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  • united kingdom Lee-on-Solent

    Lee-on-Solent, Hampshire, England

    United Kingdom


    Satellite and aerial maps of Lee-on-Solent with nearby locations

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    1.5259 Seafield Park, England
    3.0047EGVF Fleetlands, England
    3.0128 HMS Siskin, England
    3.1117 HMS Sultan, England
    4.8088 Fareham Creek, England
    5.0158 Stokes Bay, England

    1917 to present

    50° 49' 0'' N - 1° 12' 0'' W
    3nm WNW of Gosport, Hampshire
    Elevation: 32 feet

    History of this Location

    Opened in July 1917 as a seaplane base with a slipway into The Solent, conveniently situated close to the Naval Base at Portsmouth. The base gradually expanded around the slipway to support the fleet deployed flights and as a home for fixed wing landplanes. From an early RAF presence in 1918, in 1932 it became a Coastal Area HQ and developed further inland and opened as a fully fledged airfield in Oct 1934. In the rearmament imperative leading to World War 2, more hangars were built in 1938 and a perimeter track laid out by 1939. In May 1939, control was passed to the Navy and it was commissioned as HMS Daedalus. By 1942, the newly laid runways were already becoming inadequate for the higher performance and larger aircraft using the base and in 1943 they were extended and further hangarge provided.
    As the nearby towns of Lee, Gosport and Stubbington expanded, they swallowed up potential expansion land that might have been used to support post-war fast jet operations and following the 1953 Coronation Fleet Review the base essentially stagnated. A new life was breathed in, in 1955 when RNAS Gosport closed and its helicopters transfered down the road to Lee. It continued to be home to the RN Southern Communications Squadron (781 NAS) and it has hosted various support units such as the Accident Investigation Unit (AIU) and Air Engineering School (AES).
    The old slipway was key to locating the unique Interservice Hovercraft Trials Unit at Lee in 1962 and it continued its evaluations until around 1977.
    In June 1977 it also hosted the air component for the Silver Jubilee Fleet Review. Flag Officer Naval Air Command (FONAC) moved to RNAS Yeovilton and 781 Squadron disbanded in the early 1980s and routine naval flying ceased in 1993. In Dec 1995 the AES moved to Gosport (HMS Sultan) and on 29 Mar 1996 the naval establishment closed and the base was declared surplus to requirements.
    Old ICAO code EGUS
    Search and Rescue operations began here in 1973 and continue under a civilian contract to the HM Coastguard. The Hampshire Police Air Support Unit moved here in 1985 and gliding continues from the base, although formally the airfield is disused.

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    List of units at Lee-on-Solent

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    YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
    normal: Unit no longer at this base
    1988/    Solent DistrictAW189 2017/   
    AW139 2008/17
    S-61 H-3 1988/08
    1988202 SquadronSea King 1978/15
    1957/96NATIULynx 1976/96
    Wessex 1961/82
    1957/58701 NASWhirlwind 1958
    Whirlwind 1957/58
    dragonfly 1957/58
    S-55 H-19 1957/58
    Whirlwind 1957/58
    1957700 NASWhirlwind 1957
    1956/58845 NASWhirlwind 1957/59
    S-55 H-19 1955/57
    Whirlwind 1955/57
    1955/56845 NASS-55 H-19 1955/57
    Whirlwind 1955/57
    S-55 H-19 1954/55
    1955845 NASS-55 H-19 1955/57
    Whirlwind 1955/57
    S-55 H-19 1954/55
    1955/58705 NASdragonfly 1957/62
    Whirlwind 1955/66
    Whirlwind 1954/60
    UH-12B HTE-2 1953/63
    S-55 H-19 1953/56
    dragonfly 1952/60
    1947/48771 NASR-4 Hoverfly 1945/47
    1943/45829 NAS
    1940/81781 NASWessex 1969/81
    Whirlwind 1961/65
    S-55 H-19 1959/70

