Westland Lynx
united kingdom Army Air Corps

Del'd: 140 - 1977 to 2018


Army Air Corps Lynx

The Lynx began to replace the Scout AH.1 as the British Army main battlefield helicopter in 1977. When fitted with TOW missiles, it became a potent anti-tank platform. As the Apache AH.1 began to appear in 2001, Lynx TOW kits were withdrawn and the airframes were re-purposed for battlefield support.

1977: 112 AH.1, most converted to AH.7
1985: 13 AH.7 plus conversions
1990: 16 AH.9 plus conversions
2008: AH.9A
2009: AgustaWestland AW.159 Wildcat

16 new airframes AH.9 ordered from Westland in Apr 1988, with plans to modify 8 from the AH.1 / AH.7 fleet, the total number was eventually reduced to 22.

Under a £70M urgent operational requirement to improve hot and high performance and reliability in the Afghan Theatre, 12 Army Lynx AH.9 are being re-engined with the LHTEC CTS800-4N engine, to be used in the Lynx Wildcat programme. By end of Apr 2009, 4 of the 12 were on the Westland line at Yeovil and will be known as the Lynx AH.9A. All 12 airframes are due by Nov 2010. On completion, a decision will be made whether to address the other 10 Army Lynx AH.9.

The final flight of the Lynx AH.7 in AAC service took place at Middle Wallop on 31 Jul 2015.

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Farewell to British Army’ Lynx, 05-Jan-18 : To mark the Lynx decommissioning, British Army last 5 Lynx will fly from RAF Odiham on a commemorative tour around England next Tuesday January 16th, 2018

Final UK Lynx Helicopter Depth Overhaul, 07-Dec-15 : After 37-year support, Vector Aerospace held a ceremony to commemorate the last Depth maintenance event to be completed on a UK Armed Forces Lynx helicopter. Lynx being replaced by Wildcat

British Army Retires Last Lynx AH.7, 31-Jul-15 : British Army Air Corps retires their last Lynx AH.7 helicopter on a farewell ceremony at Middle Wallop. They will continue to use the AH.9A (until 2018) and the recently introduced Wildcat


YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
2011/14661 Squadron AAC Dishforth
DE Gütersloh
2004/11661 SquadronDE Gütersloh
2004/??672 Squadron AAC Dishforth
2001/04672 Squadron AAC Dishforth
1993/05661 SquadronBA Sarajevo
HR Divulje Barracks Helipad
DE Gütersloh
DE Hildesheim
1991/??655 SquadronAAC Ballykelly
1990/08651 Squadron Aldergrove
RAF Odiham
AAC Middle Wallop
DE Gütersloh
DE Hildesheim
1990/93672 Squadron AAC Dishforth
RAF Topcliffe
1987/93669 SquadronDE Detmold
1986/91665 Squadron Aldergrove
1985/04656 SquadronHR Divulje Barracks Helipad
AAC Dishforth
Murray Heights
AAC Netheravon
Port Stanley
1982/91655 Squadron Aldergrove
AAC Ballykelly
1981/??659 SquadronDE Detmold
1980/04662 SquadronIQ Basrah International Airport
AAC Wattisham
DE Soest
DE Waterloo Barracks, Münster
1980/??653 Squadron DE Soest
1978/044 REGT AAC Wattisham
1978/93661 SquadronDE Gütersloh
DE Hildesheim
Long Kesh
DE Detmold
1977/91651 SquadronDE Hildesheim
DE Verden
1977/??654 SquadronDE Herford
671 Squadron AAC Middle Wallop
??/94672 Squadron AAC Dishforth
RAF Topcliffe

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