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  • united kingdom 662 Squadron

    Army Air Corps

    662 Sq :

    Part of 3 Regiment, AAC

    1943 to present    


    Re-formed by renaming 23 Flight as 662 Sq in mid Sep 1969, at Munster.
    During Aug 1999, the unit had already been deployed as part of SFOR to Gornji Vakuf, with 4x Lynx AH.7, 2x Lynx AH.9 and 3 Gazelle AH.1

    1975, I joined 662 Sqn AAC in Waterloo Barracks as a civilian, initially in the stores for a short period and then as the ATC Clerk, Squadron Interpreter, helped with german liaison and aerial photography for the MOD as the Lynx were introduced. I left the squadron when they moved to Soest. I will never forget the great time we had when I took over Control of the Gazelle and flew us to Meschde Schueren. I would love to hear from any of the ex members, which were stationed together with me. I still have the letter which Major Orde wrote to me on leaving the squadron! PS. The Scots Guards were stationed in Waterloo Barracks during this period, my father was with the 1st and 2nd Battalion.
    Feb80-Nov83, I served in 662 sqn when it was part of 2 regiment AAC 652 our sister sgn was stationed at Bunde and HQ was at Lubekke 2 regiment was disbanded in 1983 662 was added to 3 regiment who were at soest the sqn whilst i was there had 6 lynx mk1 and 6 gazelles major orde was OC sgn when i arrived i left in november 1982 and went to 7 regimeny who were in netheravon there were no scout at 662 when i was there 652 had scout until late 1981 when they converted to lynx. Steve
    Oct80, I Joined 662 Sqdn AAC at waterloo barracks Munster West-Germany(2 Armd Div)Sqdn occupied a Small area next to a Royal Artillery Unit(Abbots)There was a Largish hangar for A/C, Concrete Helicopter Dispersal with a Control Tower,Sqdn a Block parallel to Dispersal used for Signals and Armoury, HQ Building and a Small Building used as a Bar and a M.T Hanger in the Corner of Main Drill Square, Also had a Accommodation block close bye, I left the Sqdn in March 1983(Still at Waterloo barracks) and at that time the Sqdn was getting Ready to Move to Salamanca barracks Soest West- Germany (3 Armd Div).. When I joined the Sqdn it Had 6 AH1 Lynx and 6 Gazzelles and 1 Scout that was about to Retire, T.O.W Missile system was Introduced in Mid 1981 to the Lynx, in late 82 Early 83 Sqdn was slowly Converting to 12 Anti-Tank (T.O.W)Lynx.. Major Orde was Sqdn Commander when I joined and then Major Baines took over and was still in Charge when I left in March 83..
    662 Sqdn AAC was not based at Oxford Barracks, they were Based at Waterloo Barracks not far from Oxford Barracks, if my Memory is Correct(1980 to 83), Oxford Barracks was Home to 4 R.T.R (also had a Army Dental Section, Educational Building ) and was located next to the N.A.F.F.I complex, Toch H and BFBS Cinema..
    1983-1985, I commanded 662 Squadron AAC. At the time of my arrival the squadron was based in Minden where it had been for a number of years. Soon after we moved to Soest. At the time the squadron was the 1st BR Corps anti-tank reserve, equiped with 12 Lynx/Tow and 3 Gazelle. In 1983/84 the squadron completed a 4 month tour of duty in N.Ireland. 662 Squadron was operational during the invasion of Normandy when in comprised of 3 Austers.
    To the person who wrote the last comment about commanding 662 squadron when they moved to Soest in 83. I am looking for anyone who knows/remembers my Dad who was sent there in 83 when I was just a baby. He was in 662 reg 3 from 83-85 I think.. Before this he was based at Middle Wallop and previously trained at Arborfield Apprenticeship School. His name was Robert Walden-Bevan (Bev)..
    I was there with 662 Sqn AAC until they left for Soest. The OC was Maj. (Daisy) Baines. SSM was Paul Veti

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    2009AF Camp Bastion OAZI
    2003IQ Basrah International AirportORMM
    1993/    AAC WattishamEGUW
    1983/93DE SoestEDLZ
    1969/83DE Waterloo Barracks, M√ľnster


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    2005/    WAH-64 Apache
    1985/04SA341B Gazelle AH.1
    1977/80SA341B Gazelle AH.1
    1969/80 Scout     Scout AH.1

    662 Sq List of helicopters

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    C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
    wa609 Sioux XT847 : AAC Sioux AH.1 served with 662 Sqn coded F seen at Middle Wallop Airshow 2+
    f.9714 ah.1 XV139 : AH.1 for AAC; 653 Sq; 662 Sq; 656 Sq; 657 Sq; Wroughton; Dishforth
    1192 ah.1 XW899 : 1991 662Sqn /K desert c/s; 2007 6Flt /Z
    1233 ah.1 1974 XW913 : 662 Sq, 3 REGT during Jul 1999
    1269 ah.1 1974 XX381 : 1998 662Sqn.
    : 662 Sq, 3 REGT during Jul 1999
    Royal Marines XX381
    - XX381
    1313 ah.1 1975 XX395 : AAC Gazelle AH.1 built by Westland; 1991 662Sqn /J; 1992 662Sqn /J; 1994 6+
    1248 ah.1 1976 XX444 : ARWF; ARWS; 658 Sq; 656 Sq; 658 Sq; 656 Sq; 663 Sq; 656 Sq; 663 Sq; 662 S+
    1484 ah.1 1976 XX460 : 662 Sq, 3 REGT during Jul 1999
    077 ah1 1978 XZ188 : 651 Sq; Lynx Conv Flt; 655 Sq; 665 Sq; 655 Sq; 662 Sq; 654 Sq
    107/1 ah1 1979 XZ204 : AAC; 662 Sqn w/o 18mar88
    1520 ah.1 XZ297 : AAC Gazelle AH.1 built by Westland; 1984 662Sqn; 12jul86 w/o
    1539 ah.1 1976 XZ303 : AAC Gazelle AH1 built by Westland in 1992 /S 662Sqn.
    1647 ah.1 1977 XZ328 : 662 Sq, 3 REGT during Jul 1999
    1677 ah.1 1977 XZ337 : 662 Sq, 3 REGT during Jul 1999
    172 ah1 1980 XZ641 : 671 Sq/G still 1997; 662 Sq by 1999
    Royal Marines XZ641
    1813 ah.1 1980 ZA771 : 662 Sq, 3 REGT during Jul 1999
    294 ah1 1983 ZD278 : AAC Lynx AH1; 1991 662Sqn
    - ZD278
    wah2 wah-64 ZJ167 : AAC; 2007 662Sqn.


    20-sep-1624-mar-17 Joint Expeditionary Force (Maritime) 2016
    sep-14dec-14AF Operation Herrick
    sep-12jan-13AF Operation Herrick
    jan-11may-11AF Operation Herrick
    may-09sep-09AF Operation Herrick
    sep-07jan-08AF Operation Herrick
    13-feb-0316-jul-03IQ Operation Telic
    21-mar-9220-dec-95BA UNPROFOR