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    united kingdom Fleet Air Arm

    Del'd: 95 - 1976 to 2017


    An anti-surface and anti-submarine helicopter specifically designed and tuned to operate from frigates and destroyers of the Fleet, has recently been updated to the Mk8 standard.. Each autonomous flight (Approx 25 in number) comprises a pilot, an observer and a team of 8 maintainers. They embark in their ship whenever it sails. The home base for all seaborne Lynx moved in 1997 from RNAS Portland to RNAS Yeovilton.

    The attack/utility AH Mk 7/9 version is operated in support of the Royal Marines in conjunction with the Aerospatiale Gazelle AH 1s
    60 HAS.2 + 31 HAS.3 new build airframes
    65 HMA.8 upgrades
    The Lynx HAS.3 was retired from FAA service in a ceremony at RNAS Yeovilton on 1 Apr 2013.
    After 4 decades and 490 k flying hours the Lynx last flight took place March 31, 2017

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    Royal Navy Retired Lynx Helicopter, 24-Mar-17 : 815 Naval Air Squadron held a ceremony to say goodbye to the Westland Lynx helicopter, mainstay of operations by Royal Navy around the globe since the late 1970s

    First Aid Ground Training, 15-Feb-16 : a Royal Navy decommissioned Lynx helicopter has arrived at HMS Raleigh to add realism to First Aid training

    Final UK Lynx Helicopter Depth Overhaul, 07-Dec-15 : After 37-year support, Vector Aerospace held a ceremony to commemorate the last Depth maintenance event to be completed on a UK Armed Forces Lynx helicopter. Lynx being replaced by Wildcat

    Royal Navy Lynx Mk8 simulator upgraded, 22-May-13 : CAE announced today at the International Training and Education Conference (ITEC), Europe's leading showcase for military simulation and training, that the Royal Navy's Lynx Mk8 full-mission simulator located at Royal Navy Air Station (RNAS) Yeovilton is now in-service and ready-for-training following a major visual system upgrade.

    Hangar party at Yeovilton to celebrate 40 years of the Lynx, 19-Dec-11 : The home of the Lynx helicopter was turned into a glitzy nightclub as 700 Fleet Air Arm personnel and their families celebrated 40 years of the fabled aircraft. Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton – home to four Lynx squadrons – converted 13 Hangar for a Christmas hangar party to mark the deeds of the Lynx community past and present.

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