Westland Whirlwind

Whirlwind HAR.10


Improved SAR/transport version powered by Bristol Siddeley Gnome engine, 68 new built for Royal Air Force, plus many conversion from earlier marks.


Engine: 1 x RR Gnome H1000 1050 shp
Capacity: 2
Length: (m) 12.7
Height: (m) 4.75
Blades: 3
Rotor diam.: (m) 16.15
Disc area: (m2) 204.96
Weight: (kgs) Empty: 2676     Max: 3538
Speed: (km/h) Cruise: 151     Max: 175
Range: (km) 530
Ceiling: (m) 3960
Rate/Climb: (m/min) 371

List of Operators of Westland Whirlwind HAR.10

From Organisation with model Whirlwind HAR.10
united kingdom Westland
    Whirlwind 1952/??
united kingdom Royal Air Force
    Whirlwind 135 1955/81

Construction Numbers on database of Whirlwind HAR.10


Construction Numbers

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wa 20 1954 UK XD163 : har.4 Westland Whirlwind HAR.4, WA20, f/f: 15Jul54; del Royal+
Originally built in 1954 at Yeovil, Somerset as a 12-se+
XD163 : acquired by The Helicopter Museum in Apr 1991. Under re+
wa 27 1954 UK XD184 : har.4 Westland Whirlwind Ser.2, c/n WA27, f/f: 13Aug54; del R+
228 Sq by 1962
conv HAR.10, XD184, unk; wfu as i/a, 8787M, unk; pres. +
HAR.10 ex 84 Sq A Flt Spade, 8787M. To Larnaca as Gate +
RAF; Mar.93 pictured HAR.10 type preserved in 84 Sqn co+
UK 8787M : as RAF Akrotiri gate guard, from Sep 1983 (still here 1+
wa 29 1954 UK XD186 : har.4 RAF f/f Aug 1954, d/d Nov 1954 to 155 Sq; crashed 11 Se+
HAR.10 type preserved at Chivenor Air Day
preserved Hermeskeil Air Museum, Germany as RAF Rescue +
UK 8730M : Assigned a maintenance serial 8730M in May 1982 and on +
wa 33 1954 UK XD777 : har.4 Westland Whirlwind HAR.4, c/n WA33, ff: 21Oct54; ntu Ro+
UK XJ407 : del Royal Air Force as Whirlwind HAR.4, XJ407, 03Nov54;+
32 Sq, visited the Air Tattoo, 23 Jun 1979
UK G-BKHB : wfu & xfer UK as G-BKHB, unk.
US N7013H : sold US N7013H, 15Jun88; w/o Aug88.
wa 35 1954 UK XD779 : har.4 Westland Whirlwind HAR.4, c/n WA35, ntu Royal Air Force+
UK XJ409 : ff: 03Nov54; del Royal Air Force as Whirlwind HAR.4, XJ+
RAF: Whirlwind HAR.10 noted in storage at RAF Wroughton+
to Wales Aircraft Museum, Jun 1979 until c 1994
to Llanbedr for storage c , still there by 2007
wa 36 1954 UK XD780 : har.4 Westland Whirlwind HAR.4, c/n WA36, ntu Royal Air Force+
UK XJ410 : ff: 05Nov54; del Royal Air Force as Whirlwind HAR.4, XJ+
wa 37 1954 UK XD781 : har.4 Westland Whirlwind HAR.4, c/n WA37, ntu Royal Air Force+
UK XJ411 : ff: 13Nov54; del Royal Air Force as Whirlwind HAR.4, XJ+
UK XJ411 : Wroughton store; to Farnborough as /Z by Jul 1977, dere+
wa 38 1954 UK XD782 : har.4 Westland Whirlwind HAR.4, c/n WA38, ntu Royal Air Force+
UK XJ412 : ff: 15Nov54; del Royal Air Force as Whirlwind HAR.4, XJ+
wa 41 1954 UK XD784 : har.4 Westland Whirlwind HAR.4, c/n WA41, ntu Royal Air Force+
UK XJ414 : RAF f/f/ 24Nov54 as XD784, d/d 03Dec54 as Whirlwind HAR+
Early Jun67 pictured (top) during training exercise. M+
