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Satellite and aerial maps of Khormaksar / Aden International with nearby locations

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3.3234 Aden Harbour,
4.0184 Temple Cliff, Crater
21.0255 Falaise, Little Aden
37.5336 near Lahij,
45.3225 off Aden, Gulf of Aden
66.8356 Radfan, Al Habilayn

1934 to present

12° 49' '' N - 45° 2' '' E
5nm N of Aden
Elevation: 13 feet

History of this Location

Built in the period when Aden was administered as part of British India, RAF Khormaksar was located just inland of the north eastern edge of the large bay on which Aden stands and on the southern rim of the Crater area. It was significantly improved immediately after WWII, partly because of its strategic position near the mouth of the Red Sea (and thus the southern approaches to the Suez Canal) and as a staging post for RAF Transport Command on its famous Changi Slip route to Singapore and the Far East.  RAF Khormaksar was a key base from Dec 1963 after the Aden State of Emergency had been declared until the RAF station closed and the British withdrawal, covered by the Royal Marines, in Nov 1967. With the unification of South Yemen (when it had the ICAO code ODAA) and the People's Republic of North Yemen in May 1990, the airport took on a new economic importance and it has been developed further into Aden International Airport.

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List of units at Khormaksar / Aden International

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
1967/69UK 653 SquadronScout 1964/67
1967UK 8 FltSA341B Gazelle AH.1 ??/05
1964UK 815 NASWessex 1961/66
1963/65UK 26 SquadronType 192 Belvedere 1962/65
1958/67UK SAR Flight, KhormaksarWessex 1966/67
Whirlwind 1964/67
Type 171 Sycamore 1958/64
1956/67UK 78 SquadronWessex 1965/71
1956/67UK 84 SquadronType 171 Sycamore 1956/57

List of aircraft and events at Khormaksar / Aden International

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1958-sep-02 AccidentUK Royal Air ForceSycamore 4XJ361
1963-sep UK Royal Air ForceWhirlwind HAR.2XK970
1964-dec-31 AccidentUK Royal Air ForceType 192 Belvedere XG461
1967-apr-01 AccidentUK Royal Air ForceWhirlwind HAR.2XL111

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