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    united kingdom Royal Air Force

    Del'd: 77 - 1963 to 2003


    The RAF ordered the Wessex HC.2 in Aug 1961 and used the HC.2 - 71 production airframes which could carry a 4000lb (1800 kg) slung load and 1 pre-production prototype. The first Wessex HC.2 was delivered in Feb 1963 and after trials, 18 Squadron used the first operational Wessex HC.2 on 9 Feb 1964. 72 Squadron replaced its Belvedere HC.1s with the Wessex HC.2 in Aug 1964, 78 Squadron re-equipped in 1965, followed by 240 Operational Conversion Unit in Jul 1967, 28 Squadron in Feb 1972, 103 Squadron in Nov 1972 and 84 Squadron in Mar 1982.
    The RAF used two HCC.4 in the VVIP and VIP transport role between 1969 and 1998. More details under the Wessex HCC.4
    Several former Royal Navy aircraft also listed here

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    YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
    1992/9760(R) Squadron RAF Shawbury
    RAF Benson
    1984/0384 Squadron CY RAF Akrotiri
    1982/8484 Squadron CY RAF Akrotiri
    1982/83202 SquadronBrawdy
    RAF Coltishall
    RAF Boulmer
    RAF Lossiemouth
    Thorney Island
    1980/82Wessex Training FlightRAF Benson
    1974/9722 SquadronAAC Wattisham
    Newquay / St Mawgan
    RAF Coltishall
    RAF Coltishall
    RAF Leconfield
    RAF Leuchars
    Kent International / Manston
    Thorney Island
    RAF Coltishall
    RMB Chivenor
    Newquay / St Mawgan
    RAF Valley
    1972/9728 SquadronHK Kai Tak
    HK Sek Kong
    HK Kai Tak
    1972/75103 SquadronSG Tengah Air Base
    1971/81240 OCURAF Odiham
    1971ATSRAF Odiham
    1967/71Wessex (SAR) FlightBH RAF Muharraq
    1967/71HOCFRAF Odiham
    1967/71SAR Flight, MuharraqBH RAF Muharraq
    1966/67SAR Flight, KhormaksarYE Khormaksar / Aden International
    1965/7178 SquadronAE RAF Sharjah
    YE Khormaksar / Aden International
    1964/0272 SquadronAldergrove
    RAF Benson
    Kent International / Manston
    CY Nicosia (Lefkosia)
    RAF Odiham
    1964/8018 SquadronDE Gütersloh
    DE Gütersloh
    CY Nicosia (Lefkosia)
    RAF Odiham
    1964/67SRCURAF Odiham
    1963/97SARTU RAF Valley
    1963/972FTSRAF Shawbury
    RAF Tern Hill
    1963/64Wessex Intensive Flying Trials UnitRAF Odiham

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