UK Type 45 Daring class

Guided-Missile Destroyer


Guided-Missile Destroyer Type 45 Daring class


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7500light (tn)
8100full load (tn)
152.40length (m)
21.20beam (m)
7.40draught (m)
7000range (nm)
29max speed (knots)
2Naval Engine gas turbine - Rolls Royce WR21
2Naval Engine diesel - Wärtsilä VASA32
8Missile Launcher Aster VLS
1Naval Gun Mk.8 Mod 1 4.5 inch
1Naval Radar long range search S1850M


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    Typical Max
UK Royal Navy AW EH101 12
UK Royal Navy Westland Lynx 12

The Max option implies only aircraft of this model onboard    


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UK Kvaerner (Govan) - Govan5
UK Yarrow - Scotstoun1

List of Ships

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UKRoyal NavyD32HMS DaringGPLA - DA2009--
UKRoyal NavyD33HMS DauntlessGPLB - DT2010--
UKRoyal NavyD34HMS DiamondGPLC - DM2011--
UKRoyal NavyD35HMS DragonGMIA - DN2012--
UKRoyal NavyD36HMS DefenderGMIB - DF2013--
UKRoyal NavyD37HMS DuncanGMIC - DU2013--

6 units


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2000-julOrderedUK D32 HMS Daring
2000-julOrderedUK D33 HMS Dauntless
2000-julOrderedUK D34 HMS Diamond
2002-feb-18OrderedUK D35 HMS Dragon
2002-feb-18OrderedUK D37 HMS Duncan
2002-feb-18OrderedUK D36 HMS Defender
2003-mar-23Laid downUK D32 HMS Daring Yard No. 1061
2004-aug-28Laid downUK D33 HMS Dauntless Govan Yard No. 1062
2005-febLaid downUK D34 HMS Diamond
2005-decLaid downUK D35 HMS Dragon at Scotstoun.
2006-feb-1LaunchedUK D32 HMS Daring
2006-julLaid downUK D36 HMS Defender Yard no. 1065
2007-janLaid downUK D37 HMS Duncan
2007-jan-23LaunchedUK D33 HMS Dauntless Fitted out at Scotstoun.
2007-nov-27LaunchedUK D34 HMS Diamond
2008-novTrialsUK D33 HMS Dauntless
2008-nov-17LaunchedUK D35 HMS Dragon from Govan
2009-janHomeportUK D32 HMS Daring arrived at HMNB Portsmouth from BAE Systems
2009-janAircraftUK D32 HMS Daring assigned Merlin HM.1 ZH840 (loan ?) as Daring Flt, until Mar.
2009-jul-23CommissionedUK D32 HMS Daring
2009-oct-21LaunchedUK D36 HMS Defender
2010-febAircraftUK D32 HMS Daring assigned 815 Sq Lynx HMA.8 ZD261 as Daring Flt / 451 by Feb 2010 until c Jul 2010
2010-aprPort VisitUK D33 HMS Dauntless 1st visit to affiliated city on Tyneside, prior to Commissioning.
2010-jun-3CommissionedUK D33 HMS Dauntless
2010-sepAircraftUK D32 HMS Daring assigned 815 Sq Lynx HMA.8 XZ736 as Daring Flt / 451-DA until c Nov 2010
2010-sep-9UK D32 HMS Daring during berthing at Marchwood, collided with tug Svitzer Sussex suffering some damage down one side near the waterline.
2010-sep-22HomeportUK D34 HMS Diamond arrived at HMNB Portsmouth
2010-oct-8Port VisitUK D33 HMS Dauntless visit for weekend to affiliate town of Great Yarmouth
2010-oct-11LaunchedUK D37 HMS Duncan on anniversary of the 1797 Battle of Camperdown, where Admiral Duncan defeated the Dutch
2011TrialsUK D32 HMS Daring included firing the Sea Viper (PAAMS) and fitting the Phalanx CIWS
2011-may-6CommissionedUK D34 HMS Diamond Commissioned at HMNB Portsmouth.
2011-sep-1HomeportUK D35 HMS Dragon Arrived in HMNB Portsmouth after extensive fitting out on the Clyde.
2011-sep-10Port VisitUK D33 HMS Dauntless visited Excel centre in London Docklands for Defence exhibition, until 17 Sep 2011.
