united kingdom RAF Shawbury

Shawbury, England
united kingdom

8.0298EGCV Sleap, England
10.9 86 Peplow, England
11.6 50EGOE RAF Tern Hill, England
17.5 85 RAF Chetwynd, England
18.2255 Nesscliffe Camp, England
29.4122 Castle Wood, England

1938 to present

52 48 N - 2 40 W
6nm NNE of Shrewsbury, Shropshire
Elevation: 249 feet

RAF Shawbury

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YearsRotary Wing Aircraft Unitbold : Current Model
normal: Unit no longer at this base
1997/    705 squadronAS350 Ecureuil 1997/   
SA341C Gazelle HT.2 1975/97
1997/    60(r) squadronA109e Power 2009/   
412 1997/   
Wessex HC.2 1992/97
1997/    660 squadronAS350BB Ecureuil 1997/   
1997/    Defence Helicopter Flying SchoolH135 / EC135T3 2018/   
H145 / EC145T2 2018/   
AW139 2009/   
AS350BB Ecureuil 1997/   
AS350BB Ecureuil 1997/   
AS350 Ecureuil 1997/   
412 1997/   
1976/972 Flying Training SchoolSA341D Gazelle HT.3 1976/97
Wessex HC.2 1963/97

News about this location

CAE Simulators for UK MFTS Program H135/H145, 07-Jul-16 : CAE to provide 7 flight training devices (FTDs) and 1 command and tactics trainer (CTT) for H135/H145 in 2018 at RAF Shawbury for the United Kingdom Military Flying Training System (UKMFTS) program

H135 and H145 for UK Military Flying Training, 20-May-16 : In a £500 million UKMFTS contract Airbus will supply H135 and H145 over 17 years for the joint Defence Helicopter Flying School (DHFS). Scheduled start for April 2018

705 Naval Air Squadron 75th anniversary, 26-Sep-14 : The squadron, part of the Defence Helicopter Flying School at RAF Shawbury in Shropshire, is where all RN pilots are put through their paces.


