Del'd: 93 - 1953 to 1972

The first Sycamores for the RAF were delivered to 275 Squadron in Cyprus in April 1953. 194 Squadron in Malaya was next to equip in 1954 and this eventually revealed a weakness with the all-wooden main rotor blades in this hot and humid environment. Following a crop of accidents (eg XE319) in 1959, the fleet was grounded from Apr until Feb 1960 when the blades were coated with a moisture resistant sealant and rotor tip weights added to reduce vibration. Sycamores served in trouble spots such as Kenya and Aden and performed a variety of support duties and rescue operations in addition to liaison work.
The RAF used the HC.12 for SAR work with 22 Squadron during 1955. This, together with the winch-equipped HR.13 was based on the Bristol 171 Mk3. The majority of RAF Sycamores were based on the Mk4 and entered service as the 4 door Sycamore HR.14. Most Sycamores had been retired from active duty by the autumn of 1964. They were still used at the Central Flying School until mid 1966, finally being withdrawn from 32 Squadron in 1972.

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YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
1969/7232 (the royal) squadron RAF Northolt
1961Helicopter Communication FlightDE Gütersloh
1960/64110 squadronSG Seletar
MY Butterworth
1960/62225 squadronRAF Odiham
1959/63103 squadronSG Seletar
CY Nicosia (Lefkosia)
1959/62118 squadronJHCFS Aldergrove
1959/60228 squadronRAF Leuchars
RAF Leconfield
Norwich / Horsham St. Faith
1958/69MCSRAF Northolt
1958/64SAR Flight, KhormaksarYE Khormaksar / Aden International
1956/59284 squadronCY Nicosia (Lefkosia)
1956/5784 squadronYE Khormaksar / Aden International
CY Nicosia (Lefkosia)
AAC Middle Wallop
1955/56Internal Security FlightCY Nicosia (Lefkosia)
1955/56SAR Flight, NicosiaCY Nicosia (Lefkosia)
195522 squadronRAF Valley
Thorney Island
1954/59194 squadronMY Simpang
1953/59275 squadronJHCFS Aldergrove
RAF Leconfield
RMB Chivenor
RAF Leuchars
Norwich / Horsham St. Faith
RAF Linton-on-Ouse
1952/55Air/Sea Warfare Development UnitNewquay Cornwall Airport (RAF St Mawgan)
1950/571906 (helicopter) flightAAC Middle Wallop

List of Aircraft

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C/NModBuiltID     In this OrganisationIn other Org

    12835 Sycamore 1 1947     VL958: ff 24 Jul 1947 built to Air Min Spec E.20/45
    12836 Sycamore 1 1947     VL963: G-ALOU, VL963 ff Feb 1948, w/o 8 Sep 1953 Farnborough, UK
    12869 Sycamore 2 1948     VW905: built to Air Min Spec E.34/46 G-AJGU, VW905 and ff Sep 1949.+
    12888 1948     WA577: 3rd production Sycamore. Allocated G-ALST (ntu) by Jun 1949,+
North East Aircraft Museum WA577: to North East Aircraft Museum in early 1980s. Still pre+
    12898 1950     WV781: HR.12, based at St Eval by 1952
- G-ALTD: reg G-ALTD to Bristol Aeroplane Co on 17 Nov 1950; tran+

- WV781: to Caernarfon Air World museum by 1990; cockpit section+
    13145 1952     XE307: HR.14 dd Jan 1953. Crashed and w/o in Cyprus, c 8nm SE of Ni+
    13150 1953     XE309: HR.14 Aden Protectorate Communication and Support Squadron +
    13152 1953     XE311: Post-landing fire at Butterworth with 110 Sq on 4 Apr 1964.
    13198     XE317: RAF Sycamore HR.14
- XE317: may78 pres Newark Air Museum in CFS c/s coded S-N - pho+

