united kingdom RAF Valley - Maes Awyr Môn/Anglesey Airport

Valley, Wales
united kingdom

10.3320 Holyhead Harbour, Wales
10.7 84EGOQ Mona, Wales
21.0141EGCK Caernarfon, Wales
47.5110 Capel Curig, Wales
55.0 85 Glan-y-Don, Wales
69.7 85 Rhuddlan, Wales

53 15 N - 4 32 W
5nm SE of Holyhead, Ynys Môn
Elevation: 37 feet

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
2016/    202 squadron412 2016/   
2008/14203(r) squadronsea king 1996/14
1997/    Defence Helicopter Flying SchoolH135 / EC135T3 2018/   
H145 / EC145T2 2018/   
AW139 2009/   
AS350BB Ecureuil 1997/   
AS350BB Ecureuil 1997/   
AS350 Ecureuil 1997/   
412 1997/   
1962/    sar training unit (sartu)412 1998/   
Wessex HC.2 1963/98
1955/1522 squadronsea king 1994/15
Wessex HC.2 1974/97
whirlwind 1955/81
Type 171 Sycamore 1955


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By Date | By Serial

1965-mar Royal Air ForceWhirlwind HAR.10XP302
1965-mar Royal Air ForceWhirlwind HAR.10XP331
1970-jan-01 Sea King HAR.3ZE370
1973-aug-12 Whirlwind HAR.10XP360 / V
1975-aug-09 Wessex HU.5XS479 / B-VV
1983-aug-12 Wessex HC.2XV724
1983-aug-13 Wessex HC.2XR497
1988-jul-06 Royal Air ForceWessex HC.2XV730
1995-may-03 Wessex HC.2XV724
1997-aug-01 Wessex HC.2XV724
1999-aug-22 22 Sq C FltRoyal Air ForceSea King HAR.3XZ594
2003-feb-20 Sea King HAR.3XZ588 / D
2003-apr-15 CH-47D ChinookZH776
2003-jun-11 Merlin HM.1ZH840 / CU-537
2003-aug-15 412EPZJ239 / R
2003-aug-15 412EPZJ240 / U
2003-aug-15 SA330E PumaXW212
2003-aug-15 WAH-64 ApacheZJ217
2003-sep-24 Sea King HC.4ZF124 / L
2003-sep-30 Sea King HC.4ZA297 /
2003-oct-15 Sea King HAR.3XZ589 / E
2003-nov-25 Lynx AH1ZD278
2004-jan-21 WAH-64 ApacheZJ211
2004-mar-03 WAH-64 ApacheZJ214
2004-mar-04 Sea King HAR.3ZE369 / S
2004-mar-04 Sea King HC.4ZD625 / F
2004-mar-08 Merlin HM.1ZH857
2004-mar-31 SA330E PumaXW237
2004-mar-31 SA330E PumaXW214
2004-mar-31 SA330E PumaZA939
2004-apr-20 CH-47C ChinookZA680
2004-apr-20 CH-47D ChinookZA680
2004-apr-20 CH-47D ChinookZA708
2004-may-14 Lynx HAS3ZD249 / 637
2004-may-14 Lynx HAS3SZF557 / 318
2004-may-17 Lynx HAS2XZ233 / 644
2004-jun-14 CH-47D ChinookZD575
2004-aug-13 Sea King HAR.3XZ595 / K
2005-jan-31 WAH-64 ApacheZJ207
2005-feb-02 WAH-64 ApacheZJ212
2005-feb-17 Sea King HAR.3ZE369 / S
2005-may-04 Sea King HAR.3ZA105 / Q
2005-jun-01 Merlin HC.3ZJ135 / T
2005-aug-11 SA365F Dauphin 2247
2005-sep-21 Sea King HC.4ZE425
2006-may-04 WAH-64 ApacheZJ207