    Lee-on-Solent News

    AW189 Enters HM Coastguard Service, 31-Mar-17 : HM Coastguard helicopter base in Lee-On-Solent has started flying the AW189 helicopter for SAR operations. Operated by Bristow, bases Prestwick, St Athan, Lydd and Inverness will follow

    Coast Guard Solent District Received AW189, 03-Jan-17 : HM Coastguard first of two new AW189 helicopters for the Lee-on-Solent base. Will replace the current AW139 from April 2017


    04-jun-9405-jun-94D-Day 50th Anniversary Flypast
    07-jul-7212-jul-726th International Helicopter SAR Competition

    List of aircraft and events at Lee-on-Solent

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    By Date | By Serial

    1956-nov HR.5 conversion771 NAS HR.1 VZ965
    1961-feb G I AirframeRN HAS7 XN307
    1961-jun InvestigationRN HAS.1 XM835
    1963-jun-26 G I AirframeRN HAS.1 XP107
    1965-jul-31 HU.5 XS521
    1965-jul-31 HU.5 XT450
    1967-sep G I AirframeRN HAR3 XG574
    1970-apr RN HAR3 XJ399
    1970-jun G I AiframeRN HAR3 XG577
    1970-jul RN HAS.1 XM920
    1970-oct G I AirframeRN HAS7 XN308
    1971-mar-17 VisitingRN HAS.1 XP137
    1971-may RN S-61D-1 XV372
    1971-jul G I AirframeRN HAS.1 XP155
    1972-jul Marineflieger H-34G.III 80+98
    1972-jul Marineflieger H-34G.III 80+84
    1972-jul 771 NAS HAS.1 XM326
    1972-jul 771 NAS HAS.1 XS888
    1972-jul Force Aérienne Belge HSS-1 B4
    1972-jul Force Aérienne Belge HSS-1 B5
    1972-jul Flyvevåbnet S-61A-1 U-275
    1972-jul Flyvevåbnet S-61A-1 U-280
    1972-jul Aéronautique Navale SA321G 120
    1972-jul RNLAF SE3160 H-75
    1972-jul-11 AMI AB204B MM80331
    1972-jul-12 S-61A-1 U-275
    1972-jul-29 HAR.1 XA870
    1974-aug G I AirframeRN HAS7 XM660
    1974-aug G I AirframeRN HRS-2 WV198
    1975-apr G I AirframeRN HAS7 XN302
    1975-jun-05 G I AirframeRAF HAR.2 XK988
    1975-nov G I AirframeRN HAS7 XK943
    1975-nov G I AirframeRN HAS7 XN261
    1976-feb RAF HAR10 XP362
    1976-mar-03 WreckRN HAS.2 XX469
    1977-jul-23 HU.5 XS523 / LS-810
    1978 G I AirframeRN HAS.1 XS871
    1978-feb G I AirframeRN HAS.1 XV644
    1978-mar G I AirframeRN HAS.1 XP116
    1978-mar G I AirframeRN HAS.1 XS869
    1978-mar G I AirframeRN HAS.3 XT256
    1978-mar G I AirframeRN HAS7 XK911
    1978-mar G I AirframeRN HAS7 XK944
    1978-mar G I AirframeRN HAS7 XL846
    1978-mar G I AirframeRN HAS7 XL847
    1978-mar G I AirframeRN HAS7 XL853
    1978-mar G I AirframeRN HAS7 XM667
    1978-mar G I AirframeRN HAS7 XN259
    1978-mar G I AirframeRN HAS7 XN305
    1978-mar G I AirframeRN HAS7 XN314
    1978-aug G I AirframeRN HAS.1 XP105
    1979 DumpedRAF HAR10 XP362
    1979 RAF HAR10 XR484
    1979-apr-02 Air Engineering School (AES)RN Wasp XS569