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By Date | By Serial

1988-apr-26 Wessex HC.2XT603 / WF
1991-jul-15 Royal Air ForceSA341D Gazelle HT.3XZ930
1995-dec-17 SA330E PumaXW212
1999-sep-01 412EPZJ234 / S
1999-sep-01 AS350BB EcureuilZJ271
2000-apr-10 412EPZJ234
2000-apr-10 412EPZJ240 / U
2000-apr-10 AS350BB EcureuilZJ255
2000-apr-10 AS350BB EcureuilZJ260
2004-aug-01 412EPZJ708 / K
2004-aug-01 AS350BB EcureuilZJ260
2005-jan-18 StoredArmy Air CorpsSA341B Gazelle AH.1XZ318
2005-jul-28 AS350BB EcureuilZJ258
2005-aug StoredArmy Air CorpsSA341B Gazelle AH.1ZB690
2006-sep-28 212ZJ969
2006-sep-28 412EPZJ707 / O
2006-sep-28 AS350BB EcureuilZJ272
2007-feb-22 AS350BB EcureuilZJ255
2007-feb-22 SA341B Gazelle AH.1XX383 / D
2007-feb-22 SA341B Gazelle AH.1XW899
2007-feb-22 SA341B Gazelle AH.1XW851
2007-feb-22 Wessex HU.5XT773 / 9123M
2008-jul-24 412EPZJ703
2008-jul-24 412EPZJ708 / K
2008-jul-24 AS350BB EcureuilZJ265
2008-jul-24 AS350BB EcureuilZJ269
2008-sep StoredArmy Air CorpsSA341B Gazelle AH.1XX409
2008-sep-25 212ZK067
2008-sep-25 AS350BB EcureuilZJ243
2008-sep-25 AS350BB EcureuilZJ280
2008-sep-25 AS350BB EcureuilZJ255
2008-sep-25 AS350BB EcureuilZJ256
2008-sep-25 AS350BB EcureuilZJ271
2008-sep-25 SA330E PumaXW200 / FA
2008-sep-25 SA341B Gazelle AH.1XW849 / G
2008-sep-25 SA341B Gazelle AH.1XW851
2008-sep-25 SA341B Gazelle AH.1XZ324
2008-sep-25 SA341B Gazelle AH.1ZA771 / Z
2008-sep-25 SA341C Gazelle HT.2XX431 / 43
2008-sep-25 Wessex HC.2XT672 / WE
2009-jan Army Air CorpsSA341B Gazelle AH.1XX403
2009-feb-19 412EPZJ238 / Y
2009-feb-19 AS350BB EcureuilZJ280
2009-mar-19 412EPZJ234 / S
2009-mar-19 412EPZJ708 / K
2009-mar-19 A109e PowerZR324
2009-mar-19 AS350BB EcureuilZJ271
2009-mar-19 SA341B Gazelle AH.1XX386
2009-apr-24 AS350BB EcureuilZJ243 / 43
2009-oct-23 A109e PowerZR325
2009-oct-23 Lynx HAS2XZ250
2009-oct-23 Merlin HM.1ZH833 / 85
2009-oct-23 Sea King HAS.1XV648 / CU-818
2009-oct-23 Sea King HAS.1XV707 / 184
2009-oct-23 Sea King HAS.5ZA167 / 22
2009-oct-23 Sea King HAS.5ZE418 / 186
2009-oct-23 Sea King HC.4ZF121 / T
2010-jan-29 AS350BB EcureuilZJ271
2010-mar-10 CH-47D ChinookZA718 / BN
2010-nov-25 A109e PowerZR325
2010-nov-25 A109e PowerZR324
2010-nov-25 SA341C Gazelle HT.2XX431 / CU/43/9300M
2011-may-19 Scout AH.1XV123
2011-jul-15 CH-47D ChinookZH895 / HJ
2012-mar Royal Air ForceAS350BB EcureuilZJ258
2012-nov-22 Fleet Air ArmLynx HAS2XZ726
2012-nov-22 Royal Air ForceWessex HC.2XR516
2013-jan Royal Air Force412EPZJ703
2013-jan Royal Air Force412EPZJ704
2013-jan Royal Air Force412EPZJ241
2013-jan homebaseRoyal Air Force412EPZJ707
2013-jan homebaseRoyal Air Force412EPZJ235
2013-jan homebaseRoyal Air Force412EPZJ237
2013-jan homebaseRoyal Air Force412EPZJ238
2013-jan homebaseRoyal Air Force412EPZJ242
2013-jan homebaseRoyal Air ForceA109e PowerZR325
2013-jan homebaseRoyal Air ForceA109e PowerZR324
2013-jan homebaseRoyal Air ForceAS350B1 EcureuilG-DOIT
2013-jan homebaseRoyal Air ForceAS350BB EcureuilZJ275
2013-jan homebaseRoyal Air ForceAS350BB EcureuilZJ256
2013-jan homebaseRoyal Air ForceAS350BB EcureuilZJ257
2013-jan homebaseRoyal Air ForceAS350BB EcureuilZJ261
2013-jan homebaseRoyal Air ForceAS350BB EcureuilZJ262
2013-jan homebaseRoyal Air ForceAS350BB EcureuilZJ264
2013-jan homebaseRoyal Air ForceAS350BB EcureuilZJ265
2013-jan homebaseRoyal Air ForceAS350BB EcureuilZJ267
2013-jan homebaseRoyal Air ForceAS350BB EcureuilZJ268
2013-jan homebaseRoyal Air ForceAS350BB EcureuilZJ269
2013-jan Royal Air ForceAS350BB EcureuilZJ276
2013-jan storedArmy Air CorpsSA341B Gazelle AH.1XX378
2013-jan storedArmy Air CorpsSA341B Gazelle AH.1XX403
2013-jan storedArmy Air CorpsSA341B Gazelle AH.1XZ349
2013-jan storedArmy Air CorpsSA341B Gazelle AH.1XZ303
2013-jan storedArmy Air CorpsSA341B Gazelle AH.1XZ337
2013-jan storedArmy Air CorpsSA341B Gazelle AH.1XX442
2013-jan storedArmy Air CorpsSA341B Gazelle AH.1XX379
2013-jan storedArmy Air CorpsSA341B Gazelle AH.1XZ331
2013-jan storedArmy Air CorpsSA341B Gazelle AH.1XZ295
2013-jan storedArmy Air CorpsSA341B Gazelle AH.1XZ311
2013-jan storedArmy Air CorpsSA341B Gazelle AH.1XX399
2013-jan storedArmy Air CorpsSA341B Gazelle AH.1XX447
2013-jan storedArmy Air CorpsSA341B Gazelle AH.1XZ323
2013-jan storedArmy Air CorpsSA341B Gazelle AH.1ZA773
2013-jan Fleet Air ArmSA341C Gazelle HT.2XX431
2013-jan Army Air CorpsScout AH.1XV123
2013-jan Royal Air ForceWessex HC.2XR516
2013-jan Fleet Air ArmWessex HU.5XT773
2013-mar Fleet Air ArmMerlin HM.1ZH825
2013-mar Fleet Air ArmMerlin HM.1ZH823
2013-mar Fleet Air ArmMerlin HM.1ZH822
2014-apr Royal Air ForceSA330E PumaXW207
2015-jan-23 Royal Air ForceEH101 Mk.512ZK001
2015-jan-23 Army Air CorpsWAH-64 ApacheZJ180
2015-jan-23 Army Air CorpsWAH-64 ApacheZJ185
2015-jan-23 Army Air CorpsWAH-64 ApacheZJ207
2015-jan-23 Army Air CorpsWAH-64 ApacheZJ210
2015-jan-23 Army Air CorpsWAH-64 ApacheZJ210
2015-jan-23 Army Air CorpsWAH-64 ApacheZJ210
2015-jan-23 Army Air CorpsWAH-64 ApacheZJ214
2015-feb Royal Air ForceAS350BB EcureuilZJ271
2017-apr-03 Airbus Helicopters UKH135 / EC135T3G-CJIW
2017-apr-03 Airbus Helicopters UKH145 / EC145T2G-CJIV

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