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202 squadron
Originally formed as 2 Squadron, Royal Naval Air Service (RNAS) on 17 Oct 1914, it was redesignated 202 Squadron on 1 Apr 1918 when the RAF was created. It has variously been a specialist bombing, flying boat and weather reconnaisance unit during its service life. Rotary wing operations began on 29 Aug 1964 when it was reformed from 228 Squadron, and took over its Whirlwind HAR.10 in the SAR role at RAF Leconfield. Various detatchments have been made around Britain's coast and after the Sea King HAR.3 was introduced in Jul 1978, the Whirlwinds were retired in Nov 1979. The Wessex HC.2 was issued in Nov 1982. In early 2004, 202 Squadron provided SAR services from A Flt at RAF Boulmer (EGQM), D Flt at RAF Lossiemouth (EGQS) and E Flt at RAF Leconfield (EGXV) with Sea King HAR.3As.
D and E Flt were relieved of their SAR responsibilities on 31 Mar 2015, when the service was assumed by Bristow from the MCA Inverness and MCA Humberside bases (respectively), the next day.
Reformed from SARTU as 202 (R) Squadron in Apr 2016 to provide basic SAR training for DHFS.

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2016/    RAF ValleyEGOV
1988/15RAF LeconfieldEGXV
1988/94Kent International / ManstonEGMH
1985/88RAF ColtishallEGYC
1976/82RAF ColtishallEGYC
1975/15RAF BoulmerEGQM
1972/15RAF LossiemouthEGQS
1964/79RAF LeconfieldEGXV
1964/76RAF LeucharsEGQL
1964/73RAF ColtishallEGYC
Thorney IslandEGYT


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2016/    412
1982/83Wessex HC.2
1978/15sea king


18-aug-0418-aug-04 Glen Ogle (A85) landslide
18-dec-9119-dec-91 Rescue from fishing ship Kartli
02-apr-8217-jun-82 Operation Corporate
07-jul-7212-jul-72 6th International Helicopter SAR Competition

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