Westland Lynx

Lynx AH9

Westland Lynx AH9

Lynx AH.9 is a small attack/utility helicopter, derived from the Lynx AH.7 (Super Lynx). The most striking external differences between the Lynx AH.7 and the AH.9 are the AH.9 wheeled tricycle undercarriage (the AH.7 has skids) and the lack of the port side, roof mounted sighting system. The main blades are built with BERP technology, unlike the AH.7
16 new built plus 8 converted from AH.7 types. Converted later to AH.9A

  List of Operators of Lynx AH9

Years Model Org
1977/18 Lynx united kingdom Army Air Corps

  Global Distribution of Lynx AH9


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