2012-jan-11DeploymentUK D32 HMS Daring departed HMNB Portsmouth for a 7 month Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean maritime security deployment with 815 Sq 200 Flt Lynx HMA.8, to relieve HMS Argyll. Relieved on station by HMS Diamond and returned to Portsmouth on 1 Aug.
2012-jan-26DeploymentUK D32 HMS Daring work up at Souda Bay, Crete while transiting the Mediterranean
2012-jan-30DeploymentUK D32 HMS Daring transit through Suez Canal bound for Persian Gulf and Indian Ocean
2012-mar-15Port VisitUK D35 HMS Dragon first visit to Cardiff for 5 day stay.
2012-apr-4DeploymentUK D33 HMS Dauntless Atlantic Patrol Task (South) departed HMNB Portsmouth for APT(S) tasking, relieving HMS Montrose. Included Auriga 12 deployment to W Africa and once relieved by HMS Edinburgh, eventually returned to Portsmouth on 30 Oct 2012.
2012-apr-20CommissionedUK D35 HMS Dragon at HMNB Portsmouth
2012-apr-27Port VisitUK D35 HMS Dragon visited Liverpool (at Cruise Liner Terminal) until 29 Apr.
2012-jun-13DeploymentUK D34 HMS Diamond Departed HMNB Portsmouth on her maiden deployment for a Gulf and Middle East mission, relieving HMS Daring. Returned to Portsmouth on 21 Dec 2012
2012-jun-14Port VisitUK D32 HMS Daring visited Port Sultan Qaboos for 3 days, prior to being relieved in the Gulf by HMS Diamond.
2012-jul-25HomeportUK D36 HMS Defender Arrived in Portsmouth for formal handover from the builders.
2012-sepPort VisitUK D33 HMS Dauntless hosted Anglo-Colombian Security Conference in Cartegena
2012-oct-10AircraftUK D34 HMS Diamond First of type operations for a Type 45 of Sea King ASaC.7 at sea, from 854 NAS in the Persian Gulf.
2012-nov-3AircraftUK D35 HMS Dragon Lynx ZF560. Lynx callsign is Flametrap
2012-nov-9Port VisitUK D35 HMS Dragon visited Fowey (in Cornwall), until 11 Nov 2012
2013-feb-22Port VisitUK D33 HMS Dauntless visited North Shields with Lynx HMA.8 embarked. Ship Open to Visitors on 24 Feb. Departed 26 Feb
2013-mar-19DeploymentUK D35 HMS Dragon Departed HMNB Portsmouth on her maiden deployment for 7 month (planned) counter piracy and maritime security operations around the Middle East and Indian Ocean. Relieved HMS Monmouth, on station in Gulf of Aden, on 24 Apr. Operating initially with 2x Lynx HMA.8 embarked (815 NAS 226 Flt and later 219 Flt), 219 Flt was later re-assigned to RFA Cardigan Bay on station. Relieved on station by HMS Montrose on 19 Sep and after re-tasking in Mediterranean on home leg, returned on 22 Nov.
2013-mar-21CommissionedUK D36 HMS Defender at HMNB Portsmouth
2013-mar-22HomeportUK D37 HMS Duncan Handed over to RN at HMNB Portsmouth, after departing BAE Systems Scotstoun on 19 Mar
2013-apr-18AircraftUK D33 HMS Dauntless seen in HMNB Portsmouth. 815 Sq, 239 Flt Lynx assigned.
2013-may-28DeploymentUK D32 HMS Daring departed HMNB Portsmouth for 9 month global deployment, with 815 NAS 200 Flight Lynx HMA.8 /451-DA assigned. Returned to HMNB Portsmouth on 28 Feb 2014
2013-junDeploymentUK D32 HMS Daring first Type 45 to transit the Panama Canal, then first Type 45 to operate in the Pacific Ocean.
2013-jul-26Port VisitUK D37 HMS Duncan first Type 45 Destroyer to visit Falmouth
2013-augDeploymentUK D35 HMS Dragon exercising with USS Nimitz and its carrier group in Gulf of Oman.