Pres at Firbeck, Yorkshire present jul97 photo www.airp+

under restoration at South Yorkshire Aircraft Museum, D+
    13221 1954     XE319: w/o 21feb59 crashed following main rotor failure south of Ku+
    13222 1954     XE320: crashed after loss of control near Peplow on 13 Oct 1965 whi+
    13224 1954     XE322: crashed in river in Malaya after aborted take off 20 March 1+
    13226 1954     XF266: 194Sq after Oct 1954, 110 Sq after 1960, struck off charge J+
    13227 1954     XF267: w/o 27feb59 crashed following main rotor failure 3.5nm N of +
    13245 1954     XG500: HR.14 ff Jan 1955, dd Feb 1955 JEHU-JHU/1 by Oct 1956
    13246 1955     XG501: HR.14 dd 9 Mar 1955. 275 Sq. While operating from RAF Leuch+
    13247 1955     XG502: RAF Sycamore HR.14 d/d 04mar55; preserved at Army Museum of +
British Army XG502: HR.14, Gate Guardian at AAC Middle Wallop
    13269     XG509: Struck ground in turn and rolled at Ternhill on 13 Feb 1962 +
    13271     XG511: Rotor struck ships mast during rescue and crashed off Famagu+
    13272     XG512: Rotors struck ground after nosewheel collapsed on landing at+
    13368     XG514: Rolled during sloping ground practice at Ternhill on 10 Jan +
    13371     XG517: Rotors struck ground on landing at Tobruk on 23 Aug 1963 whi+
    13372 1955     XG518: HR.14 dd Oct 1955. Amman Stn Flt, Habbinya Stn Flt, El Adem +
North East Aircraft Museum XG518: to North East Aircraft Museum 15 Mar 1983, still Sep 19+

to Norfolk & Suffolk Aviation Museum before 2000, still+
    13374 1955     XG520: built at Filton, dd 14 Nov 1955. Rolled over at South Cerney+
    13375 1955     XG521: HR.14 dd Nov 1955. crashed and w/o 13 Oct 1961 at RAF Alder+
    13376 1955     XG522: HR.14 dd Dec 1955. crashed in Pahang State, Peninsular Mala+
    13377 1955     XG523: JEHU-JHU/5 by Oct 1956; CFS-H/V, heavy landing w/o on 25 Sep+
- XG523: Nose section preserved at Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation +
    13384 1956     XG544: Built at Filton, dd 14 Dec 1956, 275 Sq Feb 1957, 72 Sq Oct +
Torbay Aircraft Museum XG544: Flew into Barton Pines on 11 Aug 1972 as one of foundin+
    13385 1956     XG545: Built at Weston-super-Mare as HR.14. 275 Sq. Ditched into th+
    13387 1956     XG547: RAF Sycamore HR.14; 11sep10 pictured preserved at Musee Roya+
- G-HAPR: To British Rotorcraft Museum by Jun 1979; Reg. cancelle+
    13242 1956     XJ380: dd RAF as HR.14 on 22 Oct 1956;275 Sq; 228 Sq; CFS; Catteric+
Private ownership XJ380: private owner in Drighlington, S. Yorks by 1988; to Ne+

Boscombe Down Aviation Collection XJ380: to Boscombe Down Aviation Collection Jun 2007. Restorat+
    13409     XJ915: CFS(H)/B-S by 1965, Damaged at Ternhill during practice tail+
    13412 1956     XJ917: In Rescue c/s at RAF Turnhouse 1958; CFS/S-H by Sep 1963; so+
Flambards Experience XJ917: To Cornwall Aero Park (at least 1979 to 1985)

- XJ917: Bristol Aero Collection; Kemble 2000 to May 2012; Brist+
    13414     XJ918: RAF Sycamore HR.14; preserved Cosford RAF Museum
    13415 1956     XL820: HR.14 dd Feb 1957. Crashed near Tern Hill while with CFS on +
    13460 1957     XL826: 275 Sq by Jan 1959, CFS(H)/A-S Ternhill by 1963. w/o 28 Feb +
    13471     XL828: Built at Weston-super-Mare as HR.14 Destroyed by ground res+
    13474 1957     XL829: HR.14 dd Dec 1957. Khormaksar SAR Flt until Mar 1964, return+
- XL829: In storage at Bristol City Museum from Dec 1971. To Bri+

To IHM Weston-super-Mare in Oct 2007

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