united kingdom 669 squadron

Army Air Corps

Part of 9 Regiment, AAC

1945 to present    

Although in existence since about Oct 1944, the Squadron officially formed on 1 Jan 1945 in India as a glider assault unit, in preparation for action against the Japanese but as the unit trained, so the war moved farther away. It was disbanded on 10 Nov 1945, never having seen action.

Reformed at RAF Wildenrath on 1 Jun 1971 from 131 Flight with Scout (and Beaver fixed wing), it remained there until being renamed 12 Flight on 1 Sep 1976.
From oct1973 to feb1974 temporarily has a Scout det at Long Kesh.
Until 1983 669 Squadron fell under 9 regiment. In this period 2 times temporarily based in Northern Ireland (Scout det.).
In 1983 9 regiment disbanded. The Squadron goes to the 4 regiment also stationed on Detmold. In 1995 4 regiment (654, 659, 669 Squadron) returned to the UK at Wattisham airfield.
From 2006 669 Squadron moved again to 9 regiment stationed at Dishforth.

669 Squadron was activated on 01apr78. Both, Beaver and Scouts were in use between 1971-1976. Later they flew Scout AH1, again, 1978-1981; Gazelle AH1, since 1979; Lynx AH1, 1987-1993; Lynx AH7, at least in 1990.

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2006/    AAC DishforthEGXD
1995/06AAC WattishamEGUW
1978/95DE DetmoldEDLJ
1973/74Long Kesh
1971/76DE RAF WildenrathEDUW


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2010/    Lynx AH9A
1987/93 Lynx     Lynx AH1
1971/81 scout     Scout AH.1

List of aircraft

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List of Aircraft for . / 669Sq / 669 Sq
C/NVersionBuiltIn this OrgIn other Org
1440 ah.1 1976 XX448 : AAC Gazelle AH.1 built by Westland; 1991 669Sqn /A
1457 ah.1 1976 XX454 : AAC Gazelle AH1 built by Westland in 1987 669Sqn.
1465 ah.1 1976 XX456 : AAC Gazelle AH.1 built by Westland; 1987 669Sqn.; 1993 7Flt.
047 ah1 1978 XZ179 : AAC; 1994 type:AH7 669Sqn.; 2011 type:AH7 1Reg.
Westland XZ179 : AH.1 ff 22 May 1978, dd 24 Feb 1983
Ministry of Defence (MoD) XZ179 : MoD(PE) Westland by 1985
107 ah1 1979 XZ203 : AAC; 1992 type:Lynx AH7 653Sqn.; 1997 671Sqn./Z; 1998 671Sqn.; 2000 671Sqn+
1677 ah.1 1977 XZ337 : AAC Gazelle AH1 built by Westland in 1987 669Sqn.
155 ah1 1980 XZ610 : AAC; conv AH.7; 669 Sqn w/o 22dec98 near Sarajevo, Bosnia
239 ah1 1981 XZ674 : Fleetlands dep Sep 2005; 669 Sq 4 REGT Sep 2005
: AAC; 2007 type:Lynx AH7 669Sqn.


nov-10feb-11AF Operation Herrick
feb-08may-08AF Operation Herrick
apr-04sep-04IQ Operation Telic
dec-98jun-99BA SFOR (stabilisation force)

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