2013-sep-10AircraftUK D36 HMS Defender at Plymouth with Merlin ZH846 on flight deck
2013-sep-26CommissionedUK D37 HMS Duncan at HMNB Portsmouth
2013-oct-3Port VisitUK D32 HMS Daring International Fleet Review Sydney 2013 Present at 100th anniversary of the RAN Fleet Review
2013-nov-10Port VisitUK D35 HMS Dragon first visit of Type 45 to Malta
2013-nov-18DeploymentUK D32 HMS Daring Typhoon Haiyan relief operations (ordered to Philippines from Singapore on 12 Nov). Arrived in the Philippines on 18 Nov to commence the humanitarian mission around the islands of the Visayan Sea, to assist after Typhoon Haiyan. Relieved by HMS Illustrious on 25 Nov.
2013-dec-11Port VisitUK D32 HMS Daring 4 day visit to Shanghai
2013-dec-18Port VisitUK D32 HMS Daring visited Tien Sa Port (Da Nang city) in Vietnam, until 21 Dec.
2014-jan-29DeploymentUK D34 HMS Diamond departed HMNB Portsmouth for 7 month, 2nd Gulf deployment, relieved HMS Montrose on station in the Eastern Mediterranean on 26 Feb and was involved in force protection operations (Danish and Norwegian ships of Task Group 420) for ships removing chemical weapon stocks from Syria. Relieved in Mediterranean by HMS Defender in early Jul and returned to HMNB Portsmouth on 11 Jul.
2014-feb-17Port VisitUK D32 HMS Daring first visit to Malta
2014-mar-13Port VisitUK D33 HMS Dauntless 4 day visit to Glasgow, departed 17 Mar.
2014-mar-14AircraftUK D35 HMS Dragon First of type landing for 700W Sq Wildcat HMA.2 ZZ377, while operating in Irish Sea.
2014-mar-31DeploymentUK D35 HMS Dragon Exercise Joint Warrior 14-1 with Wildcat HMA.2 ZZ377 of 700W NAS embarked for further pre-operational trials
2014-may-14Port VisitUK D35 HMS Dragon arrived in Cardiff for 5 day visit
2014-junDeploymentUK D36 HMS Defender Combined Task Force 151 departed UK on maiden deployment with 815 NAS Lynx HMA.8 from 217 Flight embarked. Joined CTF151 for maritime security and anti-piracy mission around the Persian Gulf and Horn of Africa. Returned to HMNB Portsmouth on 12 Dec.
2014-julRefitUK D34 HMS Diamond Mk 141 quad Harpoon entered 15 month Capability Update Period with BAE Systems at HMD Portsmouth, until Mar 2015. Included Harpoon ASM, communications upgrade, improved high pressure air and salt water systems and a new gas turbine. Post refit trials until c Oct 2015
2014-jul-5Port VisitUK D34 HMS Diamond Visit to Gibraltar whilst returning to HMNB Portsmouth
2014-jul-26Port VisitUK D37 HMS Duncan visited Belfast, departed 29 Jul.
2014-sep-2Port VisitUK D37 HMS Duncan visited Cardiff, with other warships, in support of 2 day NATO Defence Ministers summit in Newport.
2014-oct-8DeploymentUK D37 HMS Duncan Exercise Joint Warrior 14-2 participant in Exercise JW 14-2 from Irish Sea around northern coast of UK, to Moray Firth.
2014-oct-27DeploymentUK D35 HMS Dragon Atlantic Patrol Task (South) departed HMNB Portsmouth for 7 month Atlantic Patrol Task (South) maritime security deployment. 815 NAS Lynx HMA.8 ZD252/455 embarked for deployment. Relieved HMS Iron Duke on station. Relieved in turn by HMS Lancaster and returned to Portsmouth 6 May 2015
2014-dec-1Port VisitUK D36 HMS Defender first visit to Malta
2014-dec-2DeploymentUK D35 HMS Dragon Exponaval 2014 attended Exponaval 2014, alongside at Valparaiso