2006-may-04 WAH-64 ApacheZJ213
2006-may-17 SA330E PumaXW212
2006-aug-10 EC135P2270
2006-aug-10 SA330E PumaXW209
2006-aug-10 WAH-64 ApacheZJ211
2006-aug-10 WAH-64 ApacheZJ212
2006-oct-10 412EPZJ241 / L
2006-oct-10 Sea King HAR.3ZE370
2007-jun-04 Sea King HAR.3ZE370 / T
2007-jun-19 Sea King HAR.3XZ585 / A
2007-aug-16 412EPZJ241 / L
2007-aug-16 AW139276
2007-nov-20 Merlin HM.1ZH858
2007-nov-20 Merlin HM.1ZH836 / CU-268
2008-apr-09 Sea King HAR.3XZ597 / M
2008-may-06 412EPZJ241 / L
2008-may-06 Sea King HC.4ZF120 / P
2008-aug-14 AS350BB EcureuilZJ243
2008-oct-15 Lynx HAS2XZ694 / 314
2009-aug-27 Sea King HAR.3XZ587
2009-aug-27 Sea King HAR.3XZ591
2009-sep-30 Sea King HAR.3ZE370
2010-may-13 Sea King HAR.3XZ585 / A
2010-jun-30 MH-47E ChinookZH899
2010-jul-05 412EPZJ241 / L
2010-sep-30 412EPZJ703
2010-oct-06 AW109E PowerZR321
2010-oct-06 Sea King HAR.3ZE369 / S
2010-oct-07 Sea King HAR.3XZ597 / M
2010-oct-08 Sea King HAR.3XZ587 / C
2010-nov-16 412EPZJ240 / U
2010-dec-08 Sea King HAR.3XZ594 / J
2010-dec-08 Sea King HAR.3ZA105
2010-dec-09 Lynx HAS2XZ255 / 314
2011-jan-17 Sea King HAR.3XZ595 / K
2011-feb-01 Sea King HAR.3XZ594 / J
2011-feb-01 Sea King HAR.3XZ596 / L
2011-feb-16 412EPZJ241 / L
2011-feb-16 Sea King HAR.3XZ591
2011-mar-01 412EPZJ240 / U
2011-mar-16 CH-47D ChinookZH776
2011-mar-18 CH-47D ChinookZA681
2011-apr-11 AW139ZR326
2011-apr-12 AS350BB EcureuilZJ271
2011-apr-20 412EPZJ703
2011-apr-20 AW139ZR283
2011-jul-11 Sea King HAR.3XZ590 / F
2011-jul-13 Sea King HAR.3XZ592
2011-aug-03 Sea King HAR.3XZ592 / H
2011-oct-07 Sea King HAR.3XZ587 / C
2011-oct-13 Merlin HM.1ZH836 / CU-268
2012-may-16 Sea King HAR.3ZE370
2012-jun-15 412EPZJ240 / U
2012-jun-15 AW139ZR283
2012-aug Royal Air Force412EPZJ703
2012-aug-23 Sea King HAR.3ZA105 / Q
2012-sep-19 CH-47D ChinookZD575
2012-sep-21 Sea King HAR.3XZ593
2013-feb-06 Sea King HAR.3XZ593 / I
2013-may-15 412EPZJ240 / U
2013-jul-03 412EPZJ241 / L
2013-jul-22 AW139ZR283
2014-mar-11 SA330H PumaZJ957
2014-mar-12 Sea King HAR.3XZ587 / C
2014-aug-21 412EPZJ705 / 5
2015-jan-19 tdyArmy Air CorpsWAH-64 ApacheZJ180
2015-jan-19 tdyArmy Air CorpsWAH-64 ApacheZJ185
2015-jan-19 tdyArmy Air CorpsWAH-64 ApacheZJ207
2015-jan-19 tdyArmy Air CorpsWAH-64 ApacheZJ210
2015-jan-19 tdyArmy Air CorpsWAH-64 ApacheZJ214
2015-jun-20 Whirlwind HAR.2G-BVGE / XJ729
2015-aug-20 412EPZJ705 / 5
2016-feb-18 Whirlwind HAR.2G-BVGE
2016-jul-13 412EPZJ241 / L

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