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  • AgustaWestland Lynx AH9A
    united kingdom Army Air Corps

    Del'd: 22 - 2009 to 2015

    In preparation for Lynx deployments to Afghanistan on Operation Herrick in the hot, high and dusty conditions, the Army Air Corps decided to upgrade the current Lynx AH.9 s to AH.9A standard. The upgrade consisted of a more powerful CTS800-4N engine (similar to that in the Wildcat), stronger airframe structure, a better communications system, more firepower and an advanced instrument and electronic fit.

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    YearsUnitsbold : Current base of the Unit
    2011/15661 Squadron AAC Dishforth
    DE Gütersloh
    2010/??669 SquadronAAC Dishforth
    2009/??659 Squadron AAC Dishforth
    DE Detmold
    2009/??672 Squadron AAC Dishforth
    ??/18657 SquadronJO Al Azraq
    RAF Odiham
    AAC Dishforth
    Colchester Kirkee
    Long Kesh
    DE Bournemouth Barracks

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    C/NBuiltID     In this OrgIn other Org

    319 1985     ZE375: ah.9a conv to AH9A type
    320 1985     ZE376: ah.9a conv AH9A type
    324 1986     ZE380: ah.9a conv AH9A type
    329 1986     ZF537: ah.9a conv AH.9A type
    346 1990     ZG884: ah.9a conv AH.9A type
    347 1991     ZG885: ah.9a conv AH9A type
    348 1991     ZG886: ah.9a AAC; Nov05 9 Regt; conv AH9A type
    349 1991     ZG887: ah.9a conv AH.9A type
    Everett Aero ZG887: To Everett Aero by Apr 2018
    351 1991     ZG888: ah.9a As of 2010, a MK9A at 672Sqn
    Everett Aero ZG888: To Everett Aero by Apr 2018
    352 1991     ZG889: ah.9a AAC d/d 27sep91; 9 Regt til Sep 2005; 1 Regt Sep 2005; March+
    353 1991     ZG914: ah.9a AAC; conv AH9A type
    Everett Aero ZG914: To Everett Aero by Apr 2018

    - ZG914: being converted into sleeping accommodation at RAF Wain+

    at North Coates airfield in a part grey (starboard) pa+

    pictured (pic1) in the ex Range Control Tower compound +
    354 1991     ZG915: ah.9a AAC; conv AH9A type
    355 1991     ZG916: ah.9a conv AH.9A type f/f
    356 1992     ZG917: ah.9a AAC; conv AH9A type
    357 1992     ZG918: ah.9a conv AH9A type
    358 1992     ZG919: ah.9a conv AH.9A type
    359 1992     ZG920: ah.9a AAC; Nov05 1 Regt; conv AH9A type
    360 1992     ZG921: ah.9a conv AH9A type
    362 1992     ZG923: ah.9a AAC AH9 type; conv AH.9A type