united kingdom 60(R) Squadron

Royal Air Force

Part of Defence Helicopter Flying School UK Ministry of Defence (MoD)

1916 to present    


60(R) Squadron
Formed 30 Apr 1916 and after service in World War I, was associated with the Middle and Far East until Apr 1968 when it was disbanded. New role as communications unit between Feb 1969 and Apr 1992. Reformed again Jun 1992 at RAF Benson (EGUB) with Wessex HC.2. Reformed at RAF Shawbury (EGOS) on 1 Apr 1997 with a Reserve designation, as the RAF contribution to the Defence Helicopter Flying School (DHFS) with Griffin HT.1 to provide RAF crews with advanced, multi-engine training courses.

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1997/    RAF ShawburyEGOS
1992/97RAF BensonEGUB


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2009/    A109E Power
1997/18 412     412EP

List of aircraft

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C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
wa139 hc.2 1964 XR517 : RAF in 1995 /N 60Sqn.
Everett Aero XR517 : Sold to R Everett, Sproughton by Sep 1998, pres. Shoreham by Dec 2001. To +
wa145 hc.2 1964 XR523 : 72Sq/AM by May 1978, 72Sq/AR by Aug 1978, 72 Sq/M by May 1984 still Jul 1+
wa147 hc.2 1964 XR525 : 72Sq by Aug 1964; loaned to Sultan of Oman Air Force by Mar 1974 until Dec+
wa534 hc.2 1966 XT607 : 72 Sq/P by Jun 1968, 72 Sq/AP by Sep 1976, 72 Sq/P (still) by May 1984, w/+
36144 412ep 1996 ZJ234 : Griffin HT.1 dd Apr 1997, ex C-FZLM, ex G-BWZR de-reg Aug 1997; 1997 DH+
Bristow G-BWZR : Bristow Dec96-Apr97, to Mod; tmp back to G-BWZR Aug97
36151 412ep 1996 ZJ235 : RAF Griffin HT.1; 2003 60Sqn./I
: Jan13 60Sqn./I
Bristow G-BXBF : Bristow Helicopters From Jan97, for RAF
Ministry of Defence (MoD) ZJ235 : Defence Helicopter Flying School (DHFS); 19jul15 pictured at RIAT 2015
36156 412ep 1997 ZJ237 : Jan13 60Sqn./T
Bristow G-BXFF : Bristow/FBS Ltd Apr/Jul 1997
36162 412ep 1997 ZJ238 : 24+25jul99 60Sqn./Y Fairford air show
: Jan13 60Sqn./Y
Bristow G-BXHC : Bristow May/Aug 1997, to MoD
36095 412ep 1996 ZJ242 : Jan13 60Sqn./E
SACSA XA-SYM : SACSA; 1996 Bell serial N2291Q; to G-BXDK
Bristow G-BXDK : Bristow; ex XA-SYM; to MoD ZJ242
36297 412ep 2002 ZJ707 : RAF Griffin HT.1 d/d 2003; 2003 /O 60Sqn
: Jan13 60Sqn./O
Bell Helicopter Canada C-GADQ : BHTCL; toward G-CBUB
FB Heliservices G-CBUB : FB Heliservices from 2002 to 2003 ex C-GADQ toward ZJ707
36301 412ep 2002 ZJ708 : RAF Griffin HT.1; 2003 60Sqn./K
: 11jul14 pictured (bot) as 60 Sqn /K at RIAT 2014
Bristow G-CBVP : Bristow Sep/Nov 2002, test serial C-GLYY
FB Heliservices G-CBVP : FB Leasing Nov02-May03, to MoD


01-jul-4831-jul-60MY Operation Firedog

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