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  • united kingdom 660 Squadron

    Army Air Corps

    660 Squadron, defence helicopter flying school

    Part of Defence Helicopter Flying School UK Ministry of Defence (MoD)

    1943 to present    


    Formed at Old Sarum in Jul 1943 as an Air Observation Post (AOP) Squadron with fixed wing Auster IIIs. Moved to France in Jul 1944, changed to Auster Vs and moved to Belgium in Sep 1944 and on into Germany in Mar 1945. Disbanded May 1946.

    Reformed in 1969 at Topcliffe with Sioux AH.1 and Scout AH.1s as part of BAOR 2nd Division Aviation Regiment and moved to Soest in 1971. In 1972, 660 Aviation Squadron moved under 4th Division Aviation Regiment in Germany. During 1973, the unit provided a small Scout and Sioux detachment for a 4 month tour in Northern Ireland. The unit was the first to receive the Gazelle AH.1 for operational service in May 1974 at Soest. It swapped a Scout Flt with 654 Squadron in Oct 1977 to become an entirely Gazelle unit and came under 3 REGT control on 6 Dec 1977. Redesignated as 663 Squadron on 1 Apr 1978.

    A new 660 Squadron was formed in Hong Kong with Scout AH.1 in 1978 and then moved to the New Terriotories (Sek Kong) until 1994, when it was disbanded as part of the preparations for the hand over of the Crown Protectorate to the Chinese.

    Reformed again in Apr 1997, 660 Army Aviation Squadron forms the Single Engine Basic Rotary Wing Squadron of the tri-service Defence Helicopter Flying School at RAF Shawbury, equipped with the Eurocopter Squirrel HT.1.

    Stationed in Soest Germany during the time that they received the Scout AH.1 when the airfield was only a small unit. The 660 emblem that was on the wall below the control tower was hand paint. Airtrooper (Atpr) Rothwell
    Also detachments at Long Kesh in 1975 with 658 Sqdn and in 1976 with 654 Sqdn. Scouts in 1975, Gazelles in 1976. Gazelles in 1975 were XW 892, 893, 896, 897, 899, 900 Scouts 1975/1976 included XV135, XR595, XT620, XP894, XT617
    Hi My name is Dave Cutting. Nickname blue. I served with 660 from October 74 till March 77. We did 2x tours in Ireland in 75 and 76. Taking Scouts in 75 and Gazelles in 76. Would be great to meet up with some of the guys again. Cheers

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    1997/    RAF ShawburyEGOS
    1978/94HK Sek KongVHSK
    1973Long Kesh
    1971/78DE SoestEDLZ
    1969/71RAF TopcliffeEGXZ


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    1997/18AS350BB Ecureuil
    1978/94 Scout     Scout AH.1
    1974/78SA341B Gazelle AH.1
    1969/77 Scout     Scout AH.1

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    C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
    f.9630 ah.1 1966 XT624 : With 660 Sq at Sek Kong by Jun 1990
    - G-NOTY : 5nov97
    : Noted at Gloucester Mar 2009
    : based at North Weald by Jul 2013
    f.9759 ah.1 1972 XW796 : 659 Sq; 660Sq / H by May 1984
    Gunsmoke Paintball XW796 : Privately owned, Sproughton
    : Gunsmoke Paintball Hadleigh Suffolk by Mar 2014, still Jun 2015
    : moved to Layer Marney site by Sep 2017, after Benton End (Hadleigh) closed
    1165 ah.1 1974 XW892 : One of the original Gazelles operated by 660Sqn AAC at Soest. First Gazel+
    - G-CGJX : ex XW892
    1192 ah.1 XW899 : 660Sqdn AAC Soest, Germany
    1195 ah.1 XW900 : 660Sqdn AAC at Soest, Germany


    15-jun-7315-oct-73 Operation Banner