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  • NEWS | AgustaWestland AW159 Wildcat HMA2 in UK Fleet Air Arm


    HIDAS is a Helicopter Integrated Defensive Aids System used by British Apache and Wildcat aircraft

    • HIDAS is a Helicopter Integrated Defensive Aids System used by British Apache and Wildcat aircraft
    • HIDAS components

      HIDAS components


    AgustaWestland, September 01, 2013 - HIDAS, the Helicopter Integrated Defensive Aids System, was developed for and has been proven in theatre on the UK’s Apache attack helicopter.

    HIDAS utilises threat data from multi-spectral sensors, together with a user-defined Mission Data Set (MDS), to produce a comprehensive tactical picture of the operating environment.

    The system offers unparalleled situational awareness to the aircrew and delivers optimum self-protection to the platform by rapidly identifying hostile weapon systems and initiating appropriate tactics and countermeasures.

    For the AW159 Lynx, Airborne and Space Systems Division offers the HIDAS-15 variant.

    Standard components of HIDAS-15 comprise:
    - Radar Warning Receiver and Defensive Aids System Controller
    - Missile Warning System
    - Countermeasures Dispensing System

    For the Naval variant of the AW159, the Radar Warning Receiver provides a basic surveillance function. If a more capable ESM is required, the modular nature of HIDAS-15 provides ease of integration.

    Provision is made for growth to include the following sub-systems:
    - Laser Warning
    - Hostile Fire Indication
    - Directional Infrared Countermeasures
    - Radio Frequency Countermeasures

    HIDAS-15 is supported by a Mission Data Generator (MGD) for Electronic Warfare Operational Support. The MDG provides trained users with a facility to construct theatre specific MDS with sovereign EW data. The MDG also includes a facility to replay mission data that is captured by the Defensive Aids System Controller. Unknown emitters that are detected during a mission can be analysed using the recorded data, the output of which can then be used to update and improve the MDS.


    HIDAS utilises mission specific data entered by the user at the flight line. Independent electronic warfare (EW) data ownership and management is crucial for achieving national independence from equipment suppliers and foreign nations. Proprietary operational support tools allow the user to prepare and analyse mission data


    At the core of HIDAS is a Defensive Aids System controller.
    This allows configuration to meet the requirements of all helicopter platforms through scaling the sensor capability and incorporating appropriate advanced countermeasure systems.

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