w/o 22jun67 asg 202 Sqn Flight based at Coltishall, bro+
wa 42 1954 UK XD795 : har.4 Westland Whirlwind HAR.4, c/n WA42, ntu Royal Air Force+
UK XJ426 : ff: 14Dec54; del Royal Air Force as Whirlwind HAR.4, XJ+
Ditched while with 22 Sq, following fire indications, o+
wa 44 1954 UK XD797 : har.4 Westland Whirlwind HAR.4, c/n WA44, ntu Royal Air Force+
UK XJ428 : ff: 20Dec54; del Royal Air Force as Whirlwind HAR.4, XJ+
HAR.4 built at Yeovil; as 155 Sq / R pictured at RAF +
HAR.4 110 Sq
Conversion to HAR.10 in
HAR.10 22 Sq
HAR.10 228 Sq; 10 Sep 1963 crash landed following powe+
wa 45 1955 UK XD798 : har.4 Westland Whirlwind HAR.4, c/n WA45, ntu Royal Air Force+
UK XJ429 : ff: 14Jan55; del Royal Air Force as Whirlwind HAR.4, XJ+
20may73 HAR.10 type pictured at Seething Airshow, Norfo+
to fire dump at RAF Benson. Destroyed in training fire+
wa 46 1955 UK XD799 : har.4 Westland Whirlwind HAR.4, c/n WA46, ntu Royal Air Force+
UK XJ430 : ff: 20Jan55; del Royal Air Force as Whirlwind HAR.4, XJ+
275 Sq A Flt by Sep 1959
wa 48 1955 UK XD801 : har.4 Westland Whirlwind HAR.4, c/n WA48, ntu Royal Air Force+
UK XJ432 : ff: 11Feb55; del Royal Air Force as Whirlwind HAR.4, XJ+
XD801 ntu. Loaned to Queens Flight (as HC.2 ?) 1958-59,+
wa 49 1955 UK XD802 : har.4 Westland Whirlwind HAR.4, c/n WA49, ntu Royal Air Force+
UK XJ433 : ff: 18Feb55; del Royal Air Force as Whirlwind HAR.2, XJ+
wa 51 1955 UK XD804 : har.4 Westland Whirlwind HAR.4, c/n WA51, ntu Royal Air Force+
UK XJ435 : ff: 03Mar55; del Royal Air Force as Whirlwind HAR.2, XJ+
1st Whirlwind HAR.10 for RAF Air Support Command, issue+
Jun73 pictured as VIP type with 32 (The Royal) Squadron+
wa 53 1955 UK XD806 : har.4 Westland Whirlwind HAR.4, c/n WA53, ntu Royal Air Force+
UK XJ437 : ff: 30Mar55; del Royal Air Force as Whirlwind HAR.2, XJ+
84 Sq A Flt / Club by Jan 1982; GI Akrotiri for BDRT, +
wa 98 1955 UK XJ727 : har.2 Westland Whirlwind HAR.2, c/n WA98, ff:29Dec55; del Roy+
HAR.2 22 Sq; 228 Sq
to Oldmixon for conversion to HAR.10
HAR.10 1310 Flt; CFS(H); 2 FTS / L
to RAF Manston History Museum by Apr 2006
UK 8661M : HAR.10 to 8661M at Halton as G I, Nov 1980
8661M : to Dishforth
wa100 1956 UK XJ729 : har.2 Westland Whirlwind HAR.2 f/f 18Jan56 d/d 01Feb56; conv +
HAR.2 22 Sq
1st conversion to HAR.10 carried out at Oldmixon
HAR.10 22 Sq; Min of Aviation; 228 Sq; 202 Sq; 22 Sq
UK 8732M : 1 Aug 1984 to Finningley as G I
For disposal at Finningley by Mar 1993.
to Colsterworth by Aug 1993
UK G-BVGE : Austen Assoc Nov93-May99
private at County Westmeath, Ireland May99-Nov13
private from Nov13
part of fly-past at RAF Valley to mark formal disbandm+
pictured at RAF Cosford Air Show
on static display at RIAT 2018
pictured (pic2) at Higher Purtington undergoing depth +
wa103 1956 UK XJ757 : har.2 Westland Whirlwind HAR.2, c/n WA103, ff: 24Jan56; del R+
HAR.2 22 Sq; 1360 Flt; 217 Sq
Conversion to HAR.10 (at Weston-super-Mare ?)
