Del'd: 28 - 2011 to present

Fleet Air Arm AW159 Wildcat HMA2

Equipped with HIDAS-15 and Seaspray 5000E

The 28th and final HMA.2 was delivered to RNAS Yeovilton on October 25, 2016

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Royal Navy Wildcat Deployed on German Frigate, 14-Jul-17 : For the first time Royal Navy new Wildcat deployed on a foreign vessel spending 7 weeks with the German Bundesmarine frigate Lübeck

Lynx / Sea Venom Missile Compatibility Test, 05-Apr-17 : QinetiQ and the Royal Navy conducted trials at Boscombe Down between a Lynx Mk8 helicopter and the MBDA Sea Venom/ANL anti-ship missile

UK MoD £271M Contract for Wildcat WIST, 09-Jan-17 : UK Ministry Of Defence signed the 5 years long £271 Million AW159 Wildcat Integrated Support & Training (WIST) contract for Army and Navy helicopters. The 62nd and final AW159 was delivered last month

UK 815 NAS Starts Receiving AW159 Wildcat, 19-Apr-16 : 815 Naval Air Squadron received first four of 12 new AW159 Wildcats begining the transition from the Westland Lynx after 35 years. The unit Lynx Mk8 will be completely replaced by mid next year

Wildcat in St Helena. First South Atlantic Deployment, 23-Oct-15 : Royal Navy HMS Lancaster’s AW159 Wildcat helicopter became the first rotary-wing aircraft to land at the island of St Helena’s new airport during the frigate South Atlantic Patrol deployment

Royal Navy Wildcat in Gulf Heat Trials, 17-Sep-15 : Royal Navy new Wildcat helicopter spent a fortnight flying in punishing temperatures in the Middle East during key trials with destroyer HMS Duncan.

Royal Navy Wildcat Practising Torpedo Attacks, 16-Jul-15 : A Royal Navy Wildcat of 825 Naval Air Squadron spent two days over Falmouth Bay practising torpedo attacks, culminating in the launch of a dummy weapon.

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
2016/    815 NAS RNAS Yeovilton
2014/    825 NAS RNAS Yeovilton
2012/14700 NASRNAS Yeovilton

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C/NBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    494     ZZ375: RN HMA.2
    495     ZZ376: RN HMA.2
    496 2014     ZZ377: Oct15 825Sq aboard HMS Lancaster in first AW159 South Atlant+
    497     ZZ378: RN HMA.2; 20dec13 pictured (top) at Yeovil
    498     ZZ379: Wildcat HMA2
    499     ZZ380: RN HMA.2; 04feb14 pictured (top) at Yeovil
    500 2014     ZZ381: RN HMA.2
    481 2012     ZZ396: 24jul13 pictured (top) as Talon 702 at RNAS Culdrose
AgustaWestland UK ZZ396: HMA1 Type
    482 2013     ZZ397: RN HMA.2
AgustaWestland UK ZZ397: HMA1 Type; Jan13, First Flight Westlnds Yeovil
    464 2010     ZZ402: hma.2 Royal Navy; Jan12 sea trials on HMS Iron Duke
AgustaWestland UK ZZ402: Lynx Wildcat TI03 ff 19nov10 in twilight!
    483     ZZ413: RN, HMA.2 Type
    484     ZZ414: RN; HMA1 Type
    485     ZZ415: RN HMA1
    517     ZZ513: RN HMA.2; Feb16 825Sqn
    519     ZZ514: RN HMA.2; Feb16 825Sqn
    520     ZZ515: RN HMA.2; Feb16 825Sqn
    521     ZZ516: RN HMA.2; Feb16 825Sqn
    522     ZZ517: RN HMA.2; Feb16 825Sqn
    523     ZZ518: RN HMA.2; Feb16 825Sqn
    525     ZZ519: RN HMA.2; Feb16 825Sqn
    529     ZZ522: RN HMA.2; Feb16 825Sqn
    535     ZZ528: RN HMA.2; Mar16 825Sqn
    536     ZZ529: RN HMA.2; Apr16 815Sqn
    537     ZZ530: RN HMA2
    538     ZZ531: RN HMA2; Jun16 825Sqn
    541     ZZ533: HMS Monmouth Flt (Black Jack), Mar 2017
    543     ZZ534: to RN
    545     ZZ535: RN HMA2; May16 825Sqn

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