united kingdom sar training unit (sartu)

Royal Air Force


Part of Defence Helicopter Flying School UK Ministry of Defence (MoD)

1962 to 2016    

sar training unit (sartu)
Disbanded Apr 2016 by being re-numbered as 202(R) Sq.

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1962/    RAF ValleyEGOV


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1998/    412
1963/98Wessex HC.2

List of aircraft

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List of Aircraft for sartu
C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
wa367 har10 1962 XP351 : 22 Sq May 1973 to Sep 1976, SARTU on 2 Nov 1976 until Feb 1979, 2 FTS Feb +
Ministry of Defence (MoD) XP351 : to MoD(PE) 30 Nov 1972 for trials until May 1973.
wa531 hc.2 1966 XT604 : ff 7 Jul 1966, dd 2 Aug 1966 to RAF. Wessex HAR.2  78Sq, Muharraq SAR+
- XT604 : To Air & Ground Aviation (Staffordshire). Acquired by M Lindsey 2002 a+
: preserved at East Midlands Aeropark
36125 412ep 1996 ZJ239 : RAF; ex G-BXFH Bristow Helicopters; d/d 20jan97 as Griffin HT.1 SARTU/R; 0+
: 24+25jul99 SARTU./R Fairford air show
Bristow G-BXFH : ex N6282C, to C-FZXD, reg G-BXFH Apr 1997. To UK RAF as ZJ239 Jan 1997.
36163 412ep 1997 ZJ240 : RAF Griffin HT.1 d/d 05oct97; SARTU/U by Oct 1999
Bristow G-BXIR : Bristow Jun/Oct 1997, test serial C-GAIE
36164 412ep 1997 ZJ241 : RAF Griffin HT.1 from Nov97; Oct99 SARTU /L
Bristow G-BXIS : Bristow Jun/Nov 1997
36095 412ep 1996 ZJ242 : RAF Griffin HT1 type; ex G-BXDK; 20jul11 pictured as /E of SARTU at RNAS+
SACSA XA-SYM : SACSA; 1996 Bell serial N2291Q; to G-BXDK
Bristow G-BXDK : Bristow; ex XA-SYM; to MoD ZJ242
36296 412ep 2002 ZJ703 : Jan13 SARTU./3
Bristow G-CBST : Bristow Jun/Nov 2002
FB Heliservices G-CBST : FB Leasing Nov02-Jun03, for RAF


01-may-1202-may-12 AirMed and Rescue 2012

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