HAR.10 225 Sq; 22 Sq; CFS; damaged in attempted autorot+
wa104 1956 UK XJ758 : har.2 Westland Whirlwind HAR.2, c/n WA104, ff: 01Feb56; del R+
HAR.2 22 Sq; 1360 Flt; 217 Sq
Conversion to HAR.10 (at Weston super Mare ?)
HAR.10 , CFS; 230 Sq; CFS; to Shawbury as 8464M 10 Feb +
cockpit section on Shawbury dump and destroyed by .
wa106 1956 UK XJ760 : har.2 Westland Whirlwind HAR.2, c/n WA106, ff: 29Feb56; del R+
while operating with 110 Sq, made a forced landing in j+
wa109 1956 UK XJ763 : har.2 Westland Whirlwind HAR.2, c/n WA109, ff: 29Feb56; del R+
UK G-BKHA : sold UK as G-BKHA, unk; pres Elmira, New York, unk.
: Jul16 still at the Wings of Eagles discovery centre at +
Saturday October the 8th 2016. I sat in the cockpit of +
wa110 1956 UK XJ764 : har.2 Westland Whirlwind HAR.2, c/n WA110, ff: 05Mar56; del R+
JEHU/7 by 1956, JHU/7 by Oct 1956, Suez assault 6 Nov 1+
225 Sq
Conversion to HAR.10
HAR.10 CFS (H); 22 Sq; 1564 Flt; 1563 Flt; 22 Sq; 84 S+
wa139 1956 UK XK968 : har.2 Westland Whirlwind HAR.2, c/n WA139, ff: 08May56; del R+
JEHU/9 by 1956, JHU/9 by Oct 1956, Suez assault 6 Nov 1+
HAR.10, at 1 SoTT Halton as 8445M, ex 28 Sq / E by Jul +
RAF from 1981 dump Manston /E
wa141 1956 UK XK970 : har.2 Westland Whirlwind HAR.2, c/n WA141, ff: 25May56; del R+
JEHU/11 by 1956, JHU/11 by Oct 1956, Suez assault 6 Nov+
, served with the SAR Flight at Khormaksar, Aden; Pain+
84Sq B Flt / P by 1972, still Jan 1982, to 8789M, rescu+
wa142 1956 UK XK986 : har.2 Westland Whirlwind HAR.2, c/n WA142, ff: 27Jun56; del R+
JEHU/12 by 1956, JHU/12 by Oct 1956, Suez assault 6 Nov+
84Sq B Flt by 1972, to 8790M, rescue training at Akroti+
wa144 1956 UK XK988 : har.2 Westland Whirlwind HAR.2, c/n WA144, ff: 09Jul56; del R+
JEHU; 225 Sq; CFS
Conversion to HAR.10
103 Sq; 110 Sq; 103 Sq / D
AES Lee (A2646) on 5 Jun 1975, still Mar 1978, still Ma+
At Middle Wallop by 1982 for possible reversion to HAR.+
Loaned to Britannia Park, Derby by
Back to MW by
to Museum at Fleetlands by Feb 1990, still Oct 1991.
to Museum of Army Flying on 8 May 1992
wa149 1956 UK XL110 : har.2 Westland Whirlwind HAR.2, c/n WA149, ff: 30Nov56; del R+
HAR.2 217 Sq; 228 Sq
Conversion to HAR.10
HAR.10 230Sq; 84 Sq
6 Feb 1973 Crashed nr Nicosia when it shed a main rotor+
In Akrotiri crash dump by .
wa151 1957 UK XL112 : har.2 Westland Whirlwind HAR.2, c/n WA151, ff: 18Jan57; del R+
broke up in flight and w/o 20 Nov 1970, near Patrick Br+
wa266 1959 UK XN126 : hcc.8 HCC.8 Del RAF Aug 1959
Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA266, ff: 02May59; del +
del Queens Flight at RAF Benson on 5 Nov 1959.
