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84 Squadron
84 Squadron was formed on 7 Jan 1917 and from Aug 1920 has spent most of its deployment in the Near, Middle or Far East.

Its helicopter operations began briefly at RAF Khormaksar with the Sycamore HR.14 between Dec 1956 and May 1957, when it reverted to a fixed wing transport and communications role, disbanding with Andover C.1s at RAF Muharraq on 1 Oct 1971.

Its present SAR role began when it reformed from the Whirlwind HAR.10 of 1563 Flight and a detachment from 230 Squadron at RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus on 17 Jan 1972 and it has been in Cyprus since then.
In 1982, the Whirlwinds were replaced by Wessex HC.2, which together with a detachment at Nicosia, provided distinguished service for over 10 years. B Flight from Nicosia flew its Whilwinds to Akrotiri on 26 Feb 1982 where they were initially stored in Hangar 85 and later moved up near the NAAFI site. The unit was re-equipped with ex-RN Wessex HU.5s between Jun 1984 and Nov 1994, until their retirement in Jan 2003.
Although the 84 Squadron SAR tradition continues with Griffin HAR.2s, the airframes are now owned and maintained under contract by FB Heliservices.
During early Jul 2021, the unit provided 2 Griffin in the Limassol area, to assist the national response to the largest forest fires ever to hit Cyprus.

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  News about 84 Squadron

UK Confirms Order for Six H145D3 for Cyprus and Brunei

UK Confirms Order for Six H145D3 for Cyprus and Brunei

19-Apr-24 - The UK Ministry of Defence confirmed the order for six five-bladed Airbus H145D3 helicopters, first announced last November, to be used in Cyprus and Brunei #H145D3
Six Jupiter HC Mk2 for UK Brunei and Cyprus Operations

Six Jupiter HC Mk2 for UK Brunei and Cyprus Operations

14-Nov-23 - The UK plans to order 6 Airbus H145 helicopters to be known as Jupiter HC Mk2 for the British Armed Forces in Brunei and Cyprus from 2024 #Jupiter
RAF Akrotiri Changes Griffins for Pumas

RAF Akrotiri Changes Griffins for Pumas

03-Apr-23 - Royal Air Force (RAF) 84 Squadron based out of RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus transitioned from the Griffin HAR.2 (Bell 412) to the Puma HC.2 on March 31, 2023 #Cyprus
RAF 84 Squadron 50 Years in Cyprus

RAF 84 Squadron 50 Years in Cyprus

18-Jan-22 - This week marks 84 Squadron’s 50th anniversary of non-stop flying operations from RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus. This is a momentous milestone, as no other RAF flying Squadron has operated continuously on an RAF station for that long. #Akrotiri


1972-    CY RAF AkrotiriLCRA
1956/67YE Khormaksar / Aden InternationalOYAA
1956CY Nicosia (Lefkosia)LCNC

helicopter   Models

Years Models
2023-    Puma Mk2
2003/22 412
1984/03 Wessex Wessex HU.5
1982/84 Wessex Wessex HC.2
1972/82 Whirlwind Whirlwind HAR.10
1956/57 Type 171 Sycamore

  84 Squadron Operations

Dates Operation
1974-jul-201974-sep-30 CY Partition of Cyprus
EG Operation Musketeer

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