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  • united kingdom Westland

    Previously known as

    Saunders Roe

    More recently known as



    Westland history


    The Petters brothers began a small engineering company in Yeovil, Somerset in the early 1900s and it eventually grew into Westland Aircraft. Helicopter work had started as early as 1948, re-working and improving the Sikorsky S-51 design to produce the Dragonfly for the Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force, entering service in 1953. This same year saw the last fixed wing design (the Wyvern) and Westland had produced about 6000 aircraft before it decided to concentrate on excellence in rotary wing airframes.
    A similar improvement approach produced the Whirlwind (from the S-55) and the Wessex (from the S-58), which was also re-engineered for gas turbine operations. Major rationalisation of the UK aircraft industry occurred during the 1960s. Westland acquired Bristol Helicopters, Fairey Aviation and Saunders-Roe to transform itself into Westland Helicopters with plants at Yeovil, Weston-super-Mare, Eastleigh and Hayes.
    In July 2000, GKN and Finnemeccanica (of Italy) concluded a joint venture agreement and AgustaWestland came into being in 2001.
    Collaboration with Sikorsky (a major shareholder) continued with the Sea King and new arrangements were made with Aérospatiale for the Puma, Gazelle and Lynx and their derivatives. The mid 1980s were a very difficult period. By the late 1980s an acrimonious political row, figure-headed by Michael Hesletine and Leon Brittain led Westland to adopt a more European focus and began collaboration with Agusta on the EH101 (to become the Merlin). By 1994, United Technologies (Sikorsky's parent company) sold its stock in Westland and this was snapped up by GKN as part of its take-over. GKN-Westland was born in 1995. The injection of capital helped secure the UK Apache production for the British Army.

    List of Westland models

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    Model / Versions
    1948Sikorsky S-51 / R-5 / H-5 > dragonfly
    1950 Dragonfly 1A
    1950 Dragonfly HC.2
    1950 Dragonfly HR.1
    1950 Dragonfly HR.3
    1951 Dragonfly 1B
    1952 Dragonfly HC.4
    1953 Dragonfly HR.5
    1952Sikorsky S-55 H-19 > Whirlwind
    1952 Whirlwind HAR.1
    1953 Whirlwind SRS.1
    1954 Whirlwind HAR.3
    1954 Whirlwind HAR.4
    1955 Whirlwind HAR.2
    1955 Whirlwind HAR.5
    1956 Whirlwind HAS.7
    1956 Whirlwind HCC.8
    1956 Whirlwind SRS.2
    1957 Whirlwind HAR.9
    1959 Whirlwind HAR.10
    1959 Whirlwind SRS.3
    1964 Whirlwind HCC.12
    1965 Whirlwind HAS.3B
    1955 dragonfly > Widgeon
    1958Sikorsky S-58 H-34 > Wessex
    1961 Wessex HAS.1
    1962 Wessex HAS.31
    1963 Wessex HU.5
    1964 Wessex HC.2
    1964 Wessex Mk.54
    1964 Wessex Mk.60
    1965 Wessex HAS.3
    1965 Wessex Mk.52
    1965 Wessex Mk.53
    1969 Wessex HCC.4
    1976 Wessex HAR.2
    1958 Westminster
    1960Saunders Roe Skeeter > Scout
    1961 Scout AH.1
    1962Saunders Roe Saro P.531 > Wasp
    1965Agusta AB47 > Sioux
    1969Sikorsky S-61 H-3 > Sea King
    1969 Sea King HAS.1
    1969 Sea King Mk.41
    1970 Sea King Mk.42
    1972 Sea King Mk.43
    1973 Commando
    1974 Sea King HAS.2
    1974 Sea King Mk.45
    1974 Sea King Mk.50
    1975 Sea King Mk.47
    1976 Sea King Mk.48
    1977 Sea King HAS.2A
    1978 Sea King HAR.3
    1978 Sea King HC.4
    1979 Sea King HAS.5
    1979 Sea King Mk.42A
    1979 Sea King Mk.43A
    1982 Sea King AEW.2
    1982 Sea King Mk.50A
    1984 Sea King HAR.3A
    1985 Sea King Mk.42B
    1986 Sea King Mk.42C
    1987 Sea King HU.5
    1990 Sea King HAS.6
    1990 Sea King Mk.43B
    1995 Sea King Mk.45A
    1971 Lynx
    > AgustaWestland Lynx
    1976 Lynx HAS2
    1977 Lynx mk21
    1977 Lynx AH1
    1977 Lynx HAS2 (FN)
    1977 Lynx mk23
    1977 Lynx mk25
    1978 Lynx mk27
    1978 Lynx mk28
    1979 Lynx Mk81
    1980 Lynx HAS2ICE
    1980 Lynx HAS3
    1980 Lynx mk80
    1980 Lynx mk86
    1981 Lynx mk87
    1981 Lynx mk88
    1982 Lynx HAS4 (FN)
    1982 Lynx mk90
    1983 Lynx mk89
    1984 Lynx 3
    1985 Lynx AH7
    1986 Lynx AH9
    1986 Lynx HAS3CTS
    1986 Lynx HAS3GM
    1986 Lynx HAS3ICE
    1987 Lynx HAS3S
    1989 Super Lynx mk99
    1990 Lynx HAS3SGM
    1991 Lynx HMA.8
    1993 Lynx HAS3SICE
    1993 SH-14D
    1993 Super Lynx mk95
    1996 Super Lynx mk21a
    1999 Super Lynx mk88a
    1999 Super Lynx mk99a
    2000 Lynx HMA8 (DSP)
    1979 Lynx > 30
    1982 30-100
    1983 30-200
    1984 30-100-60
    1984 30-300
    1989Sikorsky S-70 H-60 > WS-70 Black Hawk
    1998B AH-64D Apache > WAH-64 Apache


  • UK Westland

  • Westland news

    10-Dec-01 - Denmark to buy 14 EH101
    03-Dec-01 - Portugal Announces the procurement of 12 EH101
    13-Feb-01 - EH101 in Service and in Demand
    16-Oct-00 - Troop Loading Milestone for Royal Air Force s EH101 Merlin HC Mk3
    19-Jul-00 - First UK Built WAH-64 Apache Makes Maiden Flight
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