2015-jan-2DeploymentUK D33 HMS Dauntless departed HMNB Portsmouth for 5 month Gulf deployment and returned on 15 May 2015.
2015-feb-6Port VisitUK D37 HMS Duncan visited Tyneside at Northumbrian Quay until 9 Feb.
2015-feb-6Port VisitUK D35 HMS Dragon visited Simons Town, in company with RFA Gold Rover. Departed 27 Feb.
2015-marPort VisitUK D37 HMS Duncan visited Gibraltar, with Lynx HMA.8 ZF560/456 embarked.
2015-mar-2DeploymentUK D37 HMS Duncan departed HMNB Portsmouth for 9 month maritime security operations in the Mediterranean, Black Sea and the Gulf with 815 NAS 219 Flt Lynx HMA.8 embarked. Included escort duty as part of USS Theodore Roosevelt Carrier Group and intensive Wildcat trials (qv) in Sep. Relieved by HMS Defender in mid Nov and arrived back in HMNB Portsmouth on 27 Nov
2015-apr-22Port VisitUK D36 HMS Defender 6 day visit to London to participate in centenary of Gallipoli celebrations. 815 NAS Defender Flt Lynx HMA.8 ZD268/365 embarked. Departed 28 Apr.
2015-apr-23Port VisitUK D35 HMS Dragon visit to Casablanca
2015-jun-22DeploymentUK D36 HMS Defender operated with RAF II(AC) Sq Typhoon for air-maritime integration exercises in the English Channel, for a week.
2015-julRefitUK D35 HMS Dragon start of 12 month refit at HMD Portsmouth, left dry dock mid Jan 2016 after hull and machinery overhaul. Still to complete work on electric propulsion, weapons systems, sensors and communications, living quarters.
2015-oct-19DeploymentUK D36 HMS Defender departed HMNB Portsmouth for 9 month Gulf and Middle East deployment. Lynx HMA.8 from 815 NAS joined in English Channel. To relieve HMS Duncan on station. Returned to Portsmouth on 9 Jul 2016.
2015-nov-6Port VisitUK D34 HMS Diamond weekend visit to Aberdeen for Remembrance Sunday, departing 10 Nov.
2015-nov-8Port VisitUK D37 HMS Duncan visited Constanța for 3 days
2015-nov-12Port VisitUK D34 HMS Diamond 1st Type 45 to visit Antwerp, until Mon 16 Nov.
2015-nov-12Port VisitUK D37 HMS Duncan Visited Burgas for weekend
2015-decDeploymentUK D36 HMS Defender Opération Chammal Joined French-led Task Group 473 in Indian Ocean on anti-terrorism mission.
2015-dec-17DeploymentUK D36 HMS Defender escorting french carrier Charles de Gaulle in Arabian Sea/Persian Gulf
2016-febUK D33 HMS Dauntless reduced to Harbour Training Ship status, in reserve at Portsmouth, after only 5.5 years under commission.
2016-feb-9DeploymentUK D36 HMS Defender Represented Royal Navy and UK at the Indian Navy International Fleet Review at Visakhapatnam, on the Bay of Bengal
2016-feb-20Port VisitUK D34 HMS Diamond visited Aberdeen for weekend with gift from people of Stavangar, Norway
2016-may-5Port VisitUK D37 HMS Duncan visited Hamburg for 2016 Harbour Day Festival
2016-may-19DeploymentUK D36 HMS Defender joined international search effort for Flight MS804
2016-may-20Port VisitUK D37 HMS Duncan weekend visit to London with Ship open to Visitors on 21 May. 815 NAS 212 Flight Wildcat HMA.2 ZZ376 ranged on deck. Departed 26 May.
2016-jun-22Port VisitUK D37 HMS Duncan visit to Liverpool for Armed Forces Day celebrations
2016-jul-8Port VisitUK D32 HMS Daring visited Guernsey, CI for weekend
2016-aug-31DeploymentUK D34 HMS Diamond departed HMNB Portsmouth for 2 month Mediterranean anti-arms and human trafficking deployment, to relieve RFA Mounts Bay.