Conversion to HAR.10 at Oldmixon, arrived May 1964
110 Sq; 103 Sq; CFS(H); 22 Sq; CFS; 2 FTS
UK 8655M : Sep 1980 to RAF Halton as GI.
wa267 1959 UK XN127 : hcc.8 HCC.8 Del RAF Nov1959
Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA267, ff: 07Aug59; del +
del Queens Flight at RAF Benson on 5 Nov 1959.
Conversion to HAR.10 at Oldmixon, arrived May 1964
HAR.10 to CFS(H); 2 FTS
8 May 1980 crashed at Shawbury while with 2 FTS.
wa342 1961 UK XP299 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA342, ff: 28Mar61; del +
A&AEE Jul 1961 to Apr 1962; Westlands Apr 1962 to Sep 1+
RAF Cosford Aerospace Museum Dec 1981 as 8726M; RAF Mus+
pictured in 22 Squadron markings at RAF Museum, Hendon
wa343 1961 UK XP300 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA343, ff: 25Aug61; del +
Main body and boom of airframe to Fire Dump at Portland+
RAF, noted in storage at Wroughton - shell of cab rema+
wa344 1961 UK XP301 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA344, ff: 25Aug61; del +
wa345 1961 UK XP302 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA345, ff: 08Sep61; del +
, flew this based at RAF Valley (Detachment from CFS RA+
at 1 SoTT Halton as 8443M, ex 230 Sq / Y by Jul 1975. S+
wa346 1961 UK XP303 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA346, ff: 05Jul61; del +
110 Sq/B by Jul 1963. /C by Apr 1967. w/o 24 Jan 1971 +
wa347 1961 UK XP327 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA347, ff: 29Aug61; del +
25 Sep 1965 - while operating with 225 Squadron, crashe+
wa348 1961 UK XP328 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA348, ff: 29Aug61; del +
UK G-BKHC : wfu & sold UK as G-BKHC, unk; w/o 22Aug88.
wa349 1961 UK XP329 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA349, ff: 02Sep61; del +
(110 Sq ?)/C by Sep 1963
Fundraising flight with 84 Sqn B Flight in support of +
84Sq B Flt/V by 1972
to 8791M GI at Salamanca Barracks, Episkopi by
stored Tattershall Thorpe
wa350 1961 UK XP330 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA350, ff: 21Sep61; del +
flew in 26 Jan 1976 for CAA Fire School, Stansted, Stil+
wa351 1961 UK XP331 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA351, ff: 11Oct61; del +
flew this from RAF Valley (Detachment from CFS RAF Ter+
flew in her as an Air Cadet at RAF Tern Hill
wa352 1961 UK XP332 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA352, ff: 04Nov61; del +
225 Sq/E by May 1965
wa353 1961 UK XP333 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA353, ff: 15Nov61; del +
17apr80 noted at RAF Odiham
wa354 1961 UK XP338 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA354, ff: 27Nov61; del +
225 Sq; CFS (H); HDU; CFS (H)
to 8647M at RAF Shawbury by . Still there as /N by Nov +
8647M to Cosford Apr 1984; scrapped 1993
wa355 1961 UK XP339 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA355, ff: 06Dec61; del +
225 Sq, 103 Sq, 32 Sq; to Pryton Hill
At Pyrton Hill, Oxon by Mar 1980; to Hadfield
At Uniproducts, Hadfield until Dec 1983. To Macclesfiel+
XP339 : to Bomber County Aviation Museum (Cleethorpes) Oct 1984
to Museum für Luftfahrt und Technik, Wernigerode Jun 1+
wa356 1961 UK XP340 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA356, ff: 20Dec61; del +
w/o blown over by winds during night whilst parked out+
to Manston by Aug 1976, still May 1977, still Jan 1980.
