
    25-Feb-14 - Alaska Public Safety second AS350B3e in service
    25-Feb-14 - Indiana Helicopters VIP EC130T2 at Heli-Expo 2014
    25-Feb-14 - Liberty Helicopters adds two AS350B2
    25-Feb-14 - Maverick Helicopters adds more EC130T2     ( US Maverick Helicopters )
    25-Feb-14 - Med-Trans Corp. takes delivery of 25th EC135     ( US Med Trans Corp )
    25-Feb-14 - Mississippi DPS purchases AS350B3e
    25-Feb-14 - Oklahoma City and Tulsa Police choose AS350
    25-Feb-14 - Papillon Airways and Rainier Heli expand fleets
    25-Feb-14 - US Helicopters adds two AS350B2s     ( US US Helicopters Inc )
    25-Feb-14 - U Miami to have a AS350B3e as research platform
    25-Feb-14 - Maverick Helicopters receives 500th Arriel 2D Engine     ( US Maverick Helicopters )
    25-Feb-14 - Turbomeca celebrates long term cooperation with Helisul
    25-Feb-14 - Turbomeca introduces Makila 2B engine for EC225e
    25-Feb-14 - Turbomeca pledges full support to new Bell 505
    25-Feb-14 - EC175 full-flight simulator in the U.S. from 2016
    25-Feb-14 - LCI is EC225e launch customer ordering 15     ( IE LCI Aviation )
    25-Feb-14 - Exelis to supply CH-53K key components     ( US Sikorsky Helicopters )
    25-Feb-14 - MD Unveils New MD 530G Scout Attack Helicopter     ( US MD Helicopters )
    25-Feb-14 - Turbomeca Arriel 500k flight hours with Blue Hawaiian
    25-Feb-14 - Metro Aviation Garmin Single Pilot IFR for EC135     ( US Metro Aviation )
    25-Feb-14 - Rockwell Collins AW189 Cockpit Display System
    25-Feb-14 - MH-65E with Rockwell Collins Radar Sensor System     ( US US Coast Guard )
    25-Feb-14 - S-92 to receive new Rockwell Collins display
    25-Feb-14 - First rotation of the X4 engine Turbomeca Arrano
    25-Feb-14 - Milestone leases first S-76D to NHSL     ( TT NHSL )
    25-Feb-14 - Third and Fourth Australian MH-60R completed     ( AU Fleet Air Arm (RAN) )
    26-Feb-14 - Summit Aviation authorized CSC for S-76 Legacy     ( US Summit Aviation )
    26-Feb-14 - Sikorsky Introduces S-92 Flight Calculator App
    26-Feb-14 - AW109 Trekker Unveiled At Heli Expo 2014
    26-Feb-14 - LCI signs for Seven AW139 and One AW189     ( IE LCI Aviation )
    26-Feb-14 - Atlas Taxi Aereo to operate 2 AW139 in Brazil     ( BR Atlas Taxi Aereo )
    26-Feb-14 - First of Six AW119Kx delivered to Life Link III     ( US AgustaWestland Philadelphia )
    26-Feb-14 - OHI Group Signs for Four AW139 and Five AW189     ( BR Omni Taxi Aereo )
    26-Feb-14 - Sloane Signs Contract for Two GrandNew
    26-Feb-14 - AgustaWestland Obstacle Proximity LiDAR System
    26-Feb-14 - Rotorsim AW169 and AW189 simulators in UK
    26-Feb-14 - Waypoint acquired 12 EC225 and 25 EC145T2     ( IE Waypoint Leasing )
    26-Feb-14 - Bell furthers collaboration with Van Horn Aviation
    26-Feb-14 - Summit Air Ambulance signs for two AW119Kx     ( US Summit Air Ambulance )
    26-Feb-14 - First Customer Demonstration of AW609
    26-Feb-14 - Abu Dhabi Aviation signs for 10 Bell 525 Relentless     ( AE Abu Dhabi Aviation )
    26-Feb-14 - Milestone orders 3 EC225s for Angola SonAir     ( AO SonAir Serviço Aéreo, SA )
    26-Feb-14 - Waypoint Leasing and Turbomeca agreement
    26-Feb-14 - Bell has 100 signings on Heli-Expo first day
    27-Feb-14 - Enstrom unveil new trainer TH180
    27-Feb-14 - Over 150 Russian-made helicopters UN peacekeeping
    27-Feb-14 - First EC175 simulator at Marignane this year
    27-Feb-14 - A new version of Super Puma: the EC225e
    27-Feb-14 - Establishment of Bell Helicopter Co Ltd in Japan
    27-Feb-14 - Bell Announces Support to HEMS 101 Project
    27-Feb-14 - New Bell 429 VIP Order through the VanAllen Group
    27-Feb-14 - Two Bell 412EP delivered to Petroleum Air Services     ( EG Petroleum Air Services )
    27-Feb-14 - Milestone Aviation signs first NG AgustaWestlands     ( IE Milestone Aviation )
    27-Feb-14 - Two Bell 407GX to China Beidahuang Group     ( CN Beidahuang Group )
    27-Feb-14 - Super Puma AS332C1e is ready for duty     ( IE Starlite Aviation Ireland )
    27-Feb-14 - AW189 in US Demo Tour Among OGP Operators     ( US ERA Helicopters )
    27-Feb-14 - Hillsboro Aviation orders 11 Bell 505 Jet Ranger X
    27-Feb-14 - Heli-One get UK MoD engine-support certification
    28-Feb-14 - Airbus Helicopters scores 78 bookings at Heli-Expo
    28-Feb-14 - PZL-Świdnik SW-4 at Heli Expo 2014

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    Super Puma/Cougar
    AS350 Ecureuil
    S-97 Raider
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