2016-sep-2DeploymentUK D32 HMS Daring departed HMNB Portsmouth for 9 month Gulf and Middle East maritime security deployment, with Wildcat HMA.2 of 204 Flt 825 NAS embarked. Returned to Portsmouth 12 May 2017
2016-octRefitUK D36 HMS Defender Refitting at HMD Portsmouth to resolve T45 propulsion issues, thorugh the Power Improvement Project. Back to sea trials Apr 2018
2016-oct-20DeploymentUK D37 HMS Duncan Deployed to assist HMS Richmond in escorting the Kutnetzov Task Group through the North Sea and English Channel.
2017-feb-11DeploymentUK D35 HMS Dragon Rescued 14 crew from de-masted racing yacht Clyde Challenger in the North Atlantic.
2017-junAircraftUK D37 HMS Duncan SNMG2 flagship of Standing NATO Maritime Group 2 (SNMG2) , Wildcat ZZ531 embarked. Relieved by HMS Diamond on 20 Sep.
2017-sepDeploymentUK D37 HMS Duncan Relieved HMS Ocean at short notice, as flagship for NATO SNMG2.
2017-sep-4DeploymentUK D34 HMS Diamond departed HMNB Portsmouth for 9 month Middle East and Gulf maritime security and anti-piracy deployment, to relieve HMS Monmouth. Wildcat HMA.8 ZZ380 embarked. Diverted to take flagship role of NATO SNMG2 in Mediterranean and Black Sea, from HMS Duncan on 20 Sep.
2017-sep-14DeploymentUK D37 HMS Duncan SNMG2 exercising with FNS La Fayette, HS Limnos and HS Kountouriotis.
2017-sep-23DeploymentUK D37 HMS Duncan Returned to HMNB Portsmouth after SNMG2 deployment
2018-jan-8DeploymentUK D37 HMS Duncan Departed HMNB Portsmouth for 6 month Mediterranean and Black Sea deployment, followed by Operation Kipion in the Gulf. Returned to Portsmouth 13 Jul 2018.
2018-aprAircraftUK D35 HMS Dragon assigned 815 NAS Wildcat HMA.2 ZZ381 by Apr 2018
2018-may-21Port VisitUK D37 HMS Duncan Visited Poti to commemorate fallen British servicemen in the Batumi British Military Cemetery.
2018-junAircraftUK D37 HMS Duncan Wildcat HMA.2 ZZ396 embarked, callsign Highlander
2018-sepDeploymentUK D35 HMS Dragon Departed HMNB Portsmouth for Middle East deployment. Returned on 12 Apr 2019.
2018-sepAircraftUK D35 HMS Dragon assigned 815 NAS 212 Flight Wildcat HMA.2 ZZ516 by Sep 2018 (returned to Yeovilton 11 Apr 2019).
2018-sep-5Port VisitUK D34 HMS Diamond visited Gdynia 5 - 8 Sep 2018 with Wildcat HMA.2 ZZ413 embarked.
2018-octDeploymentUK D35 HMS Dragon Exercise Saif Sareea 3 Participating in Joint UK-Omani Ex SS3 and as escort for Task Group Flagship HMS Albion.
2018-octDeploymentUK D35 HMS Dragon escorted RFA Lyme Bay through Suez Canal and Red Sea for their participation in Exercise Saif Sareea 3 in Oman.
2019-mar-2DeploymentUK D36 HMS Defender Escorted RFS Admiral Gorshkov and her support group through North Sea and English Channel, en route Mediterranean
2019-aprDeploymentUK D37 HMS Duncan departed HMNB Portsmouth for 6 month Mediterannean mission. 815 NAS, 202 Flight Wildcat ZZ414 embarked.
2019-jul-9DeploymentUK D37 HMS Duncan departed Odessa in the Black Sea, to participate in Exercise Sea Breeze
2019-jul-18DeploymentUK D37 HMS Duncan Operating in Persian Gulf to assist British shipping passing the Strait of Hormuz, during a period of heightened international tension around the Persian Gulf between Bandar Abbas and the UAE.

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