wa357 1962 UK XP341 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA357, ff: 10Jan62; del +
ex CFS / E; 8340M at RAFC Engineering Flt by Jan 1978
wa358 1962 UK XP342 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA358, ff: 19Jan62; del +
wa359 1962 UK XP343 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA359, ff: 23Jan62; del +
wa360 1962 UK XP344 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA360, ff: 19Jan62; del +
to Explosive Ordnance Disposal school at North Luffenha+
wa361 1962 UK XP345 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA361, ff: 24Jan62; del +
CFS(H)/W-L by Apr 1962; 202 Sq/M by Jul 1967; 1563 Flt;+
XP345 : under restoration by Yorkshire Helicopter Preservation +
pictured at Aeroventure, Doncaster in 84 Squadron and +
wa362 1962 UK XP346 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA362, ff: 31jan62; del +
RAF; 1978 202Sqn.
84 Sq A Flt/Diamonds by 1981
to 8793M GI Bloodhound Camp Paramali by Apr 1982
to Lee-on-Solent; to Shawbury and sold
XP346 : to Tattershall Thorpe by
pres. Long Marston by Jun 2005 still Jul 2013.
All Things Wild, Honeybourne. Part of the play park.
wa363 1962 UK XP347 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA363, ff: 08Feb62; del +
noted in operational use at RAF Lossiemouth
202 Sq, regular visitor to RAF station during Jul 1979
Forced landing following tail rotor failure at Koksijde+
wa364 1962 UK XP348 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA364, ff: 09Feb62; del +
wa365 1962 UK XP349 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA365, ff: 15Feb62; del +
Ditched in harbour and w/o following engine failure, 13+
wa366 1962 UK XP350 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA366, ff: 21Feb62; del +
displayed/operational at SBAC Farnborough Airshow 16-22+
225 Sq; 22 Sq
15jul97 pictured at Cornwall Aero Park, Helston, Cornwa+
UK XP350 : To Cornwall Aero Park 2 Mar 1982, still Aug 1986, still+
XP350 : to National Paintball Fields Bassetts Pole by Sep 2006,+
wa367 1962 UK XP351 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA367, ff: 22Feb62; del +
f/f 22 Feb 1962, d/d 07 Mar 1962, 22 Sq Mar 1962 to May+
22 Sq May 1973 to Sep 1976, SARTU on 2 Nov 1976 until F+
UK XP351 : to MoD(PE) 30 Nov 1972 for trials until May 1973.
UK 8672M : to 8672M Feb 1981 and Shawbury gate guard Dec 1987 as 2+
wa368 1962 UK XP352 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA368, ff: 19Feb62; del +
arrived Hermeskeil Jan 1988
UK 8701M : 12 Sep 1981 Static exhibit at RAF Abingdon Battkle of B+
wa369 1962 UK XP353 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA369, ff: 20Mar62; del +
wa370 1962 UK XP354 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA370, ff: 23Mar62; del +
202 Sq; 22 Sq; Halton SoTT 8721M
to Colsterworth by Aug 1993
I came across this in a field located Cloghan, Co West+
wa371 1962 UK XP355 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA371, ff: 28Mar62; del +
RAF Central Flying School (CFS) March 1962; by 1965 22 +
official CAA c/n is WAJ 30 on the original paperwork bu+
to City of Norwich Aviation Museum on 15 Jun 1980, stil+
UK 8463M : allocated 8463M at RAF Shawbury for GI use. Still marke+
UK G-BEBC : Milard Car Services Ltd, London reg 25Jun76; canc as P+
XP355 : 04Mar11 pictured preserved at the City of Norwich Aviat+
wa372 1962 UK XP356 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA372, ff: 09Apr62; del +
CFS / B at Farnborough air show 1972
wa373 1962 UK XP357 : 225 Sq/J by Jul 1965.
Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA373, ff 18Apr62; del R+
to Manston for RAF Fire School by Feb 1977, still Jan 1+
wa374 1962 UK XP358 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA374, ff: 19Apr62; del +
103Sq/K by Aug 1963
Wroughton store; to Farnborough as /S by Jul 1977
to RAF Bruggen by Mar 1979
wa375 1962 UK XP359 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA375, ff: 25Apr62; del +
71MU, static display at the Air Tattoo, 23 Jun 1979
RAF Exhibition Flt at Abingdon by Jan 1980
wa376 1962 UK XP360 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA376, ff: 08May62; del +
225 Sq; CFS /V; sold 31 Mar 1976
noted at a Fawkham Green farm, near Brands Hatch by May+
Preserved SWWAPS by Apr 1980; sold to Paintball park in+
To Shepherds Surplus by , gone by Aug 1995 ?
by Apr 2015 at Oaker Wood Leisure, nr Leominster
wa377 1962 UK XP361 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA377, ff: 08May62; del +
225 Sq; 110 Sq; 103 Sq; 22 Sq by 1981
8731M. ex 22Sq A Flt, pushed onto the Chivenor fire du+
8731M; to Boulmer. Left Boulmer by road for Valley on 2+
to Valley by May 1984 and reconditioned for display as +
to Coltishall. Present, rotorless by Jul 1992. On the d+
to Bruntingthorpe Mar 1996 as a proposed spares source +
wa378 1962 UK XP362 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA378, ff: 15May62; del +
103 Sq / Q (date unknown)
to Lee-on-Solent by Feb 1976
Lee dump by
wa379 1962 UK XP363 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA379, ff: 21May62; del +
w/o blown over by winds during night whilst parked out+
at 1 SoTT Halton as / D by Jul 1975, had boom from XP34+
to Halton dump by Jul 1978
wa380 1962 UK XP392 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA380(1), ff: 01Jun62; w+
UK XP392 : HAR.10 built at Yeovil and crashed 20Jun 1962 before de+
UK XS412 : HAR.10 built at Yeovil as a new airframe with same c/n,+
Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA380(2), ff: 08Oct62; d+
230 Sq; 18 Jun 1968 force landed 4mi SW of Basingstoke+
wa381 1962 UK XP393 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA381, ff: 05Jun62; del +
Wroughton store; to Farnborough as /U by May 1977; On t+
wa382 1962 UK XP394 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA382, ff: 08Jun62; del +
wa383 1962 UK XP395 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA383, ff: 20Jun62; del +
XP395 : to Tattershall Thorpe by May 1987
submerged in quarry lake, east of Plymouth by
Lying on its side wrecked at RAF North Luffenham by
wa384 1962 UK XP396 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA384, ff: 22Jun62; del +
wa385 1962 UK XP397 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA385, ff: 05Jul62; del +
damaged tail rotor in forced landing, c 0.5nm N of RAF +
wa386 1962 UK XP398 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA386, ff: 18Jul62; del +
