united kingdom Wessex Training Flight

Royal Air Force

Wessex TF

1980 to 1982    

Created from a flight of 240 Operational Conversion Unit at RAF Benson on 3 Nov 1980, to provide specialist Wessex training. Disbanded at RAF Benson on 30 Apr 1982, partly in response to the demands of Operation Corporate.

Departing from RAF Odiham, 4 x Wessex HC2 were flown in a Diamond formation led by Flt Lt Brian Freeman, with smoke canisters held out of each starboard cargo door. During the departure flypast, the no 4 aircraft, piloted by Flt Lt Roger Utley and ably assisted by SAC Crompers Crompton in the left hand seat had a problem with their canister, which failered to ignite. However it later self ignited over the M4 en-route to RAF Benson

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