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  • yemen Aden Harbour

    Aden, Aden


    Satellite and aerial maps of Aden Harbour with nearby locations

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    3.2131 Temple Cliff, Aden
    4.2035OYAA Khormaksar / Aden International, Aden
    17.9258 Falaise, Aden
    38.3341 near Lahij, Lahij
    42.0225 off Aden, Gulf of Aden
    68.6359 Radfan, Al Habilayn

    12° 47' 57.84'' N - 45° 0' 29.15'' E
    ICAO: IATA: Local: YEADE

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    Operations at Aden Harbour

    01-jan-6431-jan-64Operation Nutcracker

    List of aircraft and events at Aden Harbour

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    By Date | By Serial

    1958-sep-08 AccidentRN HAS7 XL833
    1958-sep-08 1958-sep-09 AccidentRN Modified Centaur class R08 HMS Bulwark
    1961-sep-02 AdenRoyal Fleet Auxiliary Somersby class A84 RFA Reliant
    1961-sep-02 AdenRN Type 12 Rothesay class F101 HMS Yarmouth
    1961-sep-02 AdenRN Illustrious class R38 HMS Victorious
    1962-mar-27 1962-15 AdenRN Centaur class R06 HMS Centaur
    1962-mar-27 AdenRN Audacious class R09 HMS Ark Royal
    1962-nov-26 AccidentRN Modified Centaur class R07 HMS Albion
    1964-jan SAR FltRN HAS7 XL844
    1964-jan SAR FltRN HAS7 XN261
    1964-jan-04 1964-jan-15 RN Centaur class R06 HMS Centaur
    1964-mar-28 RN Modified Centaur class R07 HMS Albion
    1964-sep Wasp trialsRN Type 81 Tribal class F125 HMS Mohawk
    1965-may 1965-jun-07 Royal Fleet Auxiliary Round Table class L3029 RFA Sir Lancelot
    1965-sep 1965-oct-01 Royal Fleet Auxiliary Somersby class A84 RFA Reliant
    1965-sep 1965-oct-01 RN Type 12 Rothesay class F103 HMS Lowestoft
    1965-sep 1965-oct-01 RN Audacious class R05 HMS Eagle
    1982-feb Bharatiya Nau Sena Nilgiri class F41 INS Taragiri

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