    1979-may-04 RN Wasp XS463
    1979-jul-21 USAF HH-53C 69-5796
    1979-jul-21 RN HU.5 XS496
    1979-jul-21 RN HU.5 XS523
    1979-jul-21 RN HU.5 XT772
    1979-oct DumpedRN Wasp XS531
    1980-feb 781 NAS HU.5 XT767
    1980-mar G I AirframeRN HAS.1 XP149
    1980-mar DumpedRN HU.5 XS490
    1980-mar DumpedRN HU.5 XS490
    1980-apr G I AirframeRN HAS.1 XP151
    1980-aug DumpRN HAS7 XN358
    1980-sep G I AirframeRN HAS.1 XM917
    1980-sep-09 RNAS Lee-on-SolentRN HAS.1 XS870
    1982-mar G I AirframeRN HAS.1 XP155
    1982-jul-17 RN Wasp XS541
    1982-oct DumpedRN HAS7 XL839
    1982-nov AES737 NAS HAS.1 XS119
    1983-jul-16 HT.2 XW884 / CU-41
    1983-jul-16 Wasp XT434 / 600
    1984-jun 772 NAS HU.5 XS510
    1985-apr G I AirframeRN Wasp XS538
    1986-oct AESRN HU.5 XT460
    1988-jan G I AirframeRN HAS.1 XV704
    1988-mar-23 AESRN Wasp XT778
    1988-jul-12 RN HAS.1 XM874
    1988-sep RN HU.5 XS514
    1988-sep RN HU.5 XS508
    1988-sep-27 781 NAS HU.5 XT482
    1988-sep-27 781 NAS HU.5 XT453
    1988-sep-27 781 NAS HU.5 XT455
    1988-sep-28 845 NAS HC.4 ZA292
    1988-sep-28 2FTS HT.3 ZA803
    1988-sep-29 Air Engineering SchoolRN Wasp XT429
    1991-apr Westland Lynx XW837
    1991-jun-25 BDRTRN HU.5 XT460
    1992-jan-27 Ministry of Defence (MoD) S-61L XV370
    1992-jul-11 HAS.1 XV671 / CU-181
    1992-jul-11 HU.5 XT458 / 622
    1994-jun-04 D-Day 50th flypastUSMC AH-1J 160107
    1994-jun-04 D-Day 50th Anniversary FlypastHC-4 CH-53E 161538
    1994-jun-04 D-Day 50th Anniversary FlypastHC-4 CH-53E 161542
    1994-jun-04 D-Day 50th Anniversary FlypastRN HAS.2 XZ698
    1994-jun-04 USN SH-60B 162342
    1994-jun-04 USMC UH-1N 160444
    1994-jun-06 HAS.2 XX510 / LS-69
    1994-jun-06 RNAS Lee-on-SolentHSL-48 SH-60B 163595
    1995 RN Wasp XS545
    2003 Solent District S61N.MK2 G-BDIJ
    2005-jun-27 HAS.2 XZ698 / 348
    2005-jul-16 S61N.MK2 G-BDIJ
    2005-jul-16 S61N.MK2 G-BBVA
    2008-mar-01 HM Coastguard AW139 G-CGIJ
    2009-aug-11 HM Coastguard AW139 G-CGIJ
    2012-may Atlas Helicopters 206L-3 G-VVBO
    2012-may Atlas Helicopters AS355F G-OHCP
    2012-sep Solent District AW139 G-SARD
    2013-jul-20 Atlas Helicopters A109E G-HCFC
    2014-aug Solent District AW139 G-SARD
    2014-oct Wasp XT780
    2014-nov Atlas HelicoptersAtlas Helicopters AS355F G-WDKR
    2015-jan Solent District AW139 G-CGIJ
    2018-nov-10 Solent District AW189 G-MCGS
    2018-nov-18 Solent District AW189 G-MCGP
    2019-feb-02 HM Coastguard AW189 G-MCGS
    2019-jul-22 Solent District AW189 G-MCGP
    2019-sep-13 AAC AS365N3 ZJ785
    2019-sep-13 AAC AS365N3 ZJ787
    2020-jun-02 HM Coastguard AW189 G-MCGW

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