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    Scout AH.1



    Engine: 1 x RR Nimbus 102 685 shp
    Capacity: 2 + 3
    Length: (m) 9.24
    Height: (m) 2.72
    Blades: 4
    Rotor diam.: (m) 9.83
    Disc area: (m2) 75.89
    Weight: (kgs) Empty: 1465     Max: 2405
    Speed: (km/h) Cruise: 196     Max: 211
    Range: (km) 510
    Ceiling: (m) 4085
    Rate/Climb: (m/min) 183

    List of Operators of Westland Scout AH.1

    From Organisation with model Scout AH.1
    united kingdom Army Air Corps
        Scout 150 1961/94
    united kingdom Royal Marines
        Scout 9 1970/82

    Construction Numbers on database of Scout AH.1


    Construction Numbers

    Help Us

    f.9472 1961 UK XP846
    f.9473 1962 UK XP847
    f.9474 1962 UK XP848
    f.9475 1962 UK G-CBUH,XP849,ZK-HQU
    f.9476 UK XP850
    f.9477 UK XP851
    f.9478 UK XP852
    f.9479 UK XP853
    f.9480 1962 UK XP854
    f.9481 1962 UK XP855
    f.9482 1962 UK XP856
    f.9483 UK XP857
    f.9484 UK XP883
    f.9485 UK G-WDST,XP884
    f.9486 UK XP885
    f.9487 1963 UK XP886
    f.9488 UK XP887
    f.9489 UK XP888
    f.9492 UK XP891,ZK-HZS
    f.9493 UK XP892
    f.9494 1963 UK XP893
    f.9495 UK XP894
    f.9496 UK XP895
    f.9497 UK XP896
    f.9498 UK XP897
    f.9499 UK XP898
    f.9500 1963 UK XP899
    f.9501 UK XP900
    f.9502 UK XP901
    f.9503 1963 UK XP902
    f.9504 UK XP903
    f.9505 UK XP904
    f.9506 UK XP905
    f.9507 UK XP906
    f.9508 1963 UK G-SROE,XP907
    f.9509 UK XP908
    f.9510 1963 UK XP909
    f.9511 1963 UK XP910
    f.9517 1964 UK G-BWHU,XR595
    f.9518 UK XR596
    f.9519 UK XR597
    f.9520 UK XR598
    f.9521 1964 UK XR599
    f.9522 UK XR600
    f.9523 1964 UK XR601
    f.9524 UK XR602
    f.9525 1964 UK VH-NVW,XR603
    f.9526 UK XR604
    f.9527 1964 UK XR627
    f.9528 1964 UK XR628
    f.9529 1964 UK XR629
    f.9530 UK XR630
    f.9531 UK XR631
    f.9532 UK C5-,XR632
    f.9533 UK XR633
    f.9534 UK XR634
    f.9535 1965 UK XR635
    f.9536 1965 UK XR636
    f.9537 UK XR637
    f.9538 UK XR638
    f.9539 UK XR639
    f.9540 UK XR640
    f.9620 UK XT614
    f.9621 UK XT615
    f.9622 1965 UK XT616
    f.9623 1965 UK XT617
    f.9624 UK XT618
    f.9625 UK XT619
    f.9626 UK XT620
    f.9627 1965 UK XT621
    f.9628 UK XT622
    f.9629 UK XT623
    f.9630 1966 UK G-NOTY,XT624
    f.9631 1966 UK XT625
    f.9632 1966 UK G-CIBW,XT626
    f.9633 1966 UK XT627
    f.9634 UK XT628
    f.9635 1965 UK XT629
    f.9636 1966 UK G-BXRL,XT630
    f.9637 UK XT631
    f.9638 1966 UK G-BZBD,XT632
    f.9639 UK XT633
    f.9640 1966 UK G-BYRX,XT634
    f.9641 UK XT635
    f.9642 UK XT636
    f.9643 1966 UK XT637
    f.9644 UK XT638
    f.9645 UK XT639
    f.9646 UK XT640
    f.9647 UK XT641
    f.9648 1966 UK XT642
    f.9649 1966 UK XT643
    f.9650 UK C5-,XT644
    f.9651 UK XT645
    f.9652 UK XT646,ZK-HYS
    f.9653 UK XT647
    f.9654 UK XT648
    f.9655 1966 UK XT649,ZK-HUK
    f.9693 UK XV118
    f.9694 UK XV119

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