225 Sq; 110 Sq; 103 Sq; 202 Sq; 1563 Flt to 84 Sq 1972.
84 Sq A Flt/Hearts by 1981, to 8794M GI St Johns School+
ex Cyprus, Shawbury store, for disposal, to Peckham Rye
pres. Gatwick Aviation Museum by Mar 1996, still Aug 20+
wa387 1962 UK XP399 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA387, ff: 21Jul62; del +
230 Sq / U at RAF Odiham on 1 Aug 1962
230 Sq to RAF Gutersloh on 15 Jan 1963
230 Sq in Cyprus on 8 Feb 1964
230 Sq damaged during accident in Cyprus on 3 Oct 1964.+
1563 Flt by
Into Wroughton store on 10 Apr 1970
to Pyrton Hill, Oxon. Still there by Mar 1980
At Uniproducts, Hadfield until Mar 1982. To Glastonbury+
, to Tor View Garage, Edgarley, off A361 east of Glasto+
XP399 : to Kestner Caravan Park, nr Kettering by Dec 1991
Painted pink and displayed outside the Wheatsheaf, Rett+
wa388 1962 UK XP400 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA388, ff: 24Jul62; del +
at 1 SoTT Halton as 8444M, ex 103 Sq / N by Jul 1975. S+
wa389 1962 UK XP401 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA389, ff: 27Aug62; del +
wa390 1962 UK XP402 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA390, ff: 26Aug62; del +
230 Sq/X by Jun 1965, crashed in harbour at Labuan on 3+
wa391 1962 UK XP403 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA391, ff: 12Sep62; del +
to RAF Bruggen for BDRT by Nov 1981. Still there , stil+
wa392 1962 UK XP404 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA392, ff: 24Sep62; del +
228 Sq; 202 Sq; SAR Wg; 22 Sq
to 8682M RAF Benson by Oct 1982; to RAF Finningley
to IHM Weston-super-Mare by
pictured at International Helicopter Museum, Weston-su+
22 Sep 2018 minus tail boom and on its side in open sto+
wa393 1962 UK XP405 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA393, ff: 26Oct62; del +
228 Sq; CFS; 2 FTS / Y
GI at Shorncliffe by Oct 1989, still Mar 1993; gone by +
UK 8656M : to GI at Halton 3 Sep 1980
wa403 1962 UK XR453 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA403, ff: 15Nov62; del +
f/f 15 Nov 1962, d/d 29 Nov 1962, CFS 29 Nov 1962, cras+
was first aircraft in that year North Weald air displa+
to 15MU (Wroughton) storage; to Fleetlands store Feb 19+
At P&EE Foulness by Jul 1982 still there Mar 1984
UK 8873M : 1986 to 8873M RAF Odiham gate guard marked as 230Sq/A S+
wa404 1962 UK XR454 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA404, ff: 21Nov62; del +
During a hover taxi at RAF Akrotiri, with 84 Sq, main r+
wa405 1962 UK XR455 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA405, ff: 21Nov62; del +
w/o blown over by winds during night whilst parked out+
at 1 SoTT Halton as 8219M / J by Jul 1975, had boom fro+
wa406 1962 UK XR456 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA406, ff: 09Dec62; del +
wa407 1962 UK XR457 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA407, ff: 19Dec62; del +
wa408 1962 UK XR458 : Whilrwind HAR.10; 2FTS/H; to 8662M; 2011 pictured dump +
Westland WS-55 Whirlwind c/n WA408, f/f:28Dec62; del Ro+
Sits in a scrapyard by the A6 in Irthlingborough, North+
XR458 : Allens Metals scrap yard, Irthlingborough by Mar17
wa409 1963 UK XR477 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA409, ff: 12Jan63; del +
wa410 1963 UK XR478 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA410, ff: 24Jan63; del +
103 Sq; 110 Sq; 230 Sq
7 Aug 1967 Rolled over during power-off landing practic+
wa411 1963 UK XR479 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA411, ff: 11Feb63; del +
Wroughton store; to Farnborough as /A by Jul 1977; On t+
wa412 1963 UK XR480 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA412, ff: 22Feb63; del +
HAR.10 to 103 Sq
w/o in Indonesia
wa413 1963 UK XR481 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA413, ff: 07Mar63; del +
wa414 1963 UK XR482 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA414, ff: 18Mar63; del +
103 Sq; 110 Sq; 103 Sq; 110 Sq; 28 Sq
to NBCDC Winterbourne Gunner for trials. Scrapped (by 1+
wa415 1963 UK XR483 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA415, ff: 22Mar63; del +
103Sq/X by Jul 1964 (SAR fit).
US N2979G : wfu & sold Utah County, Utah, USA as N2979G, unk.
- : preserved at the Museo de los Ninos in San Jose, Costa +
wa416 1963 UK XR484 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA416, ff: 10Apr63; del +
arrived 31 Aug 1977 for Fleetlands dump
to Lee dump as /V. Perished by 1979
wa417 1963 UK XR485 : Westland Whirlwind HAR.10, c/n WA417, ff: 30May63; del +
to Jun 1963 Paris Air Show, prior to RAF delivery
CFS-H/W-Q, 2FTS/Q, Wroughton store
Preserved at Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum since +
20may08 pictured preserved at Flixton
Aug19